Saturday, October 20, 2007

short updates

wow... i ve never been blogging for a month dy! first i was thinking to resume blogging after my whole a levels exams... but then .. hmm ya .. i also duno why i m here ... haha but it will be more to a pictorial post...will come back with more after my exams.... do pray for me ya ... and also. hmm looking forward to the rainbow camp next month.... :)

this is how i prepare for my exams:P

dat is why children like children's day so much

Mee goreng+chicken chop+french fries+keropok

rebina special

eh boon.. how come ur longan juice shrink in size?:)


He is posing for me... yeah yeah!!

my mango special... upgraded to a larger 1 .. hehe
City harvest Chuch,KL


SPIV- kaigee said...


wendism said...

hey i wanna drink the mango juice too!

Kate said...

those tissues! LOL