Friday, September 25, 2009

nothing seems to turn out right.. yesterday

It was one of my worst day ever in college yesterday. Nothing turns out rite. 1 blow after another, no end.. and i m serious about that . My principle is simple, if we want to do something, do it to the best and to the fullest effort . But in this very last minute, what i thought that i can rely on before this, turns out to be rubbish, nothing is completely done.Just talking will not bring you anyway. If you do not act, useless. You can dream, very very big dreams. But do u know whats the practical reality of it ? show me the results from now on if you are really capable of it. For all the months that i have for my holidays, sleepless night i had, just for a important night and i appointed u as the head. It was my biggest mistake. Dun ever step on my tail again, yesterdays blow was enough, you screw up everything instead of being capable of organizing. I have my studies to worry about, I have done all my part to cover up for you, but at the end, this is what i get from you . Listen up , I am not going to let you ruin the name of the club, the efforts of the past BODs.

Please be more responsible, take up the responsibilty and stop all the nonsense. This is what i ask for. You wont know what i will do, if i get another blow from you .I'm really serious about it .

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


standard 4 kids

standard 3 kids.

Now i fully understand what a teacher/lecturer often feels when the students do not pay attention in class and also the joy shared when they improve in terms of marks in their school exams.

After teaching for around 3 months, I also came to the understanding that teaching non stop for two hours and the after effect of it is like jogging in the field for a long time. :)

Monday, September 21, 2009

Sitting on the toilet bowl before having a stomach ache

Waiting eagerly for Iphone 3gs or two more weeks before its arrival. Meanwhile, all the accesories are ready before its arrival so that maximum protection can be given.

buying things in ebay is cheap and easy!Cheaper than low yat. Much much cheaper..

Law of Trust, I shall tackle you today. Few pages of you makes me sleepy and bored and confused already:)

iphone 3g stress test.

Adding to my gadget cart- Samsung mobile

Samsung Duo sim phone and Samsung i780 which operates based on the 6.1 Windows Mobile OS.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Goodbye old house-forever will be this time

Last night was the last nite i slept in my old but comfortable house with a 47 years old fan still functioning well and hanging on top of the ceilling.

The next time when i m back in muar, the old house would have been knocked down and turned into a commercial or eating place.

Memories oh memories, the times we spent here. Not too long for me, but for my parents, yes it is.

Good bye old house, goodbye muar.

My bus will be at 2p.m. today.Now its already 1.10p.m. Not too long before i leave this house forever.

I shouldnt be still enjoying my holidays

Time will always fly when it comes to holiday. Hari raya break, to me is not a real holiday. I dont get to enjoy as much except for the excitement that i get from adding gadgets into my gadget cart:)

Whilst others are still enjoying their raya break tmr. I ve decided to go back to KL tomorrow. I'm sure this is for my own good. Four subjects to revise and grasps the concept behind it.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


My transportation fees used to be Rm2.00 per day, no matter how far i travel as long as I sit a rapid KL bus.
Yesterday, although my sisters car is at my disposal now, I've decided to try out the bus system to travel to college. I've actually already heard about the price increase... but i didnt know that it was so massive!!
Per trip now cost Rm2.50. Which means my transportation cost will be at least Rm5.00 if i would to travel to college. This is like more than 100% increase..
Sometimes, I feel that the bus company is pretty foolish to increase the price so high at 1 go, perhaps they never attended any economics class. Its so obvious that now lesser and lesser ppl are using their bus services as a lot couldnt afford the high transport fees.
At least it is still tolerable if they improve their bus service, to my utter disappointment, the bus service is bad!I waited for my bus at 9.30 smth, understandable that i miss the 9.30 bus. Soon after, another bus came, it was suppose to be the 10 o clock bus. All of us waited and waited, only to know that the bus ran away using another route! At the end we need to wait for another bus which is at 10.30a.m. .... see how much of time wasted..
Its not rapid at all. Lots of ppl, especially OUG folks are very very discontented with the bus service and the price increase.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Money money money

I'm so pathetic! why ? because i haven stock up my stationaries, full scap papers, statute books, pay continuing fees to London and some more text books!!... all involves money..

I cant help but to think that how blessed we are that we need not work to get the money to buy all this stuffs. Just need to study study and study!!.. So, actually i m not the one who is pathetic, my parents are..

Dengan harga kenderaan awam yang semakin naik, susah la macam ni!

First day of my Final Part 1 Life...

This morning, i felt the strong enthusism to go for lectures after 3 months of holiday. Initially, i didnt want to attend Commercial Law lectures since I've already decided to take Evidence. Well, i still went for the class.Meaning that i sat in the same lecture hall from 10a.m. till 7 p.m.! Attended five lectures. Out of it, to be specific, two lectures i dun really get to catch the ball and understand what the lecturer is teaching, especially Law of Trust. The toughest subject in the whole L.L.B course.

Well, it feels good that I'm now in my second year, which is in my final part 1. Happy of the fact that i pass my intermediate.

As I sat down and tried to study Land Law just a few moments ago, I realise that I stared at the chapter pack and cant even understand what is it talking about,page by page i read and flip through, but I just cant understand some of the ancient english. Well, as what the lecturer said this morning, language is a hurdle in studying Land Law. I should sit in the library and conquer it tomorrow. I'm too tired to continue study, what more when I cant even understand what I'm studying..

This year is a no joke year for us, I need to get at least 480+ 3B+ or 450marks+4B+ for me to get a second class upper!

I will need to work towards it!But i wont become a nerd just to achieve that!:)

Saturday, September 5, 2009

His ways is higher than our ways,,

Just when i feel like giving up, just take the easy way, accept other ppls judgement on me, comparing me with others who are more capable in leading a club. I receive a ray of hope again juz a moment ago. Its not yet settled yet. This month will be a long and tough month for me and those who are working towards it. But, I'm sure that He will guide and lead us. Man may plan, but the ultimate planner who has His plan laid down way before us will always intervene in a right timing, not according to our standards but His. Sometimes, we just need to be a little bit more faith-ful.

He will make things beautiful in His time, and I think He will lead us through.