Thursday, December 27, 2007

Happy Birthday, Jesus!

i've chose to celebrate Christmas in muar this year.At first i was thinking whether to celebrate it in KL with my college friends or maybe CG members or coming back to muar..BUT then, i still miss the time where all the youths can gather together to have practice for carolling and etc etc.. maybe i m too use to it dy...its like a must have routine during the christmas season.haha well, dat is not the primary thing...its all about gathering together to celebrate the birth of JESUS!

Things that i ve done this few days during the christmas season:
1.carolling practice dinner worship practice
3.went to AOG for the chrismas celebration
4.ECM christmas celebration
5.went for christmas service
6.went for the christmas dinner
7.sms :)
8.hang out with friends and eat, eat, eat
9. helping out to carry instruments to the restaurant'
10. stayed at home
11.make a cheesecake for my mum's colleague
12. and a lot more......................

the worship team
the little children

Wednesday, December 12, 2007


Christmas is approaching!Jingle bell,jingle bell, jingle all the way!Everyone is preparing to celebrate christmas. decorations,christmas trees,selling and buying of gifts and whateva you name it they will have it all for christmas....We can see all this things wherever we go, especially malls in KL and big cities... often we derive the christmas mood from all those fancy n wonderful which is being set up in big malls, big christmas party and etc...this may seems very normal to all of us.... Christmas... what is christmas?Everyone knows santa claus, christmas trees... but how many people actually know that Christmas is all about Jesus?..We are actually and in fact celebrating the birth of Jesus on christmas... how sad it is to see ppl are celebrating christmas without CHRIST... it seems to be another season of giving and sharing juz like other normal festivals and stuff....yeah it is very true dat it is a time to give and to share. . because Jesus came down to earth to give up His live for everyone!... so,friends... give and share something meaningful to ur friends today!!..nowadays, christmas had slowly changing to become x'mas... wow dat is dangerous... celebrating christmas without the CHRIST is not christmas anymore, He is the main character and it is His birthday! Imagine you celebrating ur own birthday and people are celebrating it for other sad it is rite? therefore, same goes to our Lord Jesus Christ....remember the main character for this season of christmas today!Let it be a season of sharing and giving Jesus to others rather than giving material gifts to others....Let it be a season where we can ponder His wonderful and unconditional love for us once again, and grow closer to Him.....

Jesus is both the gift,
and the Giver of every good gift.

Sunday, December 9, 2007

books, books n more books....

since young.. i dun really like to read... reason is that i find it boring and it juz simply doenst attract me ... but now...the course i will be taking ... involves much reading ... sounds contradicting rite?:P ... well i ve slowly pick up so reading skills n sometimes force my self to read even if i dun feel like doing so...i ve learn to welcome law books into my life!went to MPH midvalley to collect my book today.... decided to buy 1 n photostat 1 as i think its not worth it and its too expensive.tried to study a bit juz now .. i must admit dat is it quite tough...need to read it again and again... law of tort.... i must study u into my brain!!i MUST! idea came into my mind ... i need to read the book everyday in order for it to be worthwhile for paying rm168 for it ...ok lets put the books aside.. and talk about food now! yeah ... after church yesterday, went to have porridge in a stall in OUG.. and according to others ... the porridge there is nice and tasty.. that is why we decided to go there....went there with boon, ariel and patrick...and well .. its indeed nice!...there were quite a lot of variey of porridges... from frog to pig ... oops i mean pork porridge with century egg and salted egg... yummy!drools...

PIG porridge

my little cousin's drawing, nice rite?
i dun think i can draw something like dat... hehe

Saturday, December 8, 2007

studying but holidaying ....

class started on monday,at first i tot the lecturer will juz give some briefing on the first day, onli to know that he started teaching the topics right from the start... wow .... and i would say its quite tough...monday came back.. well, first day.. bersemangat...haha did some revision on dat... and at least i can understand a bit ...second day...if i m not mistaken.. after class .. went to midvalley with matt... our objective is to get our law textbook from MPH .... out of stock... so we intended to book it....and its so so so expensive.. wow.. i ve been spending a lot this few weeks.. and i guess i have to cut down on it and learn how to save...went for lunch in food junction and went to buy some sushi in jusco... see now u get why i ve been spending quite a lot alr ? ...basically on food and transport i guess ....on thursday, went to college for class..but it was cancelled, so matt,kenneth and jenna went for badminton in PJ.. and one hour cost us RM17.. wow if i m back in muar ... i can play for the whole afternoon i guess :p dat is so expensive... n sitting lrt to the place is not cheap either.. see involves money again ... haha .... at nite.. went for ping pong with the CG guys and supper with Boon....can stay up late coz the next day we dun have any classes on .... only for this week.... went to college on friday morning to meet with matt n estee, coz we plan to go for the PC fair in KLCC...went there.... and my leg is like crying for help ... its to huge and if we were to visit every booth... it will take hours!!.... and dat is not all... nite time ... hmm this is the nice part.. as i have not been hanging out with college mates at nite since i came up to kl... we meet in college... have our dinner and then ....... off we go to titiwangsa lake to visit the eye on malaysia... wow, woah, nice le, romantic le ... is the onli words i can say .. haha its really nice..but its a once in a life time thing.. u will not wan to go for the second time...haha..of course i had a great time with them..boarding some buses which we dun know where they will go and walking around here and there ... and waiting for them to queue for toilets.. haiz dats girls.. haha juz jk ...i somehow find it fun to go somewhere which i totally have no knowledge of... it will give u a sense of wanting to explore and find ways and give u the satisfaction once u know about the place and will not get lost the next time .... well , went for mamak with matt and then headed home....yeah basically dat is wat i do throughout the weekdays... i ve started my class.. but it still seems to me like i m having my holidays!... notice again.....i've spend even more on friday... someone help me pls? with a sponsor of RM1000 maybe? ....hahaha ... juz jk

Saturday, December 1, 2007

warm n lovely

i ve been back in muar for the past few days, and it was my longest time i spend in muar since i came up to KL earlier this year.After a week of rushing, from KL to Muar,Muar to Melacca,Melacca to KL,KL to Penang,Penang to KL, and lastly KL back to Muar again..... imagine that ? it was within one week, but well i do enjoy it a lot ... and yeah nothing will be better than getting reunited with family and having dinner together at the same table..this trip back to muar is unique in a sense that i spend most of my time at home and spending it with my family...normally i will be out most of the time when i m in muar...i wanted to spend longer in muar,but then i ve decided to come back to kl as i do not want to miss church in KL here for so many times...i attended EYM on friday nite... and am happy that the campers from camp pelangi came and join us , and lotz of them will be joining the youths back in muar next week.. i want to join them as well, but i cant...:) time flies, and guess what? i'm back in KL again...suprise to see henry's family in the bus on my way up to KL...attended church service in FGA and then went for dinner with ariel and boon was two weeks ago since i last had a meal with him..didnt spend long time there as ariel is too sleepy and she needs to go back to sleep!:) i will be starting my classes on monday, and yeah... i m still in a holiday mood... december mah .. we shd have holidays le...well, its kind of a new start... whereby i need to welcome law,business,n econs book into my life again..hope i can maintain the pace and thrive hard...oh ya oh ya, did i told u all that the main sanctuary of FGA was huge n nice ?....:P

gunung ledang

the beauty of nature

FGA KL-main sanctuary
outside view
is this a guy or a girl's toilet?:P(taken in a hotel)

Monday, November 26, 2007

working experience

well.. thinking of what to do after form5 or when u r having holidays ? ... i would recommend that we, as youths shd go to work... sometimes its not about the money that we earn... its about gaining experience.... and from working ... u will for sure learn lots of stuffs...let me share my experience... upon finishing my SPM last year.. i spend my december resting ... and then decided to work... the reason is because i m bored at home ....i use to be quite a clumsy guy...knock on things all the time and i can say that i ve never actually did what i did juz like wat i did @my work place before... this sentence sounds confusing rite.... when u work... u will be trained to be careful,polite,patient and not forgetting practical skills.. like washing the toilet and serving people.. haha ... i beleive that most of us wont be washing our house toilets ya ... and yeah .. what more the joy of getting ur self earned pay at the beginning of the month!...
well, i ve worked in halo cafe and a dim sum shop before... actually i only plan to work in halo cafe.. but then....henry tricked me into it .. he told me that the work in dim sum shop is very easy.... onli to realise dat it is not .. haha..but i onli work for abt two weeks or so in the dim sum shop.. the reason why is because.... i cant stand the working hours... as everyone know.. halo cafe onli opens at nite.. and closes at around 1 a.m... and if i work in the dim sum shop..... i ve got to get up as early as 5a.m~! super tiring ... and riding on the bike early in the morning is cold.. but its nice....the whole road is like mine!!working in halo cafe is fun .... and i experience my first time there!!!... haha sounds.... ahem rite... no la .. my first experience washing the toilet and taking orders and serving people.. u wont be bored there... as there are singers to entertain you... do consider working there.. haha i ve get to know lots of new friends too!! .recently, i went to visit halo cafe the place is still the same.. but most of the workers are different dy...well, the working experience is still so dear to me when i visit the place...

District3300 Interact Conference 2007

Immediately one day after the rainbow camp....i have to rush to penang for an interact conference....this is my first time also ..but then i m going this year as a be a big koko to the interactors... haha .....a group consist of 20 over members... and wow....imagine that... well my group members are all very sporting and ever supportive...eventhough the time spent together is short... but then i ve learn quite a lot of things. .. and be able to experience what is hostel life:P with no heater and shared toilet... hehe ... cool..and learn how to sneak out from the hostel which we actually succeeded on the first day.. but fail on the second day.. but at last we still managed to do so.. haha .. oops .. hope no interactors will know abt it ... shhhh.. even if they know .. keep it a secret a ...:) they are a total of 600+ campers for this first time experiencing this ... and i manage to meet up with some rainbow camp campers as well in this camp.... its great to see them again ... :P and yaya .. one more thing.. now i have a phobia when i see chicken curry and tauhu.. the interactors and rotaractors will know why... LOL.... the camp ended yesterday... and we came back together with the subang interactors... they are fun to play with.... forever bising in the bus.. and guess what? i join them too on the way back!... haha.
nice meeting all of them!

nice view

the hostel

Group 20... my group.. hehe

Rotaractors from KL

pahang guys and girls

some of the group members

chin hoong and I...:P