Sunday, November 29, 2009

Pls do not test my patience..

I believe i have a right in this. That's why I m writting about it . My blog is meant for my feelings. I do not care who is actually reading.

As the title suggest, dont test my patience

Never ever once I've studied in the "dark" before. NEVER. Ok, fine i know you need to sleep. But u must understand I need to study . Its ok if you ask me whether you can switch off the lights. But today, you have gone overboard. You off my lights without asking. What is this? Is this something that a special person like you will do. You need to know the lamp IS NOT bright enough for me. I've been studying in this condition for like few days now.

And yea, cant you tidy up your things instead of scattering all over the place. Taken half of my table already, after putting my laptop. What space do i have somemore?How am I suppose to do my assignments which requires me to have a few notes n books on the table?I really cant stand the untidyness. My room has NEVER reach this level before.
Even on the floor, all the things block my cupboard door, how am i suppose to take my attires?
yea, moral of the story.
Sharing a room is a no-no. I'll stick to my plan.
Pls pls be more considerate. I have done my part.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

My thoughts

"my room" but not my room

A lone ranger today. Expected otherwise.

Both are seperate issues and not one

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Friday, November 20, 2009

I'm already dreaming to be a big and successful boss

As Mr Loo Kai Teik and I were walking around Ampang Lookout Point that day during Jenna's birthday. I noticed that there is a very big apportunity for me to invest there. The atmosphere, dining,location is so right but just lack of 1 thing.


If I've the capital now , I will not hesitate to invest, like seriously. I'll hand in my proposal to the relevant authority and start building my own hotel/chalet there. There is nothing to suggest that this idea wont work like seriously. The amount of ppl going there everyday says of its beautiful scenery there and I'm sure that there are tourist who will wish to stay there for a night or two. It may well be a substitute for Genting. I want to be the 2nd Lim Goh Tong. I'll be more than happy if any big bosses of any large cooperation are willing to invest in this and I'll make this a success . I hope they are reading this.

This is actually closely link with my dream of building up my own cafe and I can link all this together.

Feel free to call me and be my partner if you are interested to build another "Genting" in Ampang Lookout Point

The evolution of handphones

Ever wondered how handphones evolve over time in the say,pass 20 years?

Yea, here it goes,

Enjoy appreciating it. As you look back to all those old old phones, you will really think wow there has really been a tremendous improvement in terms of design and functionality. However, ppl often say as time goes by, handphones become smaller. I do not quite agree with this, as you can see from the picture below, it has been constantly changing from a big to small and small to big fashion.

One thing can be true, not the phone gets smaller or bigger. Its actually the screen which makes the difference.

I'm actually quite proud of the amout of collections that I have. Not that literal meaning of proud of course. The 1 mobile phone that I'm still yearning for is the 1 older than what is shown in the picture. The very big 1 which normally ppl name it "dai ko dai". Looks a bit like a water bottle, anyone wants to do charity and supply me with 1? I will not yearn for the even older than the "dai ko dai" phone since it actually cost like 20k to buy it last time.

So far, the 1 phone that I've never tried is Blackberry which can be said as the queen of mobile phones for now.

Anyone wants to trade their phones with me ? :)

Friday, November 13, 2009

A float or a heavy stone

Received yet another parcel from University of London. So far the second 1. Will it be a float that carries me through the rough seas or a heavy stone that drowns me in the deep waters?:)

Thursday, November 12, 2009

The influencialness of Apple Products

Even aunties with already white but coloured hair are keen on apple products.Just can't imagine them talking about iTunes and things like that with the sales assistant:)

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Saturday, November 7, 2009

Dare to be Daniel

Have been wanting to post something about my thoughts since yesterday, but the guilt and the passion to study Law of Trust deters me from doing so. Since, at last , yeah at last i manage to finish the lecture pack on Section 53(1)(c) LPA 1925, the guilt is gone and I can blog freely now. I would say that just 1 subsection and its enough to confuse us for a few weeks.

Well back to what I wanted to blog about. Humans, everyone is subjected to the views of other people. I guess this what we call it as judging somebody. Whether you like it or not, that's the fact. Its hard for people in a sense to not judge a person when they first met or even after being friends for some time and more often that not , we tend to infer something on them . Lets call it human nature. It's perfectly fine, although in principal its still wrong to judge a person by looking just at their appearance if the judgement to a certain extent is right. You have a loser face, therefore you are a loser. This happens so often in our society.

This leads me to think. Am i suppose to give people a good impression in terms of outlook and even character? So that in people's eyes and mind they will think that, * wow, daniel is cool man, he is clever man, he is a gadget freak, and the list goes on and on*

For all that have happened to me, since my childhood days till now, I guess what i need to do is just to be myself. If people want to think me as someone who is incapable of doing things, so be it. As long as I am able to be accountable to my own self and satisfied with what I've achieved.

What i commonly encounter will be, Daniel is a joker, he is in a way childish. Btw, this explains why kids like to play with me . What I m going to tell myself is,just dare to be Daniel. Why change for the sake of changing people's impression ? Of course I m not saying that we should not change, change although is good, but when you change to much, you will lost the essence of yourself!

Daniel is who Daniel is .

People can say all they 1. I am me , me am I ... :)

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

New discovery

I must say that this few days is really very fruitful in terms of maximizing and discovering new potentials of my iPod touch. Actually wanted to experiment straight on my iPhone but it might seem to be too risky!!

Windows 7 interface on my iPod touch!!

Now I can remotely control my iPod touch from my laptop without having to touch my iPod.

Apps appa and more free paid apps!!

Good night people. It's already. 3.15 am in the morning!!

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Monday, November 2, 2009

Life is like ........

As i looked down where everyone is happily ice-skating in Sunway Pyramid this afternoon, I cant help but to think that life is exactly like ice-skating in the skating ring.

As we walk through the journey of life, at first, when we are immature and young, we will always fall just like how the newbies experienced it in the skating ring.We will always want to hold on to something.

As we grow up, we began to be responsible for our own doings in life. Occasionally we may fall, but it is family and friends who will give us a lending hand and pull us up again.

As we grow ever older with experience and hard knocks of life. We began to skate gracefully in the skating ring, embracing new skills and new ways of skating and even dancing. However,the crucial point is this. No matter how skillful a person may be, some how or rather he will also fall. No one will stand in the lime light and always stand and lie on their laurels with no failures.

Life is like skating in the skating ring..