Tuesday, September 18, 2007

what is the point of studying moral?

today's headline of the malay mail was a shocking news to me .... a young girl which is between the age of 6 to 9 ... was sexually assaulted. . this may seems to be a normal news.. but then read on!.. that someone who did that to the girl used brinjal and cucumber and insert it into the girls private part...this is really inhuman.. its worst than an animal i could say....this proof that humans can do anything.. and nothing is impossible under the sun..... where is his/her values, be it moral or even religious values...*it is easier to do 10 evil things than to do just one good deed*... moral is a compulsory subject in all schools.. but i dont really see the point in studying it... its onli theory in nature.. what is the use?.. it doesnt lessen the crime rate at all.. and its in fact increasing day by day.. news of murder, attempted murder, rape, attempted rape,robbery, kidnaps, sex slavery etc etc.... what is the point of getting 100% in moral,but then in the very inner self, the moral values are totally 0%... further more, its a disgrace to the country as well! since tourist will read the local news paper, and all this shameful news appears in the headline... arent the criminals shameful at all ?

a good time with CG members..

here comes my essay, haha .. no no . i will keep it short n simple yet understandable...normally i dont really hang out with friends during weekdays... i mean i do, but then its just for yam cha or just a short chat..transport is a problem i guess.. if i m still in muar now.. then it would be diffirent all together...as for weekends,i will spend most of my time going for CG, having lunch with CG members and dinners as well after church on saturday..this few saturdays, i was a bit busy n my schedule is packed with activities.. so didnt really get to eat beef ball noodles with the usual gang..well, a short update for last fri and saturday...\

Friday: revision class till 3.15p.m, reached home at 4 something...slept.. and sek teng gave me a ride to church...Cg was cancelled...instead we have a CONVERGE weekend conference @ church... it was a beneficial and good 1 i suppose...after that, went for dinner with ariel,eyvon,mark, and yung...mee goreng for myself...

Saturday:went to college for official rotoract club launching,waited for the bus for almost 1 hour reach home @ 3p.m and guess wat... 4 o clock i will be going to church!.. literally no rest for me at all for the whole day. saturday was a bit special, went to two places for dinner!... first kuchai food court, and the second 1 ... its also my first time there... murni's in SS2.. i ve long heard bout it and the food there...but had never went there coz its far...went with lukas,mark,yung and boon how...had a nice time there though its juz normal chit chatting and eating... the food there is nice and special...reached home @ almost 11 ....too tired to do anything...have a quick bath and fall asleep...however, i was awaken by a phone call,woke up, chit chatted a little with the caller and smsed for a while... sleep back till the next morning...

*when i reached home on saturday nite, i realise my uncle's car was not there.. so i assumed no one was at home.. but then strange enough.. i heard noises from the toilet upstairs..was curious about it, and moreover based on pass experiences, i m more caution now...wanted to catch the THIEF or someone up there, only to know that it was my grandma.. haha *

take notice of the biggest cup of drink, i really wonder how yung and boon can finish it, couple of toilet visits for them after that i guess... mine was the smallest.. but it was nice:p

i've found the motivation!

my mum did actually read my blog, and i guess she is reading frequently!!...after reading my blog,she asked me yesterday.. got study or not ?..hehe .. well, i guess today i ve found my motivation to start studying!after music club meeting today, i went to library to have a look... wow!all my friends in the library studying, and some having sassys...i think to my self, oops i better start studying, if not i will be in deep trouble this time...so this is my motivation.. thanks to my friends..appointment was cancelled for tomorrow with someone... so tomolo is a studying day for me in the library with few of my friends... and an assigment need to be completed...hopefully i get to finish it up by tomorrow..whoever wants to study together... tomorrow 9.00 a.m...see u there....:P

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

lack of motivation

after completing my final mocks,i ve lose the motivation to study n revise... no!no! this couldnt be... i need to keep running as my actual exams will be approaching soon...i need motivation ..this few days whenever i open up my book.. or revision planner...what i can see is juz plain words with nothing going it into my head.. however, still manage to push some into my brain..but its really very minimal..actually is not only studies... but also lost the motivation to do other things as wel.. juz wanna sleep sleep n sleep...can someone motivate me pls?:P

this few days i ve been sneezing a lot ...day n nite....uncountable times...until my business lecturer say: hey friend, if you dont wan me to be sick n on MC next week, please dun sneeze infront of me.. haha ... itchy nose. . also duno why.. ppl cursing me or missing me ? nah juz joking ... even CG member,ariel wont wan to sit with me this weekend in church.. scared of my szeezing.. hehe powerful le..

Felt so restless today,and i decided to go for a jog.. erm shd say walk around OUG....a big round...following the bus route...along the way, dogs barking away at me ... i also duno why ... but i think i ve get rid of my phobia alr ...not scared of them... but maybe because they are not on the road.. they r in their owner's compound..hehe ... after that, brought the kids to the playground...suddenly feel young again! and no one dat calls me uncle there...yeah!!..

well,as usual, i like to think a lot..time zooommmmsssss...i ve been in kl for a few months alr.. and getting use to the life here... i still remember, the first day of my college life... there were onli four of us in the class ... i was thinking to my self.... hmm this couldnt be.. this is wat college life is?... but now ... hmm almost 50 in my class ... and lecturers have high hope on us ?.. hope we dont disappoint them... :P.... i need the urge to study again!!!

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

..........................fill in the blanks for me,will u ?

since it will be too long,if i squeeze everything into a post.. so i ve decided to seperate it.. ok, everyone...lets turn our minds back to last thursday....because i will start talking bout it..haha ...the night before merdeka day..my friends were like going for countdowns and stuff, but i m staying inside my room preparing for my final mocks..there is no merdeka feeling for me at ALL!...i still remember pass few years..every year our sch will organise a merdeka celebration.. and i was involve in it as well...somehow or rather it was fun and memoriable for me although it is like a yearly routine.last years 30th nite, i was also facing exam pressure.. trials for spm.. and kebetulannya, manfred was staying @my house dat nite.. it was raining and we are studying for sejarah.. i still remember it..we were like considering whether to go tanjung for the celebration or not... we decided not to.. but then at the last few min before 12 we decided to go!..i ride on my bike and he ride on his...it was drizzling at dat time .. and it was like supercold..we went to pick aunty eing siew.. and for the first time i fetch aunty eing siew with my bike.. can feel dat her legs keep closing.. erm wat word to use a ?towards the bike when i cutting through all those cars..was really jam .... whole tanjung is full with cars and people..we went to see the fireworks and then went in to the mini zoo.. it was the most memoriable experience i would say..the zoo was small... and it was juz like a tent...with lots of snakes and geli animals inside..it was still raining outside.. the floor is like so muddy... and it feels as though as we are stepping on the snakes...yucksssssssss!... the snake is really huge... and if it gets agitated. .. we will be in its stomach..went home drenched and all wet .... it was already 1 a.m smth near to 2.. had a bath and remember we share the same towel.. but not bath at the same time la ... haha... zooom... back to reality ... this year.. nth memoriable .... except studying in the room and sms estee...haha

As for fri,sat and sunday, monday i was alone at home ...fuh!now i know how it feels to be alone.. feel so lonely with no one to accompany, thanks to matt who come and study with me on friday... every meals on my own and eat outside... countless plates of mee goreng i ate in different places for less than a week...eat until i scared ady...the house is like so empty....unlike normal days where they will be various noises of the kids .. and the oldies dat ah ma likes to sing along with.... throughout this few days, besides exams.. another thing came into my mind... it is also something related to exam... i can still remember...march of this year.. when spm result was out... i was also alone in the house in kl..i was expecting a call from my dad saying that i have at least more than half a dozens of As...onli to know that my results was that terrible.. me myself didnt expected it and i juz couldnt accept it... my mum n dad must be disappointed at the point of time... and i took time to cool down and think....God must have allowed it for a reason.. and here comes the answer... He is teaching to be humble and more submissive to Him... "lean not on your own strenght but on My strenght"... this is what Jesus said...and this really wakes me up.. although it lowers down my self confidence, but i think it has more positive effect on me ...all i can do now is to depend on Him more than on my own for this coming a levels exam...

*i'm free this few days, and free for dates.. anyone?:P reservations needed.. haha juz jk"

yeah its OVER!!

hey guys and girls,ladies and gentlemen...i'm back here to blog!juz finish my final mocks exam this afternoon... wat a relieve!!Was struggling for the pass few days to read as much as possible..eventhough there r some lazy times which i prefer to do other things rather than studying...hmm ... on monday...i sat for my law paper 1 and 2... this is the sbuject which i place much importance in..to keep it short.. i still manage to do 2 and the half essays out of 3 for paper 1.... dats not really very good!!.. daniel needs more practice writting to make sure that he can finish 3 essays within 1 and a half hour...hmm as for paper 2... Statutory interpretation came out again...anyway its a good thing.. because the other question wat about PACE Act 1984... which i cant recall much at the point of time...after completing the paper... the burden in me ...lessen by half a would say ....after dat i rush back home!.. not to study... but............ to sleep first... haha.. didnt really sleep well, all the business questions came into my mind when i m napping..no choice but to wake up and study for business..studied till nite and i slept... woke up at 5.20a.m.. oops cant sleep ady.. all those questions come into my mind again .. well i still laze on my bed till 7.20...in short business paper was ok ... and it was our first time doing the paper2 questions...Was lazy to study, and i slept early yesterday...went to college early today and sat in the library from 9 till 12... to read up as much as possible... and thank God .. econs paper was ok also... at least i can answer the questions... but right or wrong remains a question mark...and now yeah! i m able to have time to sit down and crap here!... hurray!.. but then, actual exams in 4 weeks time .. gottta start revising everything real soon.. hmm let me see... in 3 days ... i think i ve use 12 packets of tissue!!..anyway want to compete with me ? ...come on , i am ready for the challenge..:P