Friday, February 29, 2008

my life is not dat dull after all...

aiks looks so formal.. yeah it's meant to be a formal photo.A professional development photo for Rotaract term 2007/2008

my classmate found a good way to study without copying notes..juz take a picture of the notes and read it from there:)

went to sg wang,isetan,pavillion with daphne and jess..without matt since matt wants to go back..purpose of it is to help me find a formal coat ...walk around sg wang for almost 4 hours ... and at last i manage to buy a nice,cheap, and suitable coat in pavillion and to be worn the next day for the rotaract meeting ....lunch at teppanyaki...dat is why there is a picture of it... :)

i ve made a history in my life yesterday,for the first time i attended an election campaign talk by the opposition(DAP) in the area i m staying was a good turn out... lots of ppl flooded dat area juz to hear the talk...and guess wat ? i ve stand there for almost 3 seats no drink... nothing!back still hurts till now ....anyway .. i ve an idea in my mind when i was walking home juz now..i would suggest that the OPPOSITION parties shd be call supporting parties.. this is because if it is called opposition party..its sounds like no matter what the government do.they will juz object and oppose.. which i dun think this is the real function of the parties...they shd be the party who will be able to give out their ideas juz as the dominant parties do .. and support the dominant parties in everything...with the condition that wat they do is right la! thing i can be sure ...the political consciousness among the citizens and college students have increased a lot over the opposed to the old days, which they have the concept tat if u want a good life.. vote for the dominant parties..

ignore estee's face... haha she dont look like dat in real life... she look like that because i told her dat i will not snap her face.. onli her baju...i find it interesting ....but i onli agree with the first part.. STUDY HARD....and i will like to rephrase it as party hard and study harder .. hehe ... dat shd be the way rite ?

Sunday, February 24, 2008

a word makes all the difference

planned to study when i woke up this morning,suddenly i remembered dat i have an econs assignment dat need to be done ...after flipping through the notes...i then began to write down the question and attempt to do it .. i spend almost an hour to finish the first page.. the more i do.. the more i feel dat i'm stuck and duno how to continue with the assignment... therefore, i asked matt... eh how to do the question a ?i dun seem to know how ...:P and only to know that i ve wrote down the question wrongly, well the question was correct.. but i mistakenly wrote interest rates instead of inflation.. oh my...wasted such a long time there..

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

i'm so dead this time!

Starbucks in conjuction with the celebration of the opening of 100th outlets.. gave free coffee for everyone who goes to starbucks...did u all go for it ? i didnt, i slept.. my friends did..almost the whole class did... my opportunity cost of sleeping during rest time:P

how m i suppose to finish reading so many things?i'm so dead this time ... the time duration for A2 is seriously not enough...

Monday, February 18, 2008


i've learned something last saturday... the word NIKE ... actually came from a greek word Nikoa... which means to win in every other words it always means to be an overcomer .... and overcome all the opponents and marketing strategy of the firm's opponent!

what God has in mind for our life?

"I came that they may have life, and have it ABUNDANTLY"

God wants to give us a life which is full of abundance.. dat we may use it to bless others as well...abundant in other words will also mean never lack of certain things and elements of life... love,joy,peace... etc etc... if we dun have a life of ABUNDANCE ... how are we going to share what we have with others? we will be probably saying to a friend who needs comfort: Hey friend, today my JOY is onli sufficient and limited to myself only, sorry a, cant share it with sad it is har?...:)

Let's receive the life that God wants to give us and what He has in mind for us!

When we receive it, we can be an OVERCOMER like Nike.. nothing will be too big and too small for us to overcome .... Let's not have abundance in lust,envyness,jealousy,and pride.. but have abundance in the fruit of the spirit that God is ever willing to give us when we willingly accept it from HIM!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Valentine's day

Mr Sara our law lecturer said that he dont really believe in all this occasions... as LOVE... true love.. need to be a continuing and everylasting process ... and it is not confined and restricted only on special occasions that we show our LOVE to our loved ones..and i trully agree with him too ....well, i have no dates sad it is rite ?nah.. i ve learn to look at the bright side of things.. haha .. my valentine's day will most probably be an interesting 1 ..... with me exploring something new ... not in the park,not in the bedroom, not in a nice restaurants.. but in... the college library!!Exploring books lo ... haha...

ways to de-stress

i ve recently found out that .. a way to release stress is by the way of studying....studying makes me less stressful n less guilty...

Monday, February 11, 2008

My wish!

saw my relative's itouch and edmund's was so impressive that it actually impressed me alot...i think not only me i guess...i want to buy it... but no money la..haha ....the screen quality and the way the system operates...its really cool!normal PDAs as for now ... cannot be compared with the production of Apple...I WANT an IPHONE or perhaps ITOUCH also can la...:) someone buy it for me ?haha this is my wish!my target and aim as well ...

memoriable nite

after blogging yesterday nite, i hop on my bike and juz roam around muar. went through housing areas,big roads,tanjung, pass by my old beloved school and even muar town..its good sometimes to just relax and as i pass by those roads.memories came back to me..and it is juz so awesome...and i like the fresh air.. esp near tanjung.. it is simply so different from KL...wanted to buy fried kuey tiow from bentayan.. but it was still quite early.. so i decided to go back after that..i tot my stay in muar was juz going to end like dat ..without anything HAPPENING... for dat nite...but after a while...i received a msg from adeline wong...saying dat she is going to pick me up at 1015..this was already plan earlier.. but i tot the plan was already cancelled ... as we had spend the whole day out doing visiting and having lunch in genevieve's open house.After picking me and edmund from my we went to tanjung to see was a nite filled with stars..quite a lot of them in the sky..but then there r also lots of rubbish along the pathway.. a pathetic view..probably the workers had gone for a holiday too in conjunction with we walk along the pathway juz beside the muar river.. we could see lots of kites flying in the sky...we got excited about it and i decided to bought 1....and 4 of us....began to play wit it ... this was my first time ever playing a kite... it was FUN!It was very windy, n it makes things easier for us.. we played for a couple of hours... and then headed for supper ... went to the famous wan tan mee shop...but nothing is available for us anymore...therefore, we decided to go for malay food.. which was also beside the was really cold...edmund said .. muar is like a dessert...very hot in the day time.. and cold in the nite time ..when i reached home .. it was already 1.45 a.m. packed my stuff and off to bed i go...a nite which was dull turn out to be fun and memoriable

Sunday, February 10, 2008

it's tomorrow.....

when i was driving on the road one particular day in muar,i was thinking to myself.and said to my self... the cny celebration will be going to end soon... and yeah...the chinese still celebrate new year.. if not mistaken for the whole month or 15 days ?but as for me,it has somehow come to an end dy..right now.. in my own room ....enjoying some personal moments and penning down my feelings in my now, most friends had already gone back either to work or study.and i will be going back to KL tomolo morning as well, goodbye muar!i wonder when will i be coming back again... i always believe dat the longer u stay in a place.. the more ur feelings will actually stuck and grow in dat place.. since i ve been in muar for more than a week dy, it is really undesirable for me to go back tomorrow morning .. somemore i wil be sitting the bus alone ... aww.. i hate dat choice.. i have my handphone to accompany me..when i m back in kl tmr, most prob will visit 1 or 2 friends of mine...and then i guess dats it for this new year also means dat after tomorrow.. there is no fooling around anymore..i cant afford to be slaggi anymore..need to take up my books again.. and treat them as my companion for this couple of months to come.. thank God i have tuesday to actually finish up my assignments and do some more procrastinating for me

this few nights had been quite an enjoyable 1 for me,historical for me as well,come back home late at nite .... and everynite i will be back after 1 o clock...mostly spending time wit my friends, and church youths.. and the older youths.. this two days... spend quite a lot of time wit them. took some pictures.. but i dun have it with me will become memories soon...each year passes so fast..ppl often say look ahead.. but i often like to look back.. and cherish the time we had with each other..stop and think back.. n u will realise how much u change and how things change from time to time...

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

The Hamster Year2008!

for the pass few weeks, i ve lost the inspiration to blog, although i wanted to.. but then..juz not in the mood to blog... i m feeling BORED now ....i told henry bout it ... and he says .. blog something to say dat u r bored la ...:) so here i m saying i m BORED...

The first day of CNY is tomolo, so today shd be the day where every family members gather together for reunion dinner, well till now, only 1 of my cousin is back..and my aunty and uncle from UK.. so not much reunion mood now.. still waiting for them to be back...till now what i ve done most of the days in muar is juz to stare at the computer doing nothing ....well,we did went out for supper n stuff like dat... but my companion this few days is none other than my computer.. i want to be in KL now and at the same time i wan to be in Muar as well.. but i know i seems like everyone is CRAZY over pet dogs... this includes my family as well.. the dog had become part of my family....every morning .. when i m still half asleep... i will hear my dad ... said ... watson watson, good boy a .. go out shee shee...:) no doubt the dog is cute.

For every year's CNY, everyone will be rushing for new year goods,buy new clothes, jam up the whole supermarket,have meals together, drink and be merry together ... and soon .... after its over... everything is forgotten... no one remembers it clothes will eventually become old clothes, new year goods will be used up,everyone will juz go back to their own states.... and dats all ... and this becomes a yearly routine.. year in and out...Let's celebrate this new year with some significance in it..let it be a time .. not onli to be merry, buy new stuffs and stuff.. but be a time to ponder what had been done for the pass whole year and make amendments and improvement for actully provides a new start point and how u run the race for the whole year, it will depend on the plannings dat we have..we will all eventually reach the check point.... but then how we run the race is much more important .....lets not run with the world .. but run side by side with God!:) so, do we want to be the rabbit or the tortoise?