Thursday, February 25, 2010

The taste of sickness

I think this is the first time ever that I m "bed-ridden" for the whole day. No joke. Whole day. Since the wee hours of the morning.

My plans to study for the whole day today had been tarnished. Can't even wake up for college.

I pray and hope I ll get better tmr because I ll need to cover back the time that I did nt manage to study today.

P/s : Chiew Ee. If today u r here at my place u will be able to finally see how my life is like without touching gadgets. Don't even have the streight to do so. After one whole day, my iPhone battery level is still at 71%

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Gadget thoughts..

I wonder if the coming-soon-iPad will be able to support bluetooth internet tethering from my iPhone? If the answer is in the affirmative. That will be perfect for me!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

A blogpost with no pictures involve.

Stuck with what I should pen down here. Just duno how to start.

It's gonna be the end of February already. 2months of the new year had juz passed like that. How far have i achieved my new year resolutions. Life has been up and down for me. Well, to apply a positive thinking. All this can make me a stronger person, but at times i juz choose to be negative. Ranting and feeling troubled of how all this things have to happen to me.

Studies are slowly taking priority over my life now . It shd be. 6 hours per day at least.

Call me a dull boy . When it reaches the period of the month where revision kicks in and exams drawing near. I just do not like to go out lepak. All I want is more time to study. Perhaps some lepaking will do me good, but at times it makes me feel very guilty.

My own revision schedule shd be out by this week. Pushing all the way out, at the same time do not wish to exhaust myself too fast.

In 2 weeks time, I'll be already living in this world for 21 years now . Everyone treats 21st birthday very seriously. It's like a pass key to a lot of things. To me, its also a key to a lot of trials as well.

Just for the sake of sharing. My birthday present wish list will be as follow :)

1. Iphone invisible ZAGG shield
2. iPad ( sendiri no money to buy)
3. A pair of Converse or not-s0-ah pek shoes.
4. Spend time with my close ones during this important day of my life.
5. Anything relating to gadgets ( N97 mini? :p )

It's getting late. Having tort tutorials tomorrow. Quite a pack week ahead. Will see how it goes.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Scitilla Temporis

A Blink Of An Eye.

Chinese New Year is at its end nw. At least for me.

Somehow or rather. Every year's Chinese New Year are almost the same. One thing that is distinctive. Lesser and lesser people be it cousins or friends who actually will make their effort back for reunion again.

I would say festive sessions nowadays are contaminated yet diluted:)

Reunion dialogues will always linger around the same topics. Houses for visitation are also almost the same. What do we actually expect from this season of joy and celebration?

I ended my new year holiday in Muar with hosting Hui Ting and JJ whom come down all the way from KL.

Heading back to KL tmr.

A small prawn but I m happy!

The harvest for the night.

Friday, February 12, 2010

I love to carry at least 1 fruit with me everyday :)

How do you define a successful company and product?

I would actually say that I admire Apple products very much. Putting aside status which Apple products offer, the technology that they have is REVOLUTIONARY. This is the word that is being use again and again by Steve Jobs. Despite the flaws and short coming of its products and features, people around the world still admire and crave for it a lot!

Ppl dont mind having duplicates of them. No joke. One of my church friend. He buys every model of the Iphone since its launching in 2007. What makes it so unique and special ? This you have to ask the users.

Like myself, eventhough previously i had an ipod touch which is something very similar to Iphone.Nonetheless, Iphone still attracts me a lot !

Now, next, will be Ipad.

Those who I asked so far are looking forward for its launching and some told me they are 200% sure that they are gonna get 1 when it launches!

I'm sure it will be more than a bigger version of Ipod Touch.

Bill Gates once said in 2001 that tablet pc will be widely used in 5 years time and this did not materialise. Let's see whether the Ipad will bring a huge and big impact to the tablet pc's market!

*Apple really need to pay me advertising fees for saying good things about them. :P

Saturday, February 6, 2010

S+S in TimeSquare

Dear and myself when for last minute CNY shopping yesterday at Times Square. To ease my guilt, I decided to sit in McD to study first. I think we hang out in McD for more than an hour and I m so proud that despite the noise, I'm able to study and absorb it into my brain

While we were about to wait for the monorail to go back. Suddenly a teenager shouted and told the police that his mobile phone was pick pocketed. The good thing is that the thieve went and hide inside the toilet!

Me being curious, stood there and witness the show. It turns out that the thieve is a man dressed in formal and of quite old age.

what is the reason behind I dunno.

But I know I m blessed enough to be able to get my new year clothes!

No need to steal..

Thursday, February 4, 2010

I wan another iP to make it iPs

How can I not set this as my next gadget target?:)

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Caveat Emptor- Let the buyers beware

can you diffrentiate which 1 is a genuine Apple Iphone and which is the China made clone Iphone?

The exterior looks 95% alike.

Focus not on the poser but rather on the article on the left handside. Basically there is a report that dishonest sellers are selling clone china iphones and giving the impression to the buyer that it is a genuine Apple product. Those who are not well educated on that of course will fall for the trap as the price variation is very wide. You can get a clone 1 below Rm1000!
This is nothing new to me i guess. Last week, after our Sunday lectures,I went for the phone fair in Sri Petaling with a few friends. They are doing exactly the same thing. They didnt know I had a genuine 1 and trying very hard to convince me that the 1 in his hands is a real 1. He marketed to me that Iphone 3Gs 32GB only cost Rm 1600. Matt immediately fell into the trap and believe that guy ( although he did not buy it, he told me " hey daniel,you rugi la, here only selling for Rm1600++ ). Well, there is no such thing in this world la. You get what you pay.
So, do not fall for their dishonest traps! Support genuine Apple Iphone! haha.. they need to pay me for advertising fees!

But well, I'm very satisfied with this "blackberry" curve of mine! It's indeed a value buy. For the price that I paid which I dont think you will be able to get it anywhere else. Comes with wifi and all those functions that a phone shd have!