Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Exam results will be announce on the 23rd August 2010. My heart is already pumping fast.

They should release the results early. So that we will have our "genuine" holiday and not a roller coster holiday fearing abt the results

Some may say, if you are well prepared what is there to scared about. BUT, accident happens! Not once or twice, but quite often it seems.

Well, I really hope I ll get at least straight Bs!

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Wednesday, July 14, 2010





下个月我就会般出来自己住。租金取要还,还须要买些必须品。 同同都须要用到钱。







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Friday, July 9, 2010


Today has been a long day. Travelled from Muar to KL, KL to Mentakab, and Mentakab to KL again. No regrets, I'll take it as a form of holiday:)

Upon reaching KL, we went to scout for houses and I'm really desperately in need of 1 before my new sem starts again.

I finally found 1 with a very reasonable price, spacious room, the balcony will be at my disposal, eateries just in front of the house, dobi and mini market within walking distance.

I should be happy and feel relieved, but why I m not ?

I figured that perhaps it's because there are still a lot of unsolved matters and question marks in my mind. I'll try not to think too much though. Perhaps its because I do not want to burden my parents too much as well. Since they just bought me an iPad, that's like almost 2k gone, and now they have to pay for my house rent, and the neccesaries that I need in my room, and yea, I also cant live there without a bike or a car.

Oh well, now is holiday time. I should feel relaxed and not be vexed by all this minute stuff.

Till then, see how it goes and turns out.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Another Learning Path

I was very excited when my friend introduced me to a website listing those part time job.

My aim was to find a job with high pay. This particular Trialing Specialist job attracts me since the basic pay is Rm80. Oh man, never ever in my life I could earn so much in one day !

Rm80 is equivalent to my few days work in Muar.

I went for the interview and got through the interview. By the time, the parking fees has already caused me a big bom.

I still think its worth it. Soon after the training and coming back from Langkawi. I started my work in Jusco Puchong.

I was really very blur and didnt even really understand what my job scope are. The only thing I know from the training is that we need to do hell lots of work for the Rm8o pay.

I'm really happy that I accepted the job and went to work. Yes, the job is tiring I admit.

However, what I ve experience is something beyond that. My fellow partner from the same company ( promoting different product ) was so helpful that words really cant describe how grateful I am to that aunty.

From her and the other promoters in Jusco Puchong. I've really learnt a lot .

I will call this social lessons.

They show me how they can be happy and jovial and enjoy their work even if its tedious. The smile and greeting eventhough they dont really know me really gives me a warm atmosphere of work. They teach me how to curi tulang in a correct way. Sharing our samples and food in the cooking area. They teach me how to be selfless. They teach me how to be helpful. Regardless of which company and what we are promoting, everyone is like close friends already for many years. How they really teach me to save money and be street smart.

I really enjoyed my work. So what if its just a promoter's job. As compared to them, I guess I m very fortunate. They work to feed themselves and family. I work just to earn some extra pocket money for more gadgets,holidays, and relationship.

I wish I could continue working there, but now without a car, its a bit hard.

Well, I will try to enjoy myself as much as possible when I go to work next weekend which is probably the last time I'll be seeing them.


After more than a month, finally there is something for me to actually blog about. Today is a happy day for me . At last my Apple iPad has landed in the hands of my uncle in Sydney. The pictures he uploaded in facebook just excites me eventhough I will only be able to touch my new toy in a months time. I'm happy because my iPad is bought from overseas, some where I've never been but the store in Sdyney is just so huge and big!

iPads there are only available for those who booked and in the reserve list. They have limited stocks as well. I'm glad that mine only took 4-5 days to reach the hands of my uncle there.

I'm just so overwhelmed and I keep looking at this picture again and again!

The process of paying for it.

Tada! The iPad in an Apple bag together with an original iPad casing. The Apple logo just really attracts me.
Thanks Dad and Mum.
Why is there a nay in the title?
Simply because. Once I own an iPad now. I have my results to worry about. How if I fall below their expectations?
I've decided to make my blog and this post public again once I get my results(provided my results are satisfactory and up to my own expectation- though i cant expect much this time )
yea... It's a hooray-ray-nay day!