Friday, May 30, 2008

law paper cleared... 2 down.... 3 more to go

this week was a tedious week.. with two law papers in a week ..... i really thank God for giving me the strenght to go through this had not been easy ...with cases filling my head all the time .... n now its OVER!!.. woohoo!! cases out out out of my mind...

The first thing i thought of was to sleep after my tort paper this morning...i didnt sleep well yesterday..i had a nightmare which scares me the whole nite... woke up early in the morning..prepare my self n off i drove to college.. i reach around 7.20.. first time dat early to college... force my self to sit in the library till near 9.. before going for the battle..and now ... i'm back home ....i juz cant sleep...maybe the cases had not been disgested n its still in my brain... and dat is why i'm here to blog!...
law papers over.. what does it mean then ? hmm ..
1. my room wall will not have any short notes anymore for the time being
2. can delete the cases from my computer which can free me some space
3.chunk my law books n notes aside.. would i miss them? since i see them so often this past weeks... hehe i wont i guess
looking through how my social life had been this few weeks .. didnt hang out with friends much except for meals n pool...
oh ya .... and i had a pleasant suprise after my contract on tuesday..thanks ... i ll appreciate it .. n soon it will be my turn to make it for you and family...
ok everyone!.. i would like to introduce an old ah pek to all of the picture above.. try observing the old man with the red shirt..he appears to be a gentleman and polite... BUT... he cheated my money... therefore, beware.. dont be cheated by the appearance....lesson learned...

Monday, May 12, 2008

June, i'm coming to you!

yeah.... as the title the moment.. i would like the month of June to come to me fast and quick!


coz there is great.. hmmm GREAT things and moments awaiting me in June....

but as for now ... lets enjoy May to the fullest... as i ve still not finished yet with my battle...

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

away from books for a few moments....

In the midst of preparing for the upcoming battle(exams!).. i ve still manage to find some "entertainment" to spice up my life a little ... this releases me from stress and of course had fun with friends and CG members.... On monday, the usual CG ppl and I went for sushi as planned for dinner ... went there straight after college... it was a farewell dinner for a CG member which i dun know her personally...and on dat nite ... i think it was the first time i met her and it was also the last time for the time being ... hehe...supposed to be 50% off for dat meal as it was intially said by mark... but then ... after comfirmation we could onli get 10% which means..hmm ... expensive dinner for that nite.

this is wat i ate as "pencuci mulut".. :)
my disappointment of the day.what the menu show and what the real thing appear to be is totally different... and this small bowl of rice ... cause me RM11.90...imagine juz white rice,few slices of egg and countable piece of meat..... sigh..
a group picture taken together ...

first time "live" right in front of my eyes... police in action... catching prostitues...

this is what happens when i m not on form for a game of pool.a small gap more to win.. but it seems a big gap to finish the game

something wrong wit the pool table

all the pool kaki....counted as best friends in the college

friends forever...this is a promise.. :P

Today, met up with mianyi,ivy and ryan in sungai wang....Had shabu shabu steamboat for lunch.. quite a nice place... quite delicious as well

Daniel and the pahang ppl

mian yi and I

Friday, May 2, 2008

busy yet bored

i'm perfectly fine when i'm back in muar few days back, i studied, i stayed at home , and i went out a little...and in the hope that when i m back here in kl ...i will be fully charged and do intensive revision for the BATTLE ahead...which i did for 1 day after i came out....but now as i start to blog....there r unanswered questions in me .. ok maybe i have the answer. . but i duno how to go about doing it..

why am i so bored, and feeling restless when i have tonnes of work to do n revise?
why do i stare at the pass year papers and dunno how to go about writting it ?
why m i still procrastinating when the exams are so near now ?
why do i feel stress but not doing anything about it ?
why do i still feel sleepy when i slept for quite long ?
why do i have the desire, the strong desire to do some contract essay but i m not doing it ?
why do i want to change my law from B to A but i'm like doing not enough for the subject?
why do i focus on my law so much now that i have neglected quite a lot for my other subjects?
what if i dun get good results this time ? nonononono!! ..i cant afford to do that .. i want to at least maintain my results.. i hope tomolo will be a whole new different day where all my questions will be answered and i will be enlighten... or perhaps ... answers come to me after i finish updating this post...