Thursday, December 31, 2009

For self or for the World?

For this few days, I ve been thinking a lot about life and our surroundings.

I often ask myself. Can't I just live my own live in my own pace ? I wanted things to be my own way in life. I don't want to be carried away by pressures and influences.

Practially, I think I can't

Monday, December 28, 2009

looking back to the past..

Christmas Dinner 2006

Christmas Dinner 2007

Christmas 2008

Christmas dinner 2009

Except for the year 2008, I was not around in Muar to celebrate Christmas with church members and family members.

Looking back at the pictures, I realise I dont seems to change much, in terms of looks and my fashion sense, and this puzzled me ! If you take a closer look at all the pictures, most of them have change. Really, just observe.

Well, last year I missed celebrating Christmas a lot , perhaps because it has become a routine that it is a must for me to go back to Muar during this season of hope and love.

As time goes by, more and more people will just get involved in their own church activities in big cities, some spending their christmas abroad due to studies, some may already family in other cities or countries. As a result, lesser and lesser people will be back in muar anymore.

Its really a heartwarming thing to be able to gather with all those church yam cha kaki almost every year. Nowadays, I m no longer the youngest among them! Even then, lesser and lesser people will come back to Muar for Christmas in the years to come.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

A trick on me??

I ve been wanting to pOst something here since a few days ago, but nth specific came into my mind. But, now here I am. At least I have something to write it down again

Today is a typical Sunday where I go to church in the morning, typical in the sense that at least it is until afternoon before I headed up back to kl.

As I reach KL, after parking the car as usual I pressed the auto gate button. No matter how hard I press, still no movements. At last I figured out that the electricity in the house tripped again! Well, I took out the bunch of keys I have and took out d 1 for the gate. I inserted it into the key hole in the hope that the auto gate can be opened. Little did I expect that the keys failed me!!! As I turn gently, it broke into two seperate pieces.

Really didn't know what to do. Plan to climb over but looking at my body size it's a bit hard because the wall is quite high and there are sharp ends on top of it. Decided to roam around oug and look for a lock smith! I saw 1 of the number and I phoned!

He told me today is Sunday, they are not willing to help!

To cut the story short, at last I brave my self to climb over into the house. I realized that I can't be a good thieve!

Some bruises on the legs and hands, and sprain my back a little. No big deal.

Was v happy when I get into the house. Happily taking my box of watercake from muar to the kitchen.

As I took the first step into the kitchen, I fell down HARD!!

My spectacles flew itself away from me, a few grapes drop out of the plastic bag, the plastic bag which I was holding flew at least 40 cm away from me. I felt the pain. Only to realize I was sitting on a pool of water!! That s the cause of my fall. Dunno where did the water came from. Sat down on d floor a couple of minutes before I manage to get up.

Well. In every circumstances praise God!

I thank God because my spectacles is not broken
I thank God because my backbone is not broken
I thank God for the journey mercies he had granted me
I thank God because I finally manage to find my own way into the house
I thank God for He is always watching over me although sometimes we don't even know He is.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

I'm so amazed!

Soon it was prayer time,each of us went up to a kid,asked for prayer request and we prayed.

I chose a 15 year old guy. I asked whether he has anything to pray for and his needs. He juz answered me a simple sentence.

"I want to grow closer and be closer to God""

Nothing else, only this.

This is so fifferent from what the other kids 1. Wow

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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

It's Christmas Time Again

Currently sitting in the bus, looking out the window. Apart from the jam. Decorations can be seen. For Christmas of course. This reminds me of the thoughts that I have when seeing dear singing Christmas carols in Tine Square 2 weeks ago. Christmas? Santa claus? Christmas trees? Giving of prezzies? Nothing wrg with all this.

But never once treat Christmas as X'mas as it would make lots of difference

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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Gone away from me, but back again to me

As I came back from college on sunday and after eating my dinner, the maid said to me
"ah boy, minta maaf, telipon yang merah itu jatuh bawah tingkap.Saya mau keluar ambil, tapi orang lain sudah ambil"
When i heard of this I knew it was a lie. Actually I just wanted this matter to rest. However, she came into my room again and say sorry . Hah! She came and find for her own trouble.
I asked her how did it drop and she gave me ridiculous explanation. I stared, I raise my voice and I use some psychology. Asked the same question for like 15 minutes. She was quite tough i must say. I persisted. At last,
she return my Nokia to me. To be found under the washing machine.
Cunning people. Cant judge them by how good they work and treat you. Who knows she comes to my room everyday and play with my phones.
I gave her a strict warning never to touch and open my cupboards again.

Happenings in November

Jessica's birthday @ Tasty Pot

I'm so hungry...

ok, now not hungry already, so mouth closed..

Community Service Project @ SPCA

Ben's 21st birthday at KFC

Old Town Cheras, while waiting for everyone to arrive. Cant stop thinking of doing Law of Trust Assignment

Finally, we are at look out point!

Silly things we do

For Jenna's birthday!

The moot champion!We Rotaract family go and support!

Went back to muar.. pagi makan

tengah hari makan

Malam pun makan dekat kopitiam

Went to see the progress of the new house.

Go tanjung visit monyet!

Happening eh? :)

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Internet tethering

As what Daniel says " Ppl normally will only find jamban when they need to release" :) ... Yesterday when I was in the midst of onlining. The internet connection went abit kuku. I need to internet connection urgently.
So, I decided to try on Internet Tethering using my phone. To my utter amazement, it works very well. It uses the 3g connection on the phone to connect my laptop to the internet. Now I've found a new way to use up my free 500 mb maxis 3g internet usage..
This function is available for most of the phoens but just normally we didnt take notice of it.