Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Heart That Matters

A simple mee goreng sedap and egg taste far nicer than any other food when we know that there is sincerity involve in preparingit by the person that we love.

Dear bought her self prepared lunch for me n bring it all the way to college for me. Thanks dear :)

ATC Student Nite 2010

Its always better to be a guy, girls spent hundreds of dollar(ringgit) just to look good for a night. Guys, need not. At least this applies to me:)

Sunday, January 10, 2010

It's better to be late than never..

The end of a challenging year of 2009, and the start of new year 2010.

To usher in the new year this time, I decided to be more "happening" and followed dear and friends for the Countdown@ The Curve.

When the hand of the clock reaches 12a.m. sharp, I felt nothing. Staring at the fireworks, I felt empty. Everyone was cheering away, shouting away, spraying "the dunno called what" and everyone seems to be so excited. but, i felt nothing.

What to expect? What is in store in the new year? I will be really suprise if everyone who went for the countdown was excited because they have a clear direction and know what is suppose to be done in the new year. Everyone was so happy as though as they did.

I struggled for the past 10 days to find myself, to define my own path, to set my new year resolution.

I thank God, really. Just suddenly, I have this motivation again. I'm able to set my path clear again. Although its after like a whole 10 days after the new year. I'm grateful that I didnt carry on in this manner till the end of this year.

My resolution:

1. Second class upper marks for exams although high hopes, pain fall if it doesnt turn out the way I expect it to be.

2. To be more selfless. My friend's birthday just passed a few days ago, for her birthday, no doubts she celebrated. But she spent a day making burgers for us. Birthday girl making burgers to share with friends. That is what strikes me.

3. To have a high sense of urgency in doing things. Procrastinations must be minimized!

4. Study at least 2 or 3 hours per day. Do 1 pass year questions a day when february kicks in.

5. To spent my day more fruitfully each day.

6. To be a better boy to my parents.

7. To be a better boyfriend.

8. To go for holidays after my exams.

9. To change or at least get a new phone somewhere around the whole year.

10. Grow closer to God. To make going to church and CG a must no matter what.

Well, the list can go on and on. It seems so that the list is so "normal" everyone will have almost the same list. The application that is, the hard part.

I feel so energized and motivated all of a sudden!

The "S" Factor..

Just as I reached home and after bathing, I went straight to bed and slept. Too tired, just cant take it. When I woke up, it's already 12.40 a.m. . Was struggling in bed after that, to wake up study or continue sleeping.

It was not an easy decision to make, but at last I woke up and feed on my land law textbook. Ms Santhi, just reminded us today that we have only 4 months left. Yea, 4 months only, dats it. Which means I would only have 1 month to study for each subject before going for second year exams. As scary and shattering as it may sound, I appreciate the fact that she told us about it . Insignificant but significant statements like this sometimes serve as a wake up call.

From now on, its time for me to spend more time reading the law. Yes more, I need to study more to keep myself away from guilt and be satisfied with myself.

The irony is this, on 1 hand, its enjoyeable to be slaggy and relax,but on the other hand the guilt haunts me!

My aim: A second class upper mark for this year's exams.

I love Tort and Land Law, I dislike Evidence and Trust.

I suddenly feel so motivated to study. I hope this will be the case even after I wake up tomorrow morning :)

To be ready soon:)

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

A reflection back into year 2009

Guess its not too late to post up pictures and memories of year 2009. :)

The year started of with some of us attending District Rotary Conference ins Ipoh

soon after, it was Chinese New Year

Followed by Valentine's day

We did crazy stuff in the room :)

Not forgetting to study as well. Went to startbucks and coffee bean numerous times.

Just before revision kicks in, It was my 20th birthday

Just like a glimpse of the eyes, it was end of our Year 1 semester. It's time for us to go for battle which starts from may and end in may as well.

We celebrated our freedom in Sky Bar.

Went to Bagan Lalang Beach

and Genting with dear.

During the 3 months long holiday. I worked as a tuition teacher in a private tuition centre and Kumon.
Came up to KL occasionally to attend Rotaract and Rotary Functions.

Traded in my Sony Ericson phone and changed to Nokia E63

At the same time, Uncle John gave me the mobile watch
Sister's convocation in August
Jessica's farewell dinner with the EYMers

College started in September. Added this two phones into my gadget collection

My installation as the Rotaract President in October.

Few days after that, received my pre ordered iPhone.

Happenings in November refer to the previous post.. :p. December. Went to District Interact Conference to share about constitutional rights and convention of child rights. Went to visit the myanmanr refugees with members of Christian Fellowship and attended District Rotaract Conference.

End the year with Christmas and New Year countdown at the Curve. No pictures of it as for now .