Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Tell me how to go on diet :)... food, oh glorious food!

Restoran Do Do Do, beef noodles, Tangkak

Yesterday dad brought out the idea of going to tangkak for beef noodles to tempt me, and since i didnt manage to eat it the last time i went to tangkak( seeing the last bowl taken away by others, although not from this same shop) , we went all the way to tangkak just to have our lunch. The last time we went there was like years ago.

whats the big deal of driving all the way to tangkak to eat, some even went all the way by helicopter.. no joke :)

The specialty of this shop lies in that they serve and prepare the beef soup together with the meat and insides using claypot if u request it from them . Duno whether it varies much from the ordinary bowl by bowl beef noodles, but i'm sure it has some difference in it, since the price is also different.

Served with the soup still bowling hot.

accompanied by a bowl, and hmm wait, in fact 2 bowls of noodles.. :P
Road Side "little kitchen"
This stall had been establishing its name and its uniqueness for quite some time in muar and i would say that it has now been established. Their main menu will be their various types of taiwan porridge. Different feeling all together if u were to sit there and eat,its by the road side with small stools and tables. Just one van, some attractive menue and workers, this is what makes up the business, n its earning big bucks now of course. Their business is overwhelming. Customers coming non stop.
simple yet attractive
New dish. i know there is something to do with salah but i just cant remember the name
Rm3.50 for a bowl of porridge filled with quite a number and big portion of ingredients. Its definately worth it !
Restoran Azhar - Nasi Lemak Sotong, Temerloh, Pahang
One of the must go place for breakfast in Mentakab or Temerloh is the famous malay shop which sells Nasi Lemak Sotong, it is very famous among the residence there..
Sambal sotong served with steaming hot nasi lemak.
This is how steamy it is .. :)

Tada, this is it. Dun forget to drop by if you so happen to be there!
Dun worry, i still go for my tanjung walk regularly, this shd east my guilt for eating .. :)

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

money/values.. which of this comes first?

Past few days, samantha went to ask for a job in Kumon tuition centre, and she got to know that there are vacancies there and they are in the midst of hiring people. She went for the interview but i didnt. I message the relevant person the second day, and she said she is currently busy and will get back to me soon.

In my mind,i thought that there is no hope dy, since its a common business tactic to reject ppl using this method and excuse. Today, to my utter amazement, i receive a message from her saying that she could not hire me since i couldnt make it on thurday nites since i m currently teaching in another tuition centre. The current centre that i'm teaching only requires me to work on tueday and thursday nights. As compared to the Kumon job, i will have to work 4 days a week.. which also means that pay will be highe1

So, the options that i face is

quit the current job, go for the new job - not being responsible
continue with the current job- forget about the new job- being responsible

as i lie down on my bed just now , i was thinking how can i actually kill two birds with 1 stone and get both the jobs. An idea came to me, and i took the courage to msg my current boss and ask her about her opinion of me working for her only on tuesday nites. Waited and waited, i waited for her msg for quite some time. The normal her will reply me within minutes. Finally she replied and said she really need me on thursday nite..

there is always a midway course to take, negotiation is the key.

but sometimes this will not work as well..

Finally, i ve made the decision to stay on with my current job, less pay, more boring days .. But well, i am satisfied with the decision .. i can always scout for other jobs.. Just cant work and fetch samantha to work .. :)

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Same place,different view,different mood,different feeling.

senior citizens having and enjoying their morning exercise in tanjung with the cooling morning breeze brushing gently across their faces

early birds will have big fat worms to eat

hundred year old three

waking up early in the morning and watching the sunrise is not a bad thing after all ...

in the afternoon where the sky is cloudy and gloomy

2 a.m. in the middle of the night

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Dare to be different...

Look at this kampung eggs, they are far from being normal yet they do not fear to stand out among others :) ..


Friday, June 19, 2009

this is so not me...

Its 5.55 a.m. in the morning ... and what am i doing here? Without saying, i m wide awake and this is so not me, woke up at 4 something just now and just couldnt bring my self to dreamland anymore. Its understandable if its during exam period, but now i m having holidays, i should be sleeping like a PIG!!ok la , literally i mean.

nvm, i shall go to tanjung and see the beautiful sunrise in about an hour time ..

Since there is no 1 for me to talk to as such a weird n sleepy time, i shall talk to my blog, and in the end others will get to see it ..:)

Why waking up so early in the morning you may ask. Well, besides exams stress, there are still some other responsibilities for me to hold it on my shoulder. In this context, i'm not talking about my relationship, but rather my other commitments in club activities. I'm really stressed and still stressing about it. Lots of planning to be done, fear of making mistakes, the fear of not being able to perform up to others expectation, fear of having to attend many activities. No doubt, it helps me to fill up my free time more usefully but i'm the kind of person which at times are so comfortable with my current position and situation that i dont really like to expect and accept new challenges in my life..

i know this is part and parcel of life, everyone will need to go through it. I just want to lead a normal life and be a normal and average student in my college. I am not the kind of person which enjoys other ppl's attention ( at times ), because with that, there is a price to pay for it. Sometimes the inner me says that i shouldnt, i should back out, push the responsiblity to others and i'll leave and be happy to be a normal member.This is a not a responsible way to do things, i know i know and i know. Why is this giving me so many sleepless nights? Since last year till now , countless days of sleepless nights, i kid you not.. This is so not me again.

My intermediate LLB results are also one of my main concern now. Finger crossed and still crossing that everything will be well. :)

Met up with henry and jason last night just to chill and kill my boredom. We are the only three muarians that is currently studying at ATC, ok at least as far as i know la . Get to know quite a lot about their intakes and even juicy stories out of their intakes.. As compared to our intake, theirs can be considered as very happening also. Organising trips to pulau redang and other places. They seems to be so relax..... coming back to muar everyweek!!... This is really puzzles me .. How do they manage to do that?.. :) ....

My life in muar now is like so monotonious, nothing really excited or thrilling to talk and blog about, but yeah..i should enjoy this holiday to the fullest!As the previous post suggest, i m working as a tuition centre in muar. Well, as least it kills off some of my boredom..

how so?

Marking their homework can be some what entertaining at times . Grammer mistakes, spelling mistakes which sometimes turn out to be a laughing thing for us. Well, i am currently teaching standard 3 and standard 4 students...

Different children have different personalities, attitudes towards their work, and behavior. Some will drive me crazy to the very edge of the wall, and some makes me even want to impart more knowledge to them.

the standard 3 class is some what of a problem for me .. Their behaviour is sooooooo... hmm words cant really describe it .. nuisance... utter nuisance.. this is what i can say. ... creating a whole lot of nuisance for me. Imagine a student, she can make noise from the very beginning of the class till the very end of the class...

There is no problem for me to continue with my lesson if i want, its just that i am afraid that others will be affected and i will not be acting fair to those who really want to learn...

I can think of a realistic example which illustrates how bad the class it ...

For almost the same syllabus and amount of materials to teach both the standard 3 and 4 class....

i need only 1 hour and 15 minutes to teach the standard 4 students, and everything is like in detail
But for the standard 3 class,

i will need the whole 2 hours for me to finish up my syllabus. Adding to that, sometimes it is not in detail but rather i would need rush through due to the time constraint.

Am i like those standard 3 students when i m at their age? .. this is something for me to ponder on ... :)

Hmm its 6.46 a.m. now ! time to go to tanjung!!..

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

cherish while we still can ..........

For the past few days and perhaps weeks, i've been hearing numerous ppl passing away mostly because of sickness and it is shocking to know that they are not that old in age. It seems to be so scary hearing ppl contracting virus infection and die just like that because of it.

Death, is not at all desirable for everyone i would say. It can happen anytime, anywhere and at any moment, without warning... What if we will be gone tmr or perhaps just a few moments after this.. are we prepared to say that we have fought a good fight and have finish the task n race that God had place for us?

cherishing one another is the key. cHerish every moment that we have with our love ones for sometimes there may not be any second time anymore...

Saturday, June 13, 2009

New discovery of a new and healthy hobby..

Prawn fishing is always a no-no for me since i m least interested in it, but since yesterday, i think i should think twice.. Prawn fishing can be fun and interesting, and of course, requires patience, some luck and skills.

Had a chance to visit the fishing centre yesterday night after supper, and to my amazement, all the shops indulging in that industry is filled with lots and lots of people. Hope it will not be what people always term it as "new broom sweeps clean"...

It cost Rm15 per hour. By hook or by crook catching is not allowed, only proper fishing rod can be used. I would say that this is a much more healthier hobby as compared to going for clubbings and stuff like that..

2 hours for four big prawns were what we got for that night. Well, its the experience that matters and not the amount of it since its the first time.

First step, prepare the bait with whatever insects that best attract the big prawns

How patient someone can be, can be seen clearly on the face..

This is the reward for which the price of patience is paid.

never expected that for the last few minutes or so, i manage to catch 1 too! It is to my utter amazement and suprise. This time is purely because of luck and not skills and patience!! :)

Monday, June 1, 2009

all set to be a tuition teacher...

Instead of staying at home and do nothing except playing with my gadgets, i decided to go for an interview to be an english tuition teacher. Thanks to Manfred, he introduces me to this tuition centre which is pretty near my house and i shall take over his place since he no longer works there. Went for the interview just now, no too much of an interview and questioning my qualifications but rather explaning to me what should i teach and the syalabus that i need to cover within a day..

I will be starting to work tomorrow, and i'm all set for it! answers all prepared!.. :) .... earn more money for more gadgets.. : )