Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Muar- the place where i belong..

After few weeks of forced reluctance to go back to muar due to the tight revision schedule, i managed to curi-curi(as what my dad said) go back juz for 2 days right after my class on sunday evening. Headed to my parent's church right after i reached muar, and my favourite bentayan fried kuey tiow with a mata kerbau on top was next!... just cant wait to prey on the food.. no pictures for that.. because i'm too hungry to take any ....all i know was to eat eat and eat like a hungry ghost. . haha .. nah not dat bad

the next morning, instead of eating my fav water cake, we headed for noodles for breakfast @ hailam... not the place of the name .. but they are hailam lang ... so we just call it hailam.. this is actually one of my favourite too ..

otak-otak.. to increase my brain capacity .. haha
this plate of noodles is best accompanied with what they called as "abalone chilli" sauce/gravy..
went to a vegetable farm after that..its uniqueness lies from the fact that it is free from insecticide and duno what chemical.. but its more expensivc.. i wonder, it should be cheaper since no insectice is involved, this can lower down the cost.
Ate asam fish for lunch!... where is the asam fish then ? ... again, i was too facisnated with the food till i forget to take pictures again... no joke... and therefore only picture of this sambal sotong..

went to visit our new house to see the progress of it ... its going to be done really soon..few more trips back to muar and we will be moving there already.
spend the afternoon looking at how they susun the bricks. Very skillful bunch of ppl.

this is my room...

and.. hmm this is watson!!...long time no see..

he has a new habit.. perhaps due to his closeness with my sis.. He inherits the habit of hugging the towel and sniffs it till he falls asleep..occasionally bites it as well.. this is really cute and adorable!

and soon, it was night time .. and its time for dinner!!

went all the way to bukit bakri to eat.. dish for that night.. fried crab mee hoon, claypot prawn mee, hotplate toufu, vegetables and spring roll...and after that... go back home..... nonono!.. the night is stil young. . there is still room for my stomach to take on second round..
a trip back to muar will never be complete if we never eat the famous and most expensive wan tan mee in town.. although its the most expensive wan tan mee as far as i know, the business there is super duper good..

dry wan tan, mixed with their special sauce..

and a big bowl of wan tan soup.. yummy....

Had red wine mee sua for lunch before coming back from muar this afternoon..my first time there, and i'm sure there will be second round there again...:)

replaced all the old handphone batteries of mine.. and now alll the old phones have a new breathe of life again!... Dad bought this speaker for me ... which can be used as a speaker for many type of devices and comes with a remote control.. It started of working as my speaker with my mum facinated with the jack neo movie in my ipod ... and it became a mini theater!!.. hehe..
this trip back to muar will last me till may i guess .. wont be back any sooner i think...Muar...i'll be back!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Daniel is broke..

Suddenly felt the urge to buy what the kids in the house always call it"junk food", but it proves to be that they like it as i do. When i was a kid, or even in my teenage years,i seldom indulge my self in junk food for an unknown reason, my parents can testify that.Recently, it is a suprise that my love for junk food is growing bit by bit(perhaps got influenced by someone :) )

study mode: ON = more junk food in my room ... at least it is much cheaper than starbucks coffee.. haha.. recently i find my self (sometimes) couldnt survive within the budget that i set for my self each week.. and just before i went to buy the junk food just now, i went to the bank again. I didnt spend much on other things except for FOOD. My lesser trips back to muar will also mean that i will need to buy some groceries on my own, no more depending on my mum to buy it .. thus, it justifies the increase in the weekly usage of my money.

now i have something to munch on when i m studying. I can proudly say that this is the first time in my entire life history that i've taken the effort to go to the groceries shop solely just to buy all this junk food.. hey, but i guess vitagen and nescafe is healthy .. :)

on a totally different issue and occasion, thats me when i'm tired in the lecture hall. Now, friends and cousins always call me ZEBRA... new nickname.. Zebra Daniel.. :).

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

of rainy days, and soaky shoes...

Class ended at 3p.m, it was raining outside, me being me, forgot to bring the umbrella(even if i remembered to bring, it wont be of much help too, since the rain is so heavy). Felt relieved when my bus reached OUG, before that i was already wet. It took sometime for the air con to blow me dry, thinking of saving some money, insisted that i shd sit the bus into OUG and then walk back home, at that point of time, it was not raining at that area, just some lightnings and thunders. immediately when i get down the bus, sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee shaaaaaaaaaaaa... the rain start pouring down, yeah pouring down.. not drizzling..

no choice, but to take shelter in my regular mamak shack...

waited like an aimless coffee shop goer for almost 1 hour. The rain remains..

couldnt wait any longer, i need my sleep. wasted one hour waiting for the rain to stop. but it didnt. Walked back with the rain continuing to shower me. The road was flooded as usual. My shoes were all soak with rain water.

Dunno whether is it related to the rain, had a slight headache. Took a hot bath and slept. After dinner, was determine to do my revision, cant find my notes,actually is just right infront of me,just that i cant recognise the front page. Blur rite?... not feeling well, suffering from slight giddyness. End up, the whole night gone. I shall be fruitful in my revision tomorrow. Hope the days will improve so that i will not need to be drained under the rain anymore!!!:)

Sunday, March 8, 2009

happy birthday to me!05/03/2009

for more info on the events on my birthday.... kindly visit..

i'm just too tired to update my blog, but at the same time, i would like to share some life moments of mine with everyone!... and yeah, a big THANK YOU for those who wish-ed me, i even receive birthday greetings up till today, hehe belated greetings, I trully appreciate all the birthday wishes that i get from all my friends. I may not be able to reply everyone , but i really cherish all of the birthday greetings and messages..

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

balance in the bank...

Just checked my bank account balance..and i found that if i top up a little more i can afford my dream nokia tube!!... :) nyah nyah nyah.. but dat would mean that i'll need to go hungry for 2 months!..*evil smile*

blessed, i am

reached home at around 4 something yesterday from college, and yeah, i've obviously skip my mocks, and i never regret a single bit of it .. because i can safely say more than half of the class were not there too!!.. haha.nah no , its because i get the ample time to study and prepare my notes..

when i turned on my computer. a chat box pop-ed out, and there we go the usual chattings, and particularly the issue that struck me was that mum told me that she had asked my aunty whether she wants to sell of the old car, and mum is considering to buy it up for me.I was, obviously very excited about it. i would not care what car is that , as long as it is a workable car fit for its purpose pursuant to Section 14(3) of the SALES OF GOODS ACT 1979 and is of satisfactory quality(Section14(2)) based on the objective test that a reasonableman would think that it is satisfactory and in this case, it is a second hand car.This is a relevant factor to be considered. . . ok i should stop doing a contract problem question here.. this is wat happens when exams are approaching. A car for me ? A car? yes yes a car!!...although it is still not comfirmed yet, the caring thought of buying me a car is sufficient for me to think and ponder on how blessed i m!..

During the night,when no one but me is in the room alone,plugging the headphone into my ears, sitting on a comfortable chair, mentos in my mouth, the lights shining down from above(sounds so dramatic), having no particular worries except for studies. It makes me think how blessed i am to be in this position where financially i have nothing to worry of, and its just the studies that needs me to worry, fullstop.This may be some very tiny issues where so often we take for granted in life..well, i guess humans are all like that .. we will never appreciate the lights and electricity until one day where there is a breakdown in the electricity supply. The similar situation occurs about one week ago, when both mianyi and I were at starbucks. Tasting the never-tasted-before ice blended coffee,the wind after the rain blowing soothingly, and ipod by my side which entertains me when i am bored of studying . We cant help but to agree with one another that we are very 'xing fu' to have what we wanted at this age.

blessed blessed, blessed I am, blessed with the chance to study, and the chance i'll cherish.. so ? ... its time to study!!.. :)

my birthday wish...

i will never ever get tired with gadgets, and you know what keeps my interest going?constant renewel and getting and feeling the new gadgets in my hand ...:)...

this is it, my next target... my birthday wish... how nice it will be if the next morning when i wake up, this full-spec device will appear at the side of my bed...
*dream on*...
its time to get back to the books....wishing and hoping, hoping and wishing..:)