Monday, April 27, 2009

my brain is not functioning well recently due to the exam pressures i guess..

instead of writting the case name NBC v Gamble, i wrote it as ABC v Gamble while i discuss a question with my friend just now...

and instead of Sec 8 of AAA 1981, i wrote it as Sec8 888 1861...

that's terrible..

Thursday, April 23, 2009

This is the worst ever phone that i ever had since like 8 years of using a mobile phone and a big big fan of mobile phones.

1) undeniably the camera although its just 2 M.P the picture quality is good, but it fails to fulfil its main purpose as a phone..
2)W910i is a walkman phone, but the speaker or the sound quality, i can say, is soo irritating.. Constantly irritating me with the "sharp" sound quality
3)The processor, or what ever you call it( the hardware that keeps the phone functioning) is super bad. Bad and slow response rate. it is understandable if the memory capacity almost reaches the maximum capacity. BUT even after i deleted over 100s of mb's of photos, the problem still exist!.. for example, when i cancel a call, although it will stop to call that person, it takes like 5 secs for it to go back to normal, and to the main screen.
4) another problem lies with the memory for all the dialed numbers,received calls and missed calls . It is shocking to know that if you phone the same person, the name will only appear once, and subsequently if y0u call the same number, they will erase the old record and substitute it with the latest 1.. which means that you wont have an accurate call history record.
5) here comes the worst-of-all problem... it hangs and jams like nobody's business!!!... this really irritates me ... As can be seen below, once the red light is on, that will mean that the phone is no longer functioning. Need to take out the battery and put it back again.. this happen all the time.. and sometimes.. It can hang up to 3 or 4 times in a row, and you imagine that??what makes it more silly is after u restart the phone, sometimes without me pressing anything, it hangs again!!.

maybe the problem only exist with my handset, or should i say i've gotten a defective 1.

maybe this is a justification for me to get this cool iphone 3G?.... old hopes never die!!.. hahaha.. was so excited to see my classmate having this black iphone 3G with the maxis postpaid plan..
with the said plan, the iphone only cost RM1500 as compared to the usual price of RM2700+ or even more than that..With the maxis plan, it is in fact one of the plan. For the 2 year plan, the monthly payable fee is RM100... seems expensive right? .. but then this is not to be considered as the normal basic payment.... To me, it is more like a prepaid kind of concept... With you paying Rm100, it gives you RM50 worth of voice calls and Rm50 of data usage, which means the 3g long as you do not exit the RM50 limit, there is no extra charges that you need to pay. It sounds so catchy to me, since if i take up this plan. What i need to do is to save up rm20 per week out of my weekly allowance( although there is no limit as to my weekly allowance, my parents practices the laissez-faire style, but normally i will set a limit to it)
some may ask.. hey you got ipod touch dy what ... Need an iphone 3g for what...
the reasons for it.
1) for an ipod touch, there is no phone, no camera.
2)with the iphone 3g...i can online literally anywhere i go!... without the need to rely on a wifi connection... since in Malaysia, the wi fi system is to me, way behind other countries which sometimes provide free wi fi services .
3)i will be able to enjoy the GPS function
4) download more applications which is compatible only with iPhone and not iPod touch
5)mum was quite impressed with what the my Ipod touch can do, this equally justifies of me getting an iphone?:P. haha
6)Last but not least, since i put my ipod touch picture as my display picture in MSN, everyone was like .. wah iPhone!.... hehe .... this means that, possessing an iPhone is good.. since i utilise it to the maximum even with my iPod touch...
*for the past two days, i find it somewhat hard to get my self to study, and now i know the reason, perhaps i am too tired, slept for 2 hours just now for my afternoon nap, and i think i'll be able to study after dinner later :)

Sunday, April 19, 2009

gadget updates...

After class last sunday, which is also the last day of PIKOM(PC Fair), friends and I decided to go and join in the crowd, imagine 7 people squeezing in a perodua kancil, with mianyi sitting on my lap for the whole one hour journey there due to the jam.. :) Went there with a hope to at least get something or at least add some accesories to my gadgets...

and.. hmm this is what i bought from there.. it was MY who actually saw this silicon case for my ipod touch with a very very low price compared to the original price when we get it from the Machine Apple Store. i had been finding a silicon case for it for quite some time.. and finally manage to get 1 with just the price of RM5! .. and its of quite a good quality and not of the ciplang kind..since it's also from the epic centre( premium reseller of apple stuff)..i no longer need to bring my thick leather pouch along anymore!.. but then i still love them and will for sure use it occasionally according to various situations and circumstances..many of my friends just got to notice that i have an ipod touch after i change it to this silicon case, previously with the leather pouch, its not that obvious

this is something that i'm so eager to share !! i've discovered an remote desktop application for my ipod touch. this application allows me to control my laptop without having me to face the laptop screen. I can just control it just like a normal laptop through my ipod screen.. although the screen is smaller.. but it is by no means a very cool application and it amazed me a lot !..

my ipod touch can be used as a pendrive now !!...without the need to connect it through a cable, this application allows me to transfer my files and documents into my ipod touch within seconds.. no joke!... Note: ipod touch/iphone's original application cannot support word documents, and other music file format.. but with this application that i have now... i can access all my microsoft word files, power point presentations ,pictures in various formats,videos and much much more!with the bigger screen compared to my O2, it makes it easier for me to read through my past year question and answers more effectively..

theft act 1968 powerpoint notes... another additional point is that whenever i close a file after reading it, it will automatically remember where i actually stopped, and when the next time i access the same file, it will detect and bring me over to where i had actually stop the previous time.

and.. this is my NEW TARGET!... a bluetooth laser keyboard for my pocket pc... but the price makes it a bit unattainable.. it cost around rm600!.. it will nevertheless cool to own it since i have never ever seen anyone used it before...

hmm... that's all for now... i shall go to bed.. and yeah ... auntie ammy had passed me and allow me to use her car for the period when she is away from KL ..which means ...hmm i have a car now!!... although i dont own it, but i still hope i will someday soon!... :)

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

A little note for Me and You ...

To myself,
Exams are just one month away from now, time to press the accelerator, and go on a 5th gear speed in revising and studying, this one month will be a crucial month, minimise playing around, which i dont think i am now:) , be emotionally and physically prepared, never ever panic when face with unsure and uncertain legal principles and cases.. ASKing others is the KEY!

To my lovely dear,
This few weeks you had been extremely busy with ur uni activities, literally chasing meetings and competitions here and there almost all the time to the extend you seldom have your own time to study, and sleep at around 3.00a.m. or sometimes even later than that just to complete your assignments. And when you know that i will not be happy knowing that the next day you will be going out for shopping just to present ur self as a gorgous and elegant grown up girl for the prom night, you stayed up late at night just to study. All this, i've seen your effort in making me happy, but then at the end of the day, is for your own good k ?Your exams will be approaching even earlier than mine, i believe in your ability, make full use of your study break and minimise your activities just for this few weeks ya. Dont ever follow what i've done years ago, when activities are my main concern and at the end of the day, it proves not to be worth it at all when it is at the expense of your studies and results.

To both of us,
its our 11th month together today! :)..... Love you... *hugz and kisses for you* ....Let's strive hard to achieve our dreams and aims in life!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

I MUST do it , i MUST

Came back from college and reached home at almost 11p.m. just now. Tired.. totally exhausted.. i guess this is the right way to feel by now.. planned to study doctrine of Mistake and Frustration after i come back from class tonight, but i think i shall postponed it till tmr, i cant take any further information into my brain anymore for tonight

Was very determined to go to college to at least do a few assignments for the lecturers to mark, especially for Terms with all the sections from SOGA 1979( i'm so tired to the extend until i cant remember clearly what is the year of this particular act, oh no!it cant be!!), UCTA 1977, MA 1967, UTCCR 1999 to be memorized or at least get familiar with it ...NO MATTER WHAT I MUST AT LEAST DO ONE ESSAY TOMORROW,NO MATTER WHAT I MUST DO IT... its only about one month left till my "judgement day".... My determination was actually crushed by the thunder indicating that it is going to rain!!!...and took of my zeal to go to college and sit in the library tomorrow.. perhaps due to my frequent trips to the library during my a-levels..i some how feel it weird and unsecure nowadays when i no longer visit the libarary so often .. :)...