Sunday, July 26, 2009

satay celup @ bachang , Malacca

The previous time we visitted this road side stall is around 1 or 2 years ago, and yesterday after much khabar angin about the muar satay celup shop.We decided to visit there once again. After so long, the taste is still the same, enak betul...
Mum, dad and I . 3 of us ate 73 sticks..and dad is still not full... :)

chicken visitors..

Even before we move in into the new house, chickens are finding themselves comfortable staying and napping in the house already. They are good at roaming the whole house, no joke! Will they shit inside the toilet?:)

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A public toilet worth going and visiting..

this is definately a toilet worth visiting, this public toilets are stationed in strategic places such as tourism spots..There is 1 just outside the puduray bus station. Its fully automated. What you will have to do is just to put in a 20 sens coin and there you go, u can start enjoying the toilet

The toilet door will open once u put in your 20 sen coin. Immediately after that, the air con inside will start working..Do whateva you want in the toilet.. It's cosy, cold and cool inside! Try it yourself and you will agree with me

The only setback will be that after 15 mins, no matter whether you finish ur business inside or not, the door will automatically open . Well, for a normal human being, i dont think that we need to stay in there for so long ... :)

Some pictures inside the toilet..

automated handwasher and also dryer..

Once you are done, just press the green button and the door will open for you to get out.Its something like you are inside a lift...
Go try it!

A sign shows everything..

Just a few days when i was waiting for my bus back to muar in Puduraya, this particular sign caught my attention.. This actually shows how uncivilised residents of Malaysia can be. Pee ing as and when they like, its not like there are no toilets available near that area..

Thursday, July 16, 2009

i need a car!!

Today, the news and the proposal for the minimum taxi fair to be Rm3.00 had been comfirmed!oh no, this is really going to cost me a lot more for my transportation fees..To make things worst, for every 150m, 10 sens will be charged. It will be implemented next month!!

I think in a long run, owning a car now will be better and more economical:)

i dun care whether is kancil or whateva car it is, as long as it is a decent and useable car which can bring to from point A to point B!!...

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

a whole new interface for my old and faithful O2 atom pocket pc

now my o2 appears to have exactly or almost same interface as the original iphone.. suprisingly it works pretty well with windows mobile. In case u r wondering, yea dats my pocket pc screen on my laptop screen. That application allows me to control my o2 without having to touch it at all. All i need is to control it through my computer like i am using other functions in the laptop!...

02 iphone .. :)

Blessed 60th birthday to my daddy .....

The man of the day with his bowl of mee sua soup specially prepared by mum. This is for lunch.

Had a restaurant dinner with some of the specially ordered by mum and ah ma..

Mee sua again. Ppl often say, its ok to be more but not to be less... So another round of mee sua!
This plate of dish makes me wonder whether it is a plate of fruits or fish .. :) ..
The cold dish or what we normally call as staters decorated nicely in a glass sampan..
How can we not take a family photo during such important occasion!..Nothing beats a strong ties and close relationship. What's the point of calling each other and acknowledging one another as family members but then fighting over porperty and money ? At the end of it , those will be slaves to money and money will be their god. They will never know what is family love and ties
a group photo with everyone and the birthday cake...

To a man of all trade,
but wait,
not masters of none,
A man who has his hand in everything,
practically everything in our family,
in areas, some may be more,
some may be less,
but at the end of it what matters most is the heart.
To a man who will not sit still,
but always eager to learn,
even till this age,
though of age,
but still vibrant,
a picture say thousands of words,
and it is the best prove that he is.
A young man like me,
will never ever beat his perserverance and determination,
For me, a few scoup sweat flows all over me, but for him,
a whole sunny day,
for him is nothing.
He says as long as he is doing it happily,
sunny or windy, cloudy or rainy,
it will be worth while for the house and family.
To a man whom he is who he is,
Happy 60th birthday daddy! :)

Sunday, July 5, 2009

What if...

For the last two times when i entered the conference room on the sixth floor, i came out wit smiles on my face

This time, uncertainty clouds my mind. i hope nothing goes wrong. Just give me an all pass and green light for me to go into my second year ...

i hope on that day, or even when i m about to check my results through the UOL portal. I will be able to smile widely once again.... ]
i just cant wait for the results.. really...