Monday, December 29, 2008

Now everyone can fly....

the first thing we do when we get off the plane....
The venetian!

this is a shopping mall, hotel and casino... can you believe it ? .. its soooooooo beautiful

St Paul's was actually a church...

what a small world.. met uncle cedric and family there. . it was a shock to me....
Hong Kong.. arena of stars

The floating restaurant....

beware.. i am pervert... :P

Bird eye view of Hong Kong

Disneyland @ Hong Kong

it;s time for some fun!!.. trying out the new helicopter..

Great wall of China

the fruits in China is sooooo cheap..

makan at a bbq stall .. with small chairs and tables.. unforgettable..

its time to go back to Malaysia after 6 days.... Good bye China

Chilish...(chinese english)

Enjoy the pictures and spot the grammer or spelling error.. :)

tell me I'm childish... *wink*

My new toy....bought a huge remote helicopter from China just a few days ago....the price for it in china is super cheap..and the quality, till now, is very convincing.. looking at the amount of time it crashes on hard ground, huge trees, and lamp post... had been playing with it for the last two days in the room and also in the open field with my little is very suprising as to how high it can fly up the sky..the highest that we have tried is.. a height of a 3 story building..
oops.. i am addicted to helicopters.they juz really amaze me...and hence, when i m back in malaysia,i get another small size helicopter..also reasonable price and more functions.. still experimenting on how to really control it like a real pilot.. trust me its not dat easy ..:)
since young, cartoons and movies just cant attract my attention for some reasons,now, perhaps stil the same.. but there are some cute characters which attracts me, especially neh, the picture above...hehe
bought a disney mickey mouse watch in Hong Kong Disneyland..
of course not the mickey mouse with colours every where 1 la..i'm not so childish to that extent..
So, m i childish? this is a question to my self and perhaps my friends as well. throughout the years, be it during my secondary school time or even in college.some often thinks that Daniel is childish. For the simple fact that, i still play with toys.. and i present myself as 1 philosophy and thinking is simple,even til now..its ok for people to label me as childish.. as long as they are happy with my actions.. or in simple words.. i can make them smile with my childishness.
anonymous's mum: hey, you dont be so childish can or not?
anonymous(a form 2 kid): i'm not as childish as daniel..
wow! this is an insult to me !!!... haha .. no la ... i m really , seriously least offended by it...i dont feel hurt at all..its up to people to label me ...and i ve recently came across a sentence.. which says something like ...put more attention in shaping your character rather than a reputation, as a person's point of view of me will change over time and circumstances..but it is my character which will last and stick with me ...when i choose to be totally serious.. i am not the real Daniel anymore..

Monday, December 15, 2008

It's time for mocks and not mockery....

I'll be having my criminal law mock exams fact this whole week i will be having my mock exams..since mum persuaded me to go for it, i think i shall go this time, eventhough i m totally not prepared ...believe it or not ? ... the mess in the table and the longkang beside my bed speaks it all ... i'm currently still struggling with the mens rea for murder.R v moloney ?R v Nedrick?