Monday, November 24, 2008

A relaxing moment out of the city...

I decided to follow my uncle and family to the Sepang beach on sunday... huh ? sepang got beach wan meh ?this is my initial question to my uncle..and to my amazement, the beach is pretty impressive, with nice and captivating be more specific,it is in Bagan Lalang, near to Sepang town, around 70 km and 1 hours drive to that place from is a place worth going, if escaping from the city for just sometime is ur motive..

getting prepared for some fun, buying kites...

happy cousin bro with his kite..

my cousins and I.. not a very clear picture,but i like it quite a bit..
my foot touching on the soft and sandy beach

kites flying up high..

you know what ? .. we actually manage to beat all the other kites and our kites flew up the highest up the sky...and we were pretty excited about it ... BUT ...due to the dirty tactics of the kite sellers,little did we know that they didnt actually tie the end of the string to the plastic that we are holding.. so at a blink of our eyes.. the kite flew away!

and after that incident, my cousin bro drew the kite on the sand and label it as No.1!

borderless sea and sky, how much and how high will i achieve in my life...

after enjoying the breath taking scenery and some fun, its time for dinner... Seafood ... taste good, but my stomach will grow bigger because of that, and cholestrol too .... oops... nvm, not everytime eat mah ... :)

Thursday, November 20, 2008

what's next?...

we have been finding for t-shirts... couldnt find 1 ... but then... mianyi manage to buy the small small ones for our hand phone.. its cute!..

i'm satisfied after recalling what have i actually done for the pass few days, it makes me feel more secure now when i know what is going on in my life now, and i shall proceed with it, what's next?... study!!,... i feel so uncomfortable if i dont sit down at least for an hour to study each day.. i shall do that, not only one hour... for the next few days, weeks and months!!.. there is seriously a lot for me to revise on...



now i know how arowana hide their eggs.

bored of seeing fishes?this is our pic..:)

IT rocks!... now u can control the water pump through the computer

my new pair of shoes, and hers as well

supper after SPS class...

Ss2 murni, a place with nice and yummy food, but very fattening!..i think i will never be able to go on diet!..had supper with a bunch of classmates and mianyi, and her friend..when there is food .... daniel is happy!woo hoo

A day out @ sg wang...

Since mianyi had just finished her exams and is currently having her sem break, we decided to have a day out in partly also because i need to get myself a pair of new shoes, my old 1 is already torn...and with a big hole on the side of it ... its still very comfortable to wear,but it is not very presentable wearing a torn shoe to college...had a whole day out, and this is like after how many months that we finally had a time to really go for shopping...

some read it as "expire chicken".. :)

the famous stall juz outside low yat, famous for the curry fish balls

a perfect combination of hot and spicy fish balls with lime juice..

mianyi is looking perfectly happy with her a new vincci slipper.. is that the word to use slipper?.. hmm nvm, i juz duno what is the right word to use

this ends my tuesday, i do study in the night,studied abit bout parliamentary supremacy, and to me, it is not an easy topic...