Tuesday, April 22, 2008

gadget craze.....

since young, i juz duno why...gadjet had since become my toy...i like to play with handphones when i m young.... and even pager( the old device which is not so advance like a phone,but it can notify u if someone once to find u).. from fake phones to real hp at a very young age... thanks to my parents who actually entertain my hobby....which makes me more into it...at a young age people play around with hotwheels, computer games and stuff.. but this juz dun really attract my attention...i'm somehow different from the others... i start liking to play toys since i m at quite an old age(to be considered as kids).. yet again my toy had something to do with technology...i still remembered there is a time where me n my dad is so obssessed with handphones till we visit the handphone shop once in a few months!and of course bringing something new back:)...and well, since i have the passion for all this things..it seems to me that i will not be contented.. ok maybe not to say contented la ....it is just that i wont stick to a gadjet for long...constantly chasing for a better one with better technology..and even now too ! although i dun really catching for new handphones now .. but my focus had change to pda...which i think its cool and of much help to me..i remembered once my business lecturer told us that .. the thing which differentiate asians with europeans is that asians like to carry only one off single thing which comprises for everything ... for example; handphone, camera,mp3 all in 1 ... but it is the reverse for the "ang mohs"...haha and i think i m pretty like them...i use to think that all in 1 is good ... because its convinient..but i began to realised that there are also flaws in it ...juz for example... the pda phone that i m using now .. it takes 6 seconds to take a picture...can u imagine that?.. which make me realise is need a camera too :) ...well the phone's camera is important ...during emergencies ..and emergencies ONLY ....okok ... i m not here to say all the bad points about my gadjets now ... but i m juz making comparison ...i stilll like my pda phone .. which is 1 year old now .....ok i love it!haha..but then i have some other gadjets which i aim for now .. hmm daniel cant u juz be contented on what u have now ? LOL... well we as humans must keep on improving rite ? this applies to improving in the technology which is in our hands too !! .. hahaha

the phone which i'm having now .. with the additional keyboard..a pda phone is really useful if we fully utilise it.. thanks to uncle john who gave me a GPS module and also a wireless headphone( not in the picture )

ok here is the iphone that i'm aiming for now? oh no but wait! .... :)

i would now prefer an ipod touch with a sony T2..which amounts to the same price as juz buying an iphone in malaysia....i would rather choose this two combinations.. and i think i m more like an ang moh which like multiple gadjets instead of having juz one device now ... ok daniel should concentrate for his a levels exam first... haha juz blogging this post to relax my self a bit....and ohya... my robot dog is still alive.. he is ...around 6 years old now

here is my old faithful robot dog.. haha

and now i have a new dog as well.. and this time its a real !cute ya.. haha

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

oh.... i love thee...... not!

Group photo.. supposed to be a class photo but then,yeah this is the few left when we took the pics....a picture of everyone marks the end of my A level classes...BUT it does not mean i can relax!....exam stress,everything about exam is gonna haunt me for the next two months!

my second home!yeah it is ...will be spending most of my time here..if u wan to know what is STRESS....enlarge this picture and see their facial expression.

notes..my own notes... you all will faint if u all try to read what i write inside

notice that? those who read my blog will notice that.. previously it was onli two rows of sticky notes... now is three rows...

its time to revise revise and revise!
plentiful of cases which i need to remember
highlighter!i need u day and nite!!
charts charts and more charts

aiyor..even when i on the computer it need to be something related to my exams... tsk tsk tsk
yeah... dats it .... this will be my life for the next two months! .... how will i be able to survive like that ... hmm i have no idea... i juz hope dat i can stick on the chair for hours per day to study... finger crossed that i wll be able to do it

Saturday, April 5, 2008

random-ness fills me

when is my iphone/ or perhaps an ipod touch dream coming through?counting the days...haha

dat's daphne.. she claims tat the guy in the poster is looking at her:)

proud to be an atc student? :P

Daniel was sick, and is still sick

yesterday after finishing our econs revision class,i walked to the bus station with matt,jess, and this time...yue han.. a girl from the other intake.. joined us.. since we are heading to the same bus station ...their bus came before mine.. at dat point of time when i was alone.. i sense something is wrong with my self.. my head was kinda heavy.. and i dun feel good..feel like vomitting.. to make things worst.. the bus driver... duh...duno how to say..rushed to my bed once i get home ...and i knew .. wat i need to do is juz to sleep!slept for around 1 hour plus...woke up..take my own sweet time to go down stairs..since CG was cancelled..at dat moment receive a call from boon...

hey are u coming or not ?.. he asked

i said..: to where? i didnt know anything bout it ....

and he told me that they were meeting at sek teng's house and are going some where for dinner.I rushed up to my room,change my clothes.. and if u guys know me .. i dun really care wat i wear..dat makes me pretty quick...remember i said i m sick? but at dat time ,i felt a bit better dy ...since i m not driving ... so its ok if the sickness occurs again ... well but i still drove to sek teng's house to meet them....

we headed to sunway for a buffet steamboat dinner..it doesnt really excites me, coz i was sick..ok la .. at least not feeling well..never the less... i still enjoy it.. juz dat my stamina was not that good . ate much much lesser than what i normally do..the fellowship was good though...by the time i reach home was 12 ady.. slept at 2.. and woke up 7 something this morning.. juz to go for Law SPS classes.. was tired ....thank God the class was not that heavy today...went to king's cafe with matt n jess for lunch..at first, i tot of eating a light meal..but the temptation of food is so strong.. ending up eating something heavy again.. my poor stomach... go on a diet is so not possible for me !....i seriously need to exercise like what my mum said... my tummy semakin menonjol nowadays... bad sign ....sigh sigh...went back home wit kasturi as usual..as we are living near to each other. came home .... sleep again! coz i m still not feeling perfectly fine...woke up .. look at the time... its already 6 something .. oh no! which means i will miss church...ok tomolo after i regain my health... i need to continue preparing for the BATTLE again... better not write too much if not i will be unwell again ....

p/s:eyvon,sorrry was sleeping juz now. didnt get to read ur msg n obviously not able to fetch u to church.. :)

gossiping is girls hobby.. this is what they do when they get together:P

my lunch today...

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

theory of LOVE

tonight i'm so not in LOVE with my law books and stuff, decided to give my self a break from the LOVING books, because the cases are haunting me in my dreams...that is so pathetic...Today my friends...two LOVING couples ajak me to lepak in midvalley...i wanted to go .. but i'm so in LOVE with my books that i decided to stay in the library...hmm did i use the word LOVE correctly? what is the exact meaning of LOVE? i guess there are no exlusive or objective meaning of LOVE.... it actually differs from one to another ... my friends in class once asked me ..how do u actually know that u're in LOVE... and i end up giving them a long and impressive talk(as if lah!haha) ... just like a lecturer before the actual lecturer comes in... i can talk a lot about it ....but it may be unapplicable to some... LOVE is a feeling which i would think as lasting feelings which u have for someone.. yeah lasting is the word and unchange regradless of what the circumstances is...this probably distinct LOVE from liking someone...LOVE is actually a form of commitment and obligation to the other party which you LOVE... it certainly takes commitment to maintain a LOVING relationship ....LOVE at the stage of youths are probably PUPPY LOVE...When u LOVE someone, you may want to appear to be different in front of her/him .. this is what makes one of my friend..identity protected...haha ... to say...i just get stone when i see her .... i think its pretty true... when u LOVE someone ... you tend to care more about what he/she thinks about you... so every topic that u find and talk about it .... u must think before spitting out it from ur mouth.. in the fear that the other party might change their perspective on you when u talk about a particular topic... LOVE makes people tremble.. no joke.. perhaps not physically. but mentally..On the other hand ... i would think that TRUE LOVE... yeah its something that we must work on it .. but then at the same time we must also enjoy the most out of it ...and not let the fear haunt us for being juz who we are...if a guy/girl LOVES a person, they must LOVE everything about them and not changing them to suit their own personal taste.. ok its impossible to LOVE everything about a person...but then a LOVING relationship will be/shd be a relaxing 1 rather than 1 which one parties tries to fake their personality to suit the other person... If a person LOVES you, he/she will love everything about u/or at least try loving it .... LOVE doesnt assume perfection... but works toward perfection together....

Back to the practicality of LOVE, recently.. my hang out friends which i often hang out with.. suddenly find their LOVE onces... which leave me single and being a light bulb to them wherever they go ... am i too bright friends?haha... remember 4 is better ... 5 dun look good ... :P .... but well 5 sometimes looks good as well.... haha