Monday, August 31, 2009

1st of September 2009...A "good" start..

Immediately a day after independence day, prices started to increase, it is really good for the bus company but it is "good" for us as students and normal citizens of Malaysia. The bus fair increase for almost 100% . Initially it was Rm 2 for the whole day and now the bus company created the zonal system which will cost approx Rm 1.90 per trip for me and for those staying in PJ, it cost around rm2.50 per trip!.... No more per day but per trip!!!....

Just when i thought owning a car and car pooling is a better option now, the price of fuel increased as well. Did u realise that although the headline is rather convincing and affortable to all since it is only 5 sens increase per litre..The reality is , not many places are selling the RON 95 type of petrol!... Normally people will use the Ron 97!

since now RON 97 is considered as a premium product, the price increase from 1.80 to 2.05... an increase of 25 sens!
A rather brilliant way to cover up for the 25sens increase with the 5 sens increase headlines!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Priceless,yet not valueless

These are my collections of Hotlink top up cards from the very start of the Maxis prepaid service till now. That is like long long time ago, way back when i was only standard 4 or 5. The sim pack at that time was Rm238 as compared to now, Rm8+ we will be able to get 1 already. I think i have all the collections of different kinds of top up cards.

I think i can open a stall selling top up cards, without value, but remember, its not priceless too!:P

As time goes by, the card gets smaller and smaller. When it first started, the cards were as hard as the ATM cards but now, not anymore. Sometimes, shops do not even provide us with the cards anymore.

Football fans will like these cards.. :)

Aside from the top up cards, i used to collect other type of cards too. This four cards above came esp from china during the Olympic games in 2000 issued by the Bank of China
After digging my room, i realise that i have quite a number of hobbies back then when i m still a teen, or a small boy..:)

Friday, August 28, 2009

what the city of Kuala Lumpur needs...

Actually, views from various angles in KL looks pretty nice and impressive. I think what it lacks is really the mantainance and upkeeping of the plants and bushes..

This makes me remember of something that occur often to us. Those government hired grass cutter will from time to time cut the grasses by the road side. I just cant understand whats the use of cutting the grass and not cleaning and burning it away. They will just leave it as it is . Sometimes, it makes the street or roads look uglier and is an eye soar.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

earlier than expected...

Everyone taking the L.L.B London external proggramme will agree with me that this week is a very crucial, scary and heart shakening week. Simply because our results will be released by this week. Earlier on, we received an email announcing that our results will be out on the 27th of August. I bet most of us by today which is the 26 of august, sudah tak boleh tahan waiting for the results. I refreshed my hotmail many many times to see whether there any indication from UoL in regards to our results, but to no avail. After a short nap at aroudn 5 just now, as I turn on my computer, i receive an instant message from Chiew Ee. Stating that results are out and we are able to check through a link. She told me about her results and it was excellent i must say. No one was at home at that time, i brave my self up and decided to click on that link to check for my results. Really thank God, when Chiew Ee told me about it, there were not many ppl who really know that the results were already available on the net. I just need to key in my details and pop the results were right in front of me!..and on the down part of that page. i saw a PASS!!.. woohoo... I am really happy about it ! i need not retake my common law or what so ever law that i ve been taking for the pass 1 year! Truly, I am satisfied with my results. For those who still cant check your results, be patient, you should be able to check it soon! Thank God for giving me the knowledge and wisdom, without Him, I wont be able to achieve this.

and now .... hiak hiak hiak.. if my mum fulfil what she some kind of promise me before the results were released, i will get an .................................. .........:)... no obligations though...:P..
since i pass, theres no need for extra money to retake, so the money can be used to buy an iphone!!... haha this is an unsound theory of a IT and gadget lover!... will see soon ...

Sunday, August 23, 2009

over the weekend

travelled for almost 10 hours...

ate crabs again.... :)

ordinary species of fish with extraordinary kind of feature and shape. Call it retarded or unique. This is what we termed it as perceptions. Very often, ones perception is what makes a whole lot of difference

little hamster singing karaoke?..

Dogs are men's best friend.Having a dog as pet, is something very happy and cheerful to most of the dog lovers. They can really cheer up your day.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Sanga BBQ Steamboat, Muar

Instead of going out of muar for Saturday nights for dinners, we've decided to try out a buffet bbq steamboat restaurant in Muar. I think it had been in existence for quite some time, just that we only noticed it recently...

A hot plate and a bowl of soup were provided. The price per pax is Rm 18.90 and the soup cost Rm3.00 seperately. Wow, this is considered as KL standard dy. In KL, around the same price will be charged too. Oh well, it proves to be quite worthwhile..

A variety of food to be chosen. Ranging from frozen food to raw meats( all kinds of meat), to seafoods , mushroom and vegetables. Apart from the frozen food, i would think that they are quality food except they are mostly high in cholestrol..

notice the hot plate?... sudah pun hangus. Time to stop eating ... haha .. we ate for as long as 2hours yesterday. Eating stamina not bad.. :)

and yeah, ending my eating marathon with a big far crab!!

Friday, August 14, 2009

i caught a crab..

Due to the closeness of our house to tanjung emas, Muar, as i walk into the car porch of the house, i notice a big fat crab. I'm not letting it away!i m going to cook it and eat it.. YUMMY!:)

Friday, August 7, 2009

a letter from UoL

you know what? i ve just receive a letter from the University Of London. It really did gave me a shock. It is even more so because, our results will be coming out soon ... and i thought wow, this is way to fast . Whether is it a result slip, u ask me .. :)