Thursday, May 28, 2009

gadget updates- i'm a happy boy!! oops, no , is man:)

i'm back in muar and at last get to see my new nokia E63 after so long, it is very true that the time and moment spent waiting and craving for something is more thrilling when u actually get hold of that particular thing:)... hehe ...manage to play with it a little but not in detail yet since i juz came back yesterday and was really tired.. anyway, i've traded in the sony w910i for quite a reasonable price for this ..

the old ipod touch is too thick(although it serves as a good protector), uncle john had bought me a thinner and slimmer 1,which means it looks more classy and reflective of the also exact size of the ipod touch.

belkin leather case

Tada, here is the mobile wrist watch!..i no longer need to bring two handphones when i have juz two pockets on my pants, it works pretty well. Can be used with or without a bluetooth headset.Furthermore, it supports photo viewing, sms, media player, bluetooth and others. The functions are the same as a normal phone, it's just that the screen is smaller and can be worn on the wrist!

Ever since i owned an ipod touch, the home button(represented by the red circle) always gives me problem and i m rendering under such an impression that it is actually nt a button but a sensor or something like dat, because it is very hard to press. until recently, when i remove the screen protector, only i realise that actually its a button, same as the 2nd gen ipod touch. It was actually the plastic protector which hinders me from pressing the button all this while ..
Moving from that, since the button is working well now, i manage to jailbreak my ipod,and as seen above( the icon with a white circle), i can now download 3rd party applications for my ipod!

22th-28th of May 2009

the very night after our exams, we went to SKYBAR for gathering, its kinda a history for me since this is the very first time in my life stepping my foot into a bar.. sounds a bit mountain tortoise rite?:).. well, it was a nice experience.. not that messy and complicated as i always thought it to be.

Location: Skybar, 33rd Floor, Traders hotel.

This bar is unique in the sense that there is a pool inside the bar and its partially open air and it is high on top of the hotel..

group photo 1

the 4 friends who sits in class together for almost every class during inter..

group pic 2

the view outside the bar

after the gathering, since i did not makan for my dinner, we went to ss2 murni's for makan, since klang ppl, ahem ahem.. you know who you are, never ever visited the famous mamak before

next, BAGAN LALANG, SEPANG GOLDCOAST on the 24th of May.

Anis and Joe should be in the picture, but last minute they couldnt make it, but well , there is always another time

how can we not take lots and lots of pictures when we were there... from left: oops, i couldnt recognise whose shadow is that dy:)

small "kids" playing with kites and competing antara satu sama lain..

the sunset view, romantic rite?

Next, it was dinner time!!.. Ate some seafood which comprises of sotong,lala,fish, and erm, bambu lala together with nasi lemak telur.

it was a very shinny-hot-sun and tiring day, but we do enjoyed ourselves playing on the beach with the kites, discovering some cute sea creatures( or corpses to be more precise) and sitting by the beach and allow the waves to brush us wet again and again.

25th of May,

went to subang square with mianyi to change her external harddisk and then we spent most our time in sunway pyramid. Met up with samantha to pass her some notes and discuss with her some past year questions, glad that i still remembered what i've learned...

Steamboat dinner was our main agenda actually... so we went to Yuen's steaboat just opposite Sunway Pyramid.

To most of my friends, going to genting is like going for shopping in midvalley, but as for me, it had been years since i last went to genting. The last time i went was when i m form 2 or 3 i guess..

and now, I'm back in MUAR ... woohoo... home sweet home!
p/s: i'll try not to get fat!! :)
I'll be going back to KL on the 5th and attending the District Rotaract Assembly and District Awards Night on the 6th.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

the sweet smell of freedom

For the past 9 months or so, there is nothing in me that does not involve my studies, wherever i m, what ever i do, the thought of books and studies will for sure come into my mind. simply because i dun want to fail! before this, whenever i feel like enjoying and not studying for a day, the guilt in me is so strong that sometimes it affects me and prevent me from enjoying to the fullest..

but , now its finally over! no more thinking of law law law for the time being, and hopefully i need not reopen the books and subjects that i've studied before in my first year. its so scary to see all my books and materials lying on the floor, the bed,on the table , on the chair and everywhere! i kid you not!

For the four days of exams, which takes up about two weeks of my time, the time spent is not at all smooth, there are times when i get panic, times when i just dun feel like continuing to study anymore, envying ppl that can sleep early but i need to stay up wake at nite and i just cant comprehend in words how do we feel minutes before going into the exam hall!

studying is like eating and eating and eating, when you enter the exam hall, the 3 hours is for us to vomit out. the most scary part is not that u can vomit out and clear your stomach, but is that you really want to vomit but nothing comes out of it ..

I realise how God works in our favour, that sometimes we just doesnt notice it, because we just overlook it at times and give credit for our own intelligence and hard work. Weeks before our actual exam, the whether is unbearably hot,although when our exams are approaching, it is still like that, but at least it rains! this helps me a lot in my studies, the more cooling it is, the more not pek chek someone will be. PTL! Even during our exams, for most of the paper, i'm not saying that i'll do well, but at least i have points to write, something for me to vomit it out, I'm sure He is doing something great!although during my common law paper which is the less stressful paper for some ppl, i panicked before i went into the hall+ the effects on waking up at 3 a.m to study, i can say that i almost give up on that paper , imagine i sat there 15 mins and no points came into my head. i was like .. how can this be ? i studied. Some how eventually when i force my self on it, i manage to bla out some points, i really hope i can just pass that paper and need nt retake which saves me a lot of hassle..but i thank God i did not walk out of the hall and gave up just like that . If not i will for sure fail and there is no hope at all for me to past , at least for that paper, i manage to answer 4 questions~ at least there is stil chance for me to pass.

So what should i do next?... enjoy enjoy and enjoy !. .. i promise interesting gadgets update will be up soon !...

Sunday, May 10, 2009

contradicting thoughts....

it seems to me to be so paradoxical that on the one hand, i wish i would have more time to study to be better prepared for my exams... and at the same time i want the exams to end fast.. its not too long from now , but it has been like so long and i cant wait for it to finish... its really somewhat of torturing and i m too tired of it, i soon cant take it anymore... cases after cases, Acts after Acts, principles after principles,concepts after concepts,reviews after reviews. Thank God i got the interest in it, it not it will be much more difficult to have force my self to study a BIG BULK of all this .. but hmm ... i know the part 1 and part 2 students will tell me ... alah, inter is nothing la... i know i know ..

Friday, May 1, 2009

the end of my intermediate life... all the best friends..

I can still clearly remember in my mind, the words and advice Mr Gerard gave to us when we first enter into the class as an inter sept student last year. Its as if it's just last week, not long ago, but it has been nine months since.How fast can that be?i just cant imagine. i m just starting to know more friends, getting to know them better, and here marks the end of my intermediate life as a first year law student. Without a shed of doubt, despite the fact that i miss intermediate, i would not want to sit in as an inter student again, i want to move on , i wan to progress, i want to do well. i just hope i can pass my intermediate exams which is less than two weeks away, and i m pretty sure, it will be the end very soon.

the 9 months together with my inter friends, its really unforgeable, short, sweet and at times, we find our selves in a position where we dont want to be in..... boring classes, extra classes,nite classes,weekend classes, and the worst i can think of is, having to drag my self out of the bed to go for sunday revision classes!

the time that we've spent thinking of what to eat for lunch and dinner, the time that we being a little naughty, disturbing each other in class, the time where me n my friends just share an umbrella and at the end getting ourselves wet,time where we share sweets in class preventing ourselves from sleeping, waking each other up when we fall asleep, going early in the morning to "chop" places for each other so that we could sit together in a row, having supper after nite classes. all this forever stays in my heart..

we were talking about how time flies this few months, and jenna raised the question of whether we could still be sitting together in the same class the next sem that is for our part 1. we have doubts, in our hearts we do have this doubt of whether we can pass, or we need to refer or even retake for our exams.. this are uncertainties that to some extend we cant take control of .. but one thing that is for sure.. we will try our very best... 8 weeks of revision classes with all the weekend long winded classes, just end like that.

wont be seing most of my friends until the "battle day" and thereafter, i think its even harder to meet until a few months later, when we start our new challege , a continuing effort in obtaining a bachelor of laws degree..despite the fact that we wil be back in our college.. i some how miss it and feel a bit heavy when i step out of college today.i just dunno why ....

our new inter polo t-shirt

for the entire 9 months, 98% of our classes are conducted in AB..

the time we celebrated each others birthday its just like it was yesterday, but in fact, it was already few months ago.

jenna, joo lee and I

the intersept 2008/2009 family photo!..
all the best friends!! memories i would cherish, memories i shall keep..