Wednesday, October 28, 2009

My thoughts

Currently lying down on the bed,blogging about my thoughts today.Went to Section 14 McD to study with dear today. Spent 3 hours just on my land law assignment this morning before meeting dear. Just can't imagine how I can concentrate for such a long duration.

Before I went there, I went to the bank again,obviously to withdraw money. My cost of living has increased since my new semester starts. Feel guilty everytime I go to the bank. Just before I entered into the bank, I have only rm1.50 in my purse. Pathetic right? I didn't spend on other things except for food n parking.

Was talking to dear regarding how should we apportion our money when we start working. A question cropped up in my mind. How much should I give my parents when I start working in a few years time?assuming my initial income will be rm2000. Of course I wish to give them as much as I can, but seeing my current spending and basing on that rm2000 is really nothing. Perhaps what I can afford to give them is just really minimal.equivalent to what they are giving me each week or maybe two weeks now. When I think of it, it's really not fair for them.

People often say raising up a child is just like making an investment,but will this investment of my parents be worthwhile?

I hope I can afford to give them high yield and dividends when I am capable to do so.

On a side note,just had koko krunch as my supper. I will think that is it really pathetic! How nice if I am in Muar.take the car key and off I go for ah peng wan tan mee or fried kueu tiow or whatever that fancies my taste bud.

It's about time to sleep. Having tutorials tomorrow and I shall study hearsay rule in the library tommorrow morning.

Nasi kemal sotong will be an appropriate breakfast for me tmr! Cheap and nice.

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Sunday, October 25, 2009

After two and a half year...

What I want to say is that , after two and a half years, technology improves.. :) ... nah no, I'm not that lame. I remembered clearly that when I first bought my O2 Xda Atom phone, which is also my first PDA phone, I said that this is the phone for me, there is no longer a need to change and substitute this phone with another newer phone. Simply because this is an all in 1 phone. Looking at the technology back then, this can be classified as one of the high end phones but occupies a middle level in the category PDAs.

Owing a PDA phone at that time and taking a stylus out and poke on the screen was my cup of tea back then. It was really cool to me, I like every single bit of this phone, although now I stil heart it, but not as much as before. For a gadget lover like me, I think that when we talk about not changing phones, we meant for the time being. Yes, a good phone will tend to attract my attention and prevent me from losing interest it in within a short period of time. I think I need to qualify myself, as long as technology doesnt stop improving,the tendency and urge to change phone is still there, its just a matter of time and duration.

Looking back too, this phone has all the functions that I want, ranging from a touch screen to having wifi connectivity and what more it runs on a Windows Mobile 5 platform. So its cool to think that you are bringing a windows mobile device in your pocket and can serve the internet as and when I like.


Two and a half years down the road, as technology improves, of course the urge to change a better technology phone is there, what more this is the phone that most of the people in the world are longing for. Till now, more than 20 millions set had been sold worldwide and mind you, they have only 3 models since the first launching of the Iphone 2g. 3 models with minimal changes I could say compared to HTC and Window Mobile based mobile phones, and the market share of them is already that high.

What's the difference then between this two?
Both of it is still a phone, like hmm obviously, both has wifi connectivity, image viewer, video functions , camera.

The obvious and significant difference I think lies with the interface of this two different phones, the extremely user friendly interface of Iphone with just less that 5 buttons on the phone and it complements which each other pretty well!Second will be in terms of graphics. Thirdly, the quality of the camera. This I must say is a significant changes in the technology 2 years back and after.

Last time, when you talk about having a all in 1 pda phone . This actually meant that certain areas have to be compromise. It will not be prefect and will not be satisfied with all the functions it provides. Why then buy I bought and crave for the pda for so long ? Well, it was 1 of the best during that time, but now it is not longer applicable.

Principle is simple, its like if you have a plate of fried mee and you have no options, you will surely choose the fried mee instead of not eating it at all . Since now, there is a choice of eating fried mee and hmm perhaps, jogoya buffet. Of course, Jogoya buffet will prevail leaving the price of it aside. This principle fits in well with choosing a phone as well .. :) ..

The camera of the xda atom is really bad. In order for me to take a picture, it takes up to 7 seconds to take a short. Yea, imagine that. Now, with the iphone 3gs, within a second its all done. The megapixels of it may be the same, but the technology and lense used, it makes a vast difference.

In terms of wifi connectivity, the time taken to connect( xda atom ) is about 10 seconds, and for the iphone, as soon as you on the homescreen, the wifi will automatically connect. It may not seems to have that significant difference on paper, but when you start using it, you will start to realise it.

Iphone has something that xda atom did not have too. The sensors attached to the phone, this is the technology that all of the mobile companies are trying to copy right now especially HTC but Apple is still the champion in this market. Apple is the trend setter and all the mobile companies are striving hard to come up with their standards and hopefully gain back their market share.

With just a few finger gestures, the iphone can cater to your needs. Gone are the days when I need to use the stylus almost everytime when I'm using the phone. Fingers are all you need for an iphone and some buttonless motions, sometimes finger gestures need not come to play at all !

In terms of functionality, I would 100% agree that Iphone is still not the best phone, there are quite a lot of functions that are present in a Windows based mobile phone and not iphone.

But what makes iphone so popular?
Simply because it is the product of Apple Inc! There are truth in this statement, trust me. All the while their products are seen to be high end. It only takes some form of more advance technology to lure more customers and people wil just forget functions that they didnt provide in an Iphone . Their strategic planning is really superb.

As what Chiew Ee said, the type of phone that we take can really create a different impression of us by others and this is crucial for a future lawyer i guess? :)

Food Review- Station 1 Cafe

I was very hungry when both Mian yi and I visited Station 1 Cafe for our dinner in OUG Plaza. The first time i went was in april or may this year when we are rushing to finish revising and preparing for exams. I remembered I went there once with Erna as well.

The environment there, as compared to other franchized based cafe is considered to be cosy, relaxing and confortable. There is no room for complain here.

When I open and look through the entire menu, the food looks really nice and mouth watering. After flipping front and back for a couple of times, I've decided to order Sweet and Spicy Chicken Rice which cost Rm11.90. I would not say that the price is expensive considering the environment and kind of service they provide. However, the food is to me, totally unsatisfactory. Remember I said that I'm really hungry when we visited the cafe? and yea, I'm not a picky eater especially when I'm hungry. This meal/dinner just simply cant satisfy my taste buds. The fried chicken is not crispy but more towards the hard side. I think they just didnt bother to defroze it properly or perhaps the quality of the chicken is at the very beginning not satisfactory. The rice on the other hand, some are clog together in a lump and some are not being cook thoroughly. Generally speaking, their food are just unsatisfactory. I would prefer to go Uncle Sam's cafe and the food is much more better/ way more better than this.

It looks good, but it doesnt taste like how it look! The thing about franchized based cafes is this. Yea, they are popular hang out places since they are providing free wifi services and some even have singers to entertain you while you are eating. Very often, the food fall below the standards as compared to shops/ cafes that are not francized based. Food with a more expensive price tag but the quality and taste of it is not up to the standard required.

It's fine if you go there for a drink, chill-out and study. That was what we did, but food wise, Station 1 Cafe is not "The" place to go.

In the feedback form, a question was asked. When you think of western food, will you think of station 1.

My answer is definately a NO!.. :)

will they sue me for defamation? Nah, I will think of a defence if they really sue me .. haha

Saturday, October 24, 2009

That's the Rotaract spirit

Without discussing or planning on what to eat. the four of us in Rotaract ordered for the exactly same food!:)

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Thursday, October 22, 2009

It always happens

Whenever I do not drive to college,it rains. Hoping that the rain wil stop when trust class ends!so that I can go pasar malam later

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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Enough of pictures

It has been a while since i blog and pen down something without pictures doing most of the talking.

How's life treating me lately?

Well i would say that I'm really blessed in the material sense. Now,I am in possesion of my sister's car since she is in muar. This has safe up a lot of hassle of needing to waste time waiting for the bus, and since the bus fair is so high now , it does not actually justify the time waiting for it. I can say that, what ever i want, I have it now. Having a car makes a huge load of a difference. Well, I will not go down the list 1 by 1 but in short, I'm just so contented with it. Occasionally of course, I'll sit the bus since the fuel price is not cheap also and I m not from a filthy rich family. My needs are all met, really and I am so thankful for that.Not forgetting to mention it AGAIN, my iphone had arrived last monday. Have been playing with it while I am studying. Kills my boredom.

On a different issue, a couple of weeks ago, I was chatting with Rachel in the library and I said to her that I'm those kind of person which can only focus on one thing before I can continue with my other stuff. It makes it quite hard for me to really sit down and study before the installation and charity nite. She told me something , which I think I've benefited from it. She said, this is a very good practice to prepare us to our future working environment in a few years time. Lawyers will not only handle a case at a time . There will be handful of cases and this is what I really need to learn, juggle a few things at 1 time. I have to tune my brain to do that.

I'm not sure whether this is what ppl always termed it as peer pressure. While i was browsing through my facebook. I can say that most of my friends life are so happening, even more so when they come up to KL. I wonder to myself, why am I stil the "old fashioned" me. Never visited a pub or any happening events which are happening around KL. Seldom go sing K with friends, seldom go shopping. I am not saying that I want to follow my friend's footstep to be happening almost everynight. But i think i need to learn to be more sociable and indulge my self with more social activities with my friends which recently discover, some are really very active in this and still score well in examinations.

I need to study hard, very hard if I want to get good grades, but at the same time, I'll give my self a bit more free time to socialise.Which i think is healthy.

Man cannot live on bread alone everyday. Daniel cannot live with law books everyday too

Wanted to complete a whole chapter on Land Law today, but I guess I cant finish it tonight since the pages that I need to read is tremendous. In fact, I cant even imagine that I can finish reading the whole chapter by tonight:)

A learning process-climbing the stairs

Take note of Watson's face, He looks so stress and sorrowful.

"woof woof, I'm finally up here"

Now he has another challenge, how to get down of the stairs.
Due to the tension and stress, he slept for the whole day the following day and refuse to eat his breakfast.
Oh well, He is cute, but notorious at times. He is also a proud and manja dog. Simply just like ppl's attention.
New liking: car ride.

An Apple a day,keeps my boredom away

I just cant resist the temptation of it!!It really serves me very well in terms of utilities,entertainment, and even my studies!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Of oxtail soup and fried quail

Food doesn't need to be expensive in order for it to be tasty.Evironment doesn't need to be classy to make your money worthwhile.

In the town of muar lies a secluded kampung named bukit pasir. A 20 minutes journey wil take you there.

Went to have a taste of d food there and it's all ranging from ordinary fried noodles to oxtail soup and quail.Not forgetting about the satay which is also awesome.All for a very reasonable price.

For chinese,money is important.For the Malays they are more easilky contented and more willing to care and share.This is what I like about them.

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Monday, October 12, 2009

A special post for you:)

Actually went for sushi king twice. Once with friends,once with dear but I didn't eat twice. She was in midvalley to share my joy in collecting my second wife in maxis centre:)

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Woohoo!My darling is here!:)

After 1 and a half month waiting for it,finally it's here in my palm. :) satisfied.

Was really tired yesterday.slept for close to 12 hours.went for sushi with matt,Daphne,Jason and her gf. And as expected I'm d winner in the sushi eating competiton.Well, after all since today there is this promotion which only cost rm2 per plate at sushi king.

I shall study tomorrow before going back to muar!

My holidays started today, but for me I nd to really study.

It has been one month since I start my year 2 law course.cannot play play anymore. I wan a second upper results!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

An Sms from Maxis MidValley

Hi Sir,would like to inform u about the Iphone 3Gs.The phone should be arrived on next week,when we received the stockwil be contact with u for collect the phone.tq.

Just ignore the grammatical error, this is exactly what Takacom Midvalley, a partner of Maxis sent to me last week.

I hope what they say is really true. I've been waiting for long enough to be rewarded an iphone :)

Daphne asked whether wanna join them for sushi king tomorrow. I'm tempted to go. To go or not to go? I need to catch up with my studies. but i cant be a nerd as well. It has been a long time since we F4 hang out together..

I've benefited..

Through the 1 month long experience or i should say 1 year long worrying about the outcome of the Installation and CharitY Banquet, it has finally come to an end.

The medal is really heavy, and the responsibilty will be as well.

The experience of all kinds ranging from bitter to sweet although more bitter than sweet, I must say I've learned to be stronger in terms of character wise. Sometimes decisions are not easy to make, it is not as simple as yes or no. Sometimes yes or no is just not the answer to a problem, and that is what I've really learn and experienced throughout this period of time.

Yesterday night was a night where I can finally sleep without having insomnia or any worries what so ever for the 1 particular night organised and celebrated by all Rotary and Rotaract Club throughout the whole world.

I've benefited..

Friday, October 2, 2009

I must tackle u today

The Law of be my companion for lantern festival

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