Monday, October 27, 2008

all black...

black gadgets... :)

my new SE w910i.....

sold off two of my dad's old phone...and decided to fork out a bit of my own money to buy a new 3g phone ... and yea... i ve bought my first ever sony ericson phone... W910i..with that kind of price .. i think this phone is worth it almost have all the functions that i need..and i'm satisfied with it .... this is my motivation to study again..:) .. nah i m juz kidding ... wanted to buy the brown and goldish colour 1 .. but it cost more ... and i dont think its worth it ... and since it can add to my all black gadget collection.... black colour is fine for me :)

big fat juicy crab...

was back in muar for the weekend..and before dat ... daddy and mummy had said that we will go for crabs when i m back in muar .... i tot it was the normal crab.. but its NOT... the crab that we ate is a bit different.. according to my dad.. he said they come from Sri Lanka.. eat human flesh, that is why it is all very big in size.. and the meat ... wow ! .. undescriable...this trip was a relaxing trip for me .. chose to leave aside my studies.. and just purely enjoy my time in muar ..and now i'm back in my room in KL ..which means .. i ll need to go back to my study mode again .. well, i guess i ve recharge my energy to study again...
i ve never ate in this restaurant before ...last saturday was the first time for me ... :).. and the food is pretty decent and nice
crab with minimum curry brings out the natural aroma and smell of the big ffat juicy crab!
crab with black pepper sauce
and dat is mine!...meaty meaty crab...drools ... i'm hungry now
poor crab and muscles...dats the proportion that i ate..
p/s: mian yi, u missed it!:)

not once, but twice

we could not imagine how clever a dog can be..their senses are superb.. this applies to WATSON too..last week, when he went to tanjung..he found an indian star tortoise...and this time round... when i'm back in muar .. dad brought him to tanjung again for the second time.. and guess what ? .. he found a bigger 1....if he could have found 1 everytime when dad brings him to tanjung .. we will be rich!.. very rich!.. :)

this time,watson found a bigger 1.. with nicer patterns on the shell

not one, but two!

it was too cramp to put them in the basket.. so, we decided to put them into watson's old house.. Watson will just bark none stop when he sees them.. perhaps he is jealous that the tortoise get to stay in there:)

in loving memory of our oldest but smallest tortoise.. died few weeks ago.. we throw it to aside.. and after being eaten by all the insects and animals..we took it it explains why there are not longer the head,tail,and legs!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Special thanks

I would like to take this opportunity to thank... ahem ahem... why m i so formal ... haha well ... anyway ... i'm just grateful and glad that good ppl still exist .. and to make it happier.. it is my friends in college who did all those kind act to me .. :)

A very BIG thank you to Chiew Ee, Giri and Rachel(Yap) for providing me with their study materials... how nice of them to give it for FREE>.. yes... its FREE...i'm juz too lazy to take a pic of all the materials that they gave me ...and i get notes from the highest scorer for criminal law in our college last year ....guess who is that ? it's Rachel ... hehe dun fly a .. anyway ..although i get to know her not long ago.. but she is pretty helpful... Thanks once again to all of u ... :)

P/s: i'm so relieved that i ve done wit my criminal n public law assignment ... although i crap a lot in it .. but at least i did it .. :P ...

Monday, October 20, 2008

i'm tired...

after a whole day of lectures...i'm totally exhausted longer have the strength and determination to do my assignment ... there is actually one more criminal assignment for me to complete it ..i guess i'll is really tiring... i'm juz tired of studying studying and studying .... is life all about studying ? ... was pretty moody for the past few days .. perhaps due to my self imprisonment in the room all the time ..ironically, when i m in the room,i'll like to be out perhaps in college or hanging out with ppl.. but when i m outside.. i just feel like staying in the room .. well..humans are like dat...yesterday evening when i went downstairs just to get some fresh air..saw my cousins playing so happily seems to be they are much more happy and easilly contented than me ... kids.. innocent kids... they do not know much about the world.. yet, in their own world .. they can create their own games,occupy their time with fun.Since young,i'm most of the time alone,since the age gap btw me n my sister is huge.. 5 years difference.. obviously its hard to play with someone 5 years older than you ....

Being in the room alone, is by no means, bored, bored and bored!!i have lost the ability to create fun for my self.. except sleep, online, gadgets and study...i'm tired ..... exhaustively tired.. cant wait for a one week break next week...

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

my thoughts of the day

When i was talking to God just now, i suddenly realised that how blessed i m to have a happy family, enough food, a shelter over my head,a constantly top up bank account, and on top of that ...i still get what ever i craziness and cravings for gadgets and IT stuffs...All this blessings that i ve received , shd in turn be a motivation for me to study.. seeing that i ve no worries of any financial needs to be taken care of by my self .. all I need to do is just to study and get a law degree for my future..well it is easy to say that .. today i want to spend hours studying in the library and all .. i admit often at times it is not easy for me when the "mood" is not there ... but nevertheless i ll try to maintain my consistency on it ...

Monday, October 13, 2008

Of clever watson and the star tortoise...

Dad brought watson to Tanjung Emas for an evening walk, and while they were walking,watson came across and found this star tortoise..Originated from India, endangered species now ..I was quite interested in it years ago, but it's too expensive...and now the clever watson found it , and it belongs to us for free!:P Further more, this kind of tortoise no longer exist in the pet shops anymore....happy... yet another reason to be happy ...

Sunday, October 12, 2008

It makes me stress...

Mum brought up my law books which were being sent by UOL last week to my home town. I'm glad that i ve finally receive it .. but then... when i see all those makes my head spin and makes me stress... as the amount of readings that we need do ... and the amount of facts that needs to be absorb into my brain is tremendous..I'm puzzled on which area shd i start of with ..

By the way , u may be wondering ... why now a days i will publish a few post at 1 go... it is simply because i have lesser time to online now seeing the bulk of materials that i need to read on .. and my posts are all attached with pictures.. because i treat my blog as a that i ll be able to look back.... and know what "memories" that i had and experience before ...

P/s: my life is of course not all about studying and sticking my eyes on law books la ... not so pathetic yet..:)....

Life is good!

First Installation and Charity Banquet

the making of a video clip for the night by an expert! dun fly a ben... :)

the capable chiew ee and I behind of Million's 4WD"s fun!

the video can be excess through this given link

The board of directors...Although not all B.O.D are in the pic.

Rachel yap and I

Rachel Wong and I

Million and I... i feel rich when i stand with him..:P

Daniel Bong and Daniel Gan

Agent Jagan, me , and Alvin...

interesting, isn't it ?

gets me in the mood to..... eat?:P

a love shape fried yam with chicken...done by a creative chief in just a small shop..

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Gideon's farewell and EYM-ers gathering...

Gideon is leaving( now he is in UK dy:) ), so lynn decided to organise a farewell party and also a gathering for the eym-ers... it was a fun night .. as everyone can gather together once again after so long .... esp for the ex eym-ers... 18 turn out on that night was really a fruitful day... gather together with the youths, met with my ex malay school mates in tanjung and then another yam cha session with my ex school mates..Anyway ....farewell Gideon! He had been a really nice friend to me ..still remember how we really hang out when we are in our secondary school days.. a very talented musicians and a great warrior of God ... he is my SHI FU.. and he teaches me drums...May God continue to guide and watch upon you when you are in UK... take care bro!

i must learn how to smile when i m facing the camera:)
ex-school mates... its really hard to meet up with malay friends in muar .... i also duno why :)
game time with the youths..
Gideon and the guys ...manfred,edmund,gid,daniel,and leroy the pilot!
on a side note.. when for steamboat in batu pahat last saturday .. yummy .. :) dats me with mian yi and my sis ...

collectable and valueable coins...

was back in muar the last weekend... and one guy came to our old house to search for antiques!since we will be shifting out as soon as the new house is done... dad decided to sell some stuff away... this will include old cupboards etc etc... one old man came.. an old but healthy man i must say .... drove his bike all the way from malacca to muar just to search for antiques..He went into my room and search inside my drawer and discover all this old and valueble coins.. Thank God i was there and since he knew that i want it so much .... he didnt take it away from me ... this coins will be ... hmm for sure very very worth for money next time ... :) ... and i m gonna keep it ...

watson is a big boy now!

woof woof...anybody home?

poor watson.. got scolded by daddy for duno what reason

am i handsome?

introducing the HAO LIAN watson!sitting on the bike

watson with his cousin doopey..

watson sunbathing..

oops an obsticle ahead..

watson with his innocent look

hey watson... doopey is a guy la :)

watson's favourite vitagen

poor watson is sick... covered with blanket..

woof woof .... see now i m can climb on the sofa!!