Tuesday, September 23, 2008

A new member in my gadget family..

It had been quite a long time ( a week ) since i last updated my blog, simply because there is nothing in particular in my life which can actually be termed as HAPPENING..but here i am today .. this shows that i have something to share in my blog... :) ...dad came up to KL on saturday..His purpose was to fetch Uncle John,my aunty's husband in KLIA...but then he came up early... fetched me from my uncle's house and we headed off to THE CURVE mainly to have lunch and to walk around pet safari.. Had japanese food for lunch @ SAKAE SUSHI.. my dad seems to like it a lot ... had been eating it for the third time now within few months!After our hang out in PET SAFARI, parted with sis and off we went to KLIA..the last time i went there was ages ago ...and to compliment the photos below, i ll write something about it first..Uncle John brought back and gave me his Nokia 770 INTERNET TABLET...its a cool gadget. although its old gadget for him, it's NEW to me !...Thanks uncle John!.. so ... as my post title suggest... the internet tablet is a new member to my gadjet collections ....

This is the internet tablet covered with a cover...

the front look of the nokia 770

a picture of the internet tablet with the device in the ON mode..

ok enough said, time to study again ? hmm i guess not for tonight.. its getting late.. Good nite everyone ...

Friday, September 19, 2008

Charter Celebration and First Installation

Hey everyone...Rotaract Club of ATC will be organising a fun, meaningful and charitable event soon in KL!.... 5 star food, 5 star performance, and 5 star environment... altogther 15 star!..:P haha juz jk ... but then yeah datang la secara beramai-ramai.. make sure you dun miss out this golden opportunity !!.... tickets are selling like hot cakes!Do grab 1 for ur self and f riends... i will be there.. will u ? see you there

it's all about charity...

Hey thinking of how to spend your money which will add something into ur wardrobe and which can help the needy ? here we go, this are some t shirt designs that are on sale!...The money will be channelled to the needy...and hence making ur money charitable and worthwhile..

white plain tshirt with this design in d middle_size:S,M,L ; price:RM28

white plain tshirt with this design in d middle_size:S,M,L ; price:RM28

white tshirt with black lining around d neck n sleeves _size: S,M,L; price: RM28

Looks nice rite?Grab one today ....orders are accepted in my blog ...

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

similar handwritting ...

recently found one who has similar handwrittings with me ... similar in the sense that its messy, sticky and tiny..:)

Monday, September 8, 2008

From green to red...

on the very first day ... we are exposed to 1 thick modules for each subject

no longer ALVL:)

just thought of posting something to end my day...the reason why i m here updating is because to me, today is a significant day for me .. as it marks a new phrase of life.. entering into a law degree programme..which means a tougher road ahead awaiting me ... and apart from the technicalities of law that i ll be learning. .. i m sure this process is going to shape me in terms of my personal character as well.. as there are much discipline to be required of me ... back to the sitting for hours study life .. and in fact... a more tedious 1. .. but for my future .. i'm willing to do it ... just for hopefully 3 years!:P

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

abundantly blessed..

Recently,for the past few months.. i would say that God had abundantly blessed me in terms of earthly things.. although i receive all this from my parents, but then.. i always believe that it is God s blessings in my life... i would say that blessings after blessings...and sometimes i wonder is it a good thing or not ... anyhow ... i know that i should cherish the things that i m currently having and be thankful for it ... however, sometimes i wonder...getting every request that i have asked for ... is that good ? ... i should really really be very careful of this ...

On a side note, hmm my holidays is going to end soon .... hmm... no more ... life without any stress,worries and stuff like that .. its time for me to get ready for my upcoming battle again!... its a tough road ahead... juz as what my friends who join the earlier intake told me .... its not going to be easy ... this race will not be a marathon race anymore... but more to a sprinter race... coz i have only around 9months.... for my intermediate course... that's why i m back here in kl... getting prepared mentally... to face the challenge ahead...:)