Monday, July 30, 2007

extraordinary day in college

ah pek?:P
weiling, jj, matt, and daniel
future lawyers or waiters ?haha
posing with Mr Sara(law lecturer)

before i started to write this post, i ve make a promise to my self to finish revising 1 chapter of law.. yeah i've done it .. but its already 12.34 a.m. ..... still not feeling tired as i ve slept till 8 something juz now ...this morning, when i open my eyes and took my phone to look at the time... and oops!!i'm in trouble this time... i'm late! its already 7.40a.m... normally by this time,i would have already prepare and *make up* my self and ready to go downstairs to have my cup of milo.. well, i cant turn back the clock..i rush to the wash room.. and within 8 mins i was out rite?..hmm but its clean...haha..and it was raining outside.. so i'm in a conflict of whether to sit a bus or lrt.. at last i still sat the bus..which brings me to college right on time although i'm a bit late..5 mins late.and MOST IMPORTANTLY i was not the latest..:P throughout the journey in bus and walking..i was praying that nothing bad will happen to me.. this is because normally when someone wakes up late... a lot of things will crop up for the rest of the day.. Thank God.. He had seen me through.. ok back to the is kinda special, because some of us are involve in helping up in the orientation for new intakes for alvl and also LLB...well, and its my first time standing in front of quite a big crowd of new students giving an intro before the sketch starts.before that i was not being told that i need to do dat.. so erm.. it test my impromptu skills..Its juz a short intro,but guess most of them will get the name DANIEL... haha..quite happy with it, and i enjoyed the sketch performed by my friends...the sketch is like a turning point for the orientation..before dat, it was a bit dull, and response was not that good from the new students as well... However, thanks to wei ling and matt who contributed to the turn in the orientation... went for the first session of business class.. and then escape frm the second session..i better go to bed now...if not i will be late tomolo again, and someone will be angry at me for sure ... :) Good night!

Sunday, July 29, 2007


in sexy's house
oops jam,jam,jam!dat's KL
Finally we r there!
the whole CG group....
boon how,eyvon,ariel,daniel
erng mei with all the guys
the guys
the girls....

what am i doing ? ... haha

Assesment results

this is what happens when i am doing my law the tissue?:P

so far i ve got back two assessment results which is bs and econs...quite satisfied with the resutls actually...but i guess i could have done better.. now left law results.. which will be getting back next week..this time i think i'm bound to fail it...not only me i guess.. haha...but we still hope dat we will pass... a pass for law will make us smile for the whole week.. and yeah.. no more bs replacement class this coming week.. which means i can go back to has been one month since i last went back..this also mean dat i need to skip CG and saturday service in FGA.. happy n sad... can go back to Emmanuel Muar.. haha and not forgetting ... food food and food!... :P

A random post

hey faster open the door!
hey eyvon.. wat r u doing to jammie?:P
mee goreng pattaya...steven's corner

time flies,it has been almost two weeks since i post something as usual went for business class replacement.. supposingly i can sleep at home n relax..but i still choose to go for the class..because we will be getting our results.quite nervous at that time. hands were quite cold.Anyway thank God, i still manage to maintain my standard and results..after that, went for lunch with some of my college friends... a mixture of alvl jan/feb and march/april..went to eat *dai chao*.. the service there was really slow.waited n waited..but its nice at least we can chit chat n crap around...had some HRA(Human Rights Awareness week) and orientation meetings after that..and i need to wear FORMAL to col this monday again.its fine with least it trains us to wear nicely and neatly to prepare for our career in future..after the long winded meeting, i rush to pasar seni because i will be having CG meeting also mean i m not in the sketch team for this monday's orientation.. yeah....oops better not let the others see this post..haha waited for quite a long time and finally the bus came..Some of this drivers are really inconsiderate.they are like forced to carry out their duty and not doing it willingly.Inspite of all the uncle and aunties waiting for the man to open the bus door after a long wait.. the driver just walk down of the bus and do his own stuff without opening the door.Its good if the rapidkl ppl see this post...:)i took a picture of it.. and the uncle and aunties sort of agree with me to complain about it ..haha they speak in cantonese..i cant understand, juz nodded my head and there again smile at them. As usual, boon fetch me for CG.. we didnt watch the message and discuss, instead we were doing the pouch for the ball.We play around more than we help out.. so proud to say that.. haha .. soon it was supper time and we went to steven's corner...and yet again i have stomachache after that...
learn a new quotation today"we study and read law, to break the law, in the right way and for the right purpose" people out there.. dont you agree?.. in fact some of our rights are not being exercised and recognise in Malaysia.. as there is no specific Acts talking abt the rights of the citizens here.. better not talk to much... if not i will be in jail.. haha

Friday, July 13, 2007


nice finger nails ? guess is whose ?

warning: a boring post ahead
well, yesterday was friday.. went for BS replacement class in the morning... had breakfast near our college with grace,jess,matt, and rachel... was suprise that grace say she wants to onli to know she never eat her dinner the previous class was ok.. but onli half of the students attended as it was juz a replacement class.. was a bit bored... took a pic of someone's finger nails.. she will always chance her style de.. too free i think... guess is who?.. whoever gets it correct will have a prize from me...nah juz jk... class ends at noon... nothing to do... so decided to go midvalley for a few games of pool...get addicted of it since i came to kl..after that, went home.. wanted to sleep but juz couldnt.. so juz send an email to someone...nite time ... went for CG as usual.. then went to ABC for dinner... came back.stomach ache..cant sleep again.. headache.. in d end still sleep... anyway .. thanks to christine.. bought me a pouch for my hp... and i wonder when i can use my drumsticks again!..

Thursday, July 12, 2007

a week that truly test my patience...

i've been lost touch with the computer for a couple of days.. wat more blogging...this week as schedule was my assessment paper was ok... but when it comes to law... preparing,studying and sitting for the really makes me stressed out totally...i've become a changed person... dont like to talk much, hardly even touch the phone...sorry to my friends dat i ve offended during this week..i'm juz not my self the the whole week..veli frustrated over wish i could hide underneath my bed and be totally out of touch with others..and have all the time to my self...actually many things crop up for the pass few days.. which trully test my patience... and as i'm writting th blog rite now ... my mood is still very unstable.. feel like shouting.. n releasing the burdens i have it my heart...when we r really stressed out ... a lot of unwanted situations juz crop up...from getting angry over the rapid kl bus system,misunderstood my friend,the lousy internet connection,feeling extremely lonely and empty when i sit on the bus and the list continues.. i ve tried to control my own emotions but i realised i cant.... get agitated veli easilly.. even over small small things... well, in this context u may say dat i m not a gentlemen and a petty person...i often let emotions control over me rather than i have control over my emotions.Well, abt the law assignment, i dun really feel disappointed about my performance.. juz dat i still cant get the pace... which most of my friends couldnt get it as well..we were required to write 3 eassays within 1 n a half hours...with 600 words for each eassy..which means 1800 words within 1 n the half hours...practically, there is even no time for me to really think of the points... as we really need to be very prepared for the essay... i practically didnt hold up my head for the 1 and the half hours... and juz couldnt stop writting...its juz like going for a battle..but i still consider my self as a loser in this battle.. i could onli finish 2 n 3/4 of the essay ...facts on my head.. but i juz dont have enough time .. for the second paper.. i ve lost my confidence and mood to really do the ques.. but at least i still manage to finish it up within 2 n the half page.. for the time being, whenever our col mates talk, eventually law terms and acts will come into our conversation ...well,the results will be bad i guess..My patience level is at the maximum point already, i could not take anymore situations dat will agitate me even further...i need some time to cool my self down... another which i notice that my principles in life is wrong... its easy to say that when others / friends are happy, we will share their joy.. but i realised i juz couldnt do it...often, i'm the 1 who is advising others.. but me myself... i realise i juz couldnt do it...selfishness other comes n ruin my mind...its easy to tell ur friends go ahead and pursue something you like , obviously partly concerns me as well, but in the end, i will stil lbe the 1 regretting what i say ... well,this post is rather confusing.. never mind its ok .. this post is for me to write out my thoughts to release a bit ....patience,patience,patience, and maybe tolerance is what i need at the moment...


mum found a few lobsters... yeah hmm where is the missing piece?:P

the monks
dinner time ... eat as much as u can

the place where i repair the bike
the guy repairing
my fav breakfast stall.... chiu kuey!!
this is the outcome of my effort...

gone!the post is gone!!.... arghhh not again.... well.. lazy to rewrite anymore.. i was in muar on this particular date.. mainly for my dad's birthday.. how nice to have a birthday on this date ya .. a day where everyone can remember..however,its also juz another day of life that we need to go through... morning, i woke up early to do some final touching for my dad's cake, study a bit for business, and generally wasted the whole morning doing nothing.. lazying on the bed..oh ya, i went out the buy breakfast to pamper my stomach.. this is a must-do for me when i'm back in muar... the bike broke down in town, thank God there was no car behind me ....afternoon, went to ah kong's house ... there are quite a number of monks... chanting and performing prayers for my late ah kong i guess... the chanting really makes me sleepy i would say...Evening, i insisted that i will be the chauffer for its my dad's birthday...we went to melacca to have a simple,low profile celebration... its more to a family gathering i guess... as me n my sis was back for the weekend.we fully celebrated the whole day ... and we reach home .... exactly at 12.00 midnight...celebration is over!have my exams to worry next... forgive me .... my pictures are not in order...lazy to rearrange it ...