Monday, November 26, 2007

working experience

well.. thinking of what to do after form5 or when u r having holidays ? ... i would recommend that we, as youths shd go to work... sometimes its not about the money that we earn... its about gaining experience.... and from working ... u will for sure learn lots of stuffs...let me share my experience... upon finishing my SPM last year.. i spend my december resting ... and then decided to work... the reason is because i m bored at home ....i use to be quite a clumsy guy...knock on things all the time and i can say that i ve never actually did what i did juz like wat i did @my work place before... this sentence sounds confusing rite.... when u work... u will be trained to be careful,polite,patient and not forgetting practical skills.. like washing the toilet and serving people.. haha ... i beleive that most of us wont be washing our house toilets ya ... and yeah .. what more the joy of getting ur self earned pay at the beginning of the month!...
well, i ve worked in halo cafe and a dim sum shop before... actually i only plan to work in halo cafe.. but then....henry tricked me into it .. he told me that the work in dim sum shop is very easy.... onli to realise dat it is not .. haha..but i onli work for abt two weeks or so in the dim sum shop.. the reason why is because.... i cant stand the working hours... as everyone know.. halo cafe onli opens at nite.. and closes at around 1 a.m... and if i work in the dim sum shop..... i ve got to get up as early as 5a.m~! super tiring ... and riding on the bike early in the morning is cold.. but its nice....the whole road is like mine!!working in halo cafe is fun .... and i experience my first time there!!!... haha sounds.... ahem rite... no la .. my first experience washing the toilet and taking orders and serving people.. u wont be bored there... as there are singers to entertain you... do consider working there.. haha i ve get to know lots of new friends too!! .recently, i went to visit halo cafe the place is still the same.. but most of the workers are different dy...well, the working experience is still so dear to me when i visit the place...

District3300 Interact Conference 2007

Immediately one day after the rainbow camp....i have to rush to penang for an interact conference....this is my first time also ..but then i m going this year as a be a big koko to the interactors... haha .....a group consist of 20 over members... and wow....imagine that... well my group members are all very sporting and ever supportive...eventhough the time spent together is short... but then i ve learn quite a lot of things. .. and be able to experience what is hostel life:P with no heater and shared toilet... hehe ... cool..and learn how to sneak out from the hostel which we actually succeeded on the first day.. but fail on the second day.. but at last we still managed to do so.. haha .. oops .. hope no interactors will know abt it ... shhhh.. even if they know .. keep it a secret a ...:) they are a total of 600+ campers for this first time experiencing this ... and i manage to meet up with some rainbow camp campers as well in this camp.... its great to see them again ... :P and yaya .. one more thing.. now i have a phobia when i see chicken curry and tauhu.. the interactors and rotaractors will know why... LOL.... the camp ended yesterday... and we came back together with the subang interactors... they are fun to play with.... forever bising in the bus.. and guess what? i join them too on the way back!... haha.
nice meeting all of them!

nice view

the hostel

Group 20... my group.. hehe

Rotaractors from KL

pahang guys and girls

some of the group members

chin hoong and I...:P

Camp Pelangi2007

the last time i attended this camp organised by our church was two years ago.. and yeah... i m happy n excited that i will be able to join them this year as well...and ya... able to meet new people from all over pahang, johor and KL... but most importantly... is the joy to see people coming to this camp.. not juz for fun but then to really ponder on the Creator of everything and also to accept Him as their Lord and Saviour and also their purpose in life....i'm really glad and thankful that i ve been able to help out as one of the members in the worship team and also to be a facilitator..the speaker was Elder Dexter Ng.. and he is really a great man of God.. the msg that he preached.... touch lifes of the young people....PTL!and this year... there is quite a number of campers who actually receive God into their individual life....and for those who have accepted... i can guarantee you that your life will never be the same again .....there is no more ... you urself walking and running the race of life... but there is something who is always seeing you through ur everything in life.. and you will never ever feel empty again in your heart!always remember..dun put the wrong things as priority and never depend on earthly things which will not long for long ..... seek for something dat is ETERNAL!...

Ok return to what i wan to say about this camp, i must really admit that i hv a low self confidence in myself when i was given the duty to be the faci.. i was thinking that all of them who r facis are way older than me.. and here i m being the doubt i was also happy and willing to accept the responsibilty as this is for God...but after that ... i came back to my senses and remembered what esther always tell me and also what the word of God tells me !!that no matter how young we are..we are to serve God and to be a good example to all... and if we were to depend on God.. nothing is imposible... For the first disccussion session...i was kinda disappointed when my group didnt gave me much response... and i shared it with someone... and well.. i m sure they prayed for me as well... and guess what ? the situation change after group is no more the quiet quiet type whereby i will do the talking and them watching me ... they start to participate....and is one of the noisiest group in the camp... SELF CONTROL rocks!!!the camp was indeed great....and well... although i m older now.. i m still able to put my self into their shoes and chatted with them.. which before that was my biggest worry.. and AGAIN.... i let them guess about my age... and all say 2o over years old.. do i look that old a ? ... hmm hehehe... well...ah pek daniel here mah ....hehe ... it has been really a great time spending time with the campers for 4 days 3 nites.... and its time to say goodbye again... goodbyes are never happy...although i didnt cry...i would have drop a few tears if i would to stay a bit longer with them.. thank God i leave early with Joseph to KL ... haha
The Chalet

Orange Campers:)
Committees and Facilitators
my group!

Energetic campers

pahang girls...

siuli's best designed name tag


discussion time... shhhh

i was really amased seeing this!..haha
p/s: siuli says that my specs actually makes her remember me... i wonder what makes people remember me .... hehe ....can someone tell me pls?:P


finally!i have the time to sit infront of the computer to pen down something in my blog..well i ve done with my exams last friday... and it was really a great relieve to me ....after one month of battling with the exam.... i must admit that during the exam period.. its kinda hard for me.. its not because the question and all is hard.. but then ... its because... i ve to struggle through one month juz for 6 papers... dat is very long!!and it is so easy to lost the momentum to study....well... after my law paper on friday....i was very excited as i will be going back to muar again.. which will mean no books for me to bring as least for the time being .... and yeah ...but then... i always hate packing things....but i have no choice ... there is no one to help me with dat...
Well, on saturday,after having rotaract comes the time for me to say bye-bye to KL!... wow ....reached muar at 3 something.. and the first thing i did... was eat!!!!hmm dat sounds so pathetic... but muar food is unresistable!believe me ... come have a visit and u will know... and its cheap as well...literally didnt do much on saturday.. just spend time with family and all..... As usual, went to church on sunday... and then stay back to practice for the worship sessions for the upcoming camp pelangi....i duno why.. i juz feel great spending time with them in church.. they are all God's people and are given great talents to serve the Lord... no matter how young they may be.....


stay tune to this page.... updates will be coming real soon!!:P