Wednesday, June 25, 2008

have you ever heard?

yeah have you ever heard someone going for a medical check up( urine test), no urge of peeing at that moment and uses other ppl's urine for the test? haha

-i just did yesterday

have you heard the two same urine samples produces both different kind of results?

-i just did today...:P

Monday, June 23, 2008

The Road Not Taken..

Today, ok more precisely for the pass few days.. i ve faced with a lot of choices coming along my way .... I'm currently very free now .. since i m having my long long holiday till first i tot my holiday will be fun with no worries n stuff like dat ....

Only to realise that actually i have many hard decisions to make...My law lecturer phone me a while ago.. "hey daniel, why havent u register for the July intake"... i replied him" i need some rest before i go into it".. he laughed.. he told me some of my friends had chosen the july intake.. which starts next week perhaps ...its so sudden for me .. and seriously .. i m not prepared for it .. i mean mentally...regardless of me taking the july or sept intake.. my exams will still be in may/june next year...if i go into the july intake .. i would have more time ... if i go for Sept ... i must be really hardworking ... which choice to take up ?what should my decision be?

On the other hand, my mind is actually set that i should work this two months before furthering my studies.. the reason behind is not because i want or in need to earn money .... but yeah .. of course ... that is one of the reason for me working la .. but more importantly i want new skills, new experience in life. To me,a real successful life is not about wearing a nice coat, sitting in the office,facing the computer all the time... earning big money and having authority over everyone.. A successful person to me would be a person who is able to work in different environments,experience different tastes of life..this would to me ...a better way of carrying on with our mum introduce me to some work.. which is actually related to my studies.. but then.... yeah dats the reason why i choose not to work in law firms n stuff ... since i m still young now.. its good for me to try out different jobs...this morning i went to the 7-eleven store nearby to fill in the job application form..and m currently waiting for the manager to call me up for interview...

Yet another decision to make.. to go back to muar , or to stay in may seems to be an easy decision to make .. but its not dat easy after all... why ?its simply because i ve commitments in KL...on the other hand, i would also like to spend time with my family..and enjoy good food in Muar... so what decision should i make?....

now you see, there are so many decisions for me to make... well, i may have the answer in my mind... but then i ve yet to know whether my decisions are precise and correct.. but one thing i know ... no matter what decision that i make... it will have more or less affect my journey of life... think positively and get the best out of everything,this principle i should learn..i ve learn that i cant be in both places at the same time .. n bound and in fact its a must to forego something.. dats call opportunity cost...

i should face the choices and make the right decision out of it ....that needs courage,perserverance,wisdom, patience and most importantly guidance from God!..The road not taken is the road i would be taking i guess ....


District 3300 Awards Night

i ve asked matt to send me all the pictures for that nite...but then to my AMAZEMENT... lotz of the pics are missing ... which means i cant really blog the whole event...juz a few pictures to entertain my dear readers.. will blog the whole event once i get all the pictures... probably next week.. since matt is out of town... where is he now? u can ask him urself.. haha

Anyway,in terms of food, environment and setting ... i would say that banker's club will have an advantage over one world hotel eventhough it only takes up one floor of the dunno wat building... :)... well...2 days in a row went for a formal event..quite enjoyable.. but then quite boring as well...however, happy that our club won a few awards that nite.. its a good start for RCATC... next big event will be our Charter Nite for the club.... any generous sponsors out there to sponsor a table for the orpahanage?

the ladder to success~:P
dat's me .... look like dato?haha juz joking
the awards we won dat nite..
free pen drive... yippie!reward for helping in DIC2007
outside view from the banker's club
nice eh ?
a nice car spotted outside Times Square...

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Rotary Club of Ampang's Installation @One World Hotel

reached kl at 2 something yesterday, rush back home.. had a quick bath.. and rush to pasar seni to meet with the other rotaractors of ATC.. and we headed off to the hotel...we lost our way at first.. but thank God i brought my GPS... which saves the day! hurray! finally it has been put into good use..i think i should let the pictures do the talking ....well juz a few feedbacks
1.The environment n the ambience there is very impressive and high class... juz like most of the big 5 star hotels

2.The toilet is nice ... no doubt.. haha

3.The grand ballroom...looks nice too .. but then there is some weird smell there... onli to know that there is kicap smell .... perhaps they put the kicap too early on the tables

4.The supervisor.. or whoever he is .... gila kuasa... like to shout n dictate the workers..

5.The table that we have was worth RM3000.... had high expectations on it ...but then to me .. its disappointing.. the food is not up to the standard.. i believe the food in other hotels or even restaurants food can easilly beat them
6. In terms of the rotarians n rotaractors.. they are as usual very friendly .... lots of big shots too...
7. Had a fun time with our college mates...since its hard for us to meet up recently.. coz we are having our holidays n breaks..
8. Million's driving was stable n comfortable..
me in the toilet!
outside the grandball room

the girls.... receptionist.. haha

wow ... my dream car...
giri,me, n miss president
bernice n I
Chiew Ee and I
Group photo... rotarians n rotaractors
found this pencil on the table.. so strange...One world hotel uses hotel sri petaling's pencil... something fishy n wrong here...


what a title for this post...but then yeah its basically n generally talking about food...n its seriously DELICIOUS,YUMMY,HMMM,SLURPPP, and it makes you DROOL even when u r asleep... haha ok i m juz joking for this part..

famous "ah peng" wan tan mee

wantan soup... mianyi likes it
fried oyster from bentayan...

3 of us ate 6 different plates of food.. slurp
chicken cordon bleu... delicious
hmmm..... whats this ? forget already.. haha
rojak ipoh.... have the potential to compete with muar's rojak
manfred's mum's bak chang

breakfast prepared by me ! nt bad rite.. hahaha
D24 durians
Rm10 per kg.. cheap/expensive?
this 1 is the best.. tom yam steamboat
fruit juice to sooth ur stomach after the spicy tom yam steamboat
claypot chicken leg
teo chew "peng kuey"..mum's fav
the best cili belacan i ve ever tasted..
Pizza Hut's new pizza.. duno the name..
after all the delicious food ...... i think i should go for some exercise... haha.. anyway .. the above pictures are onli part of the food dat i ate... n there is somemore .. but without the pics...
would u like to eat this ? a big fat kueaaaaaakkkk kueaaak frog...
on a side note.. i manage to spot this guy .. Ng Yen Yen's husband ... if u know who she is la .. :)