Tuesday, March 30, 2010

What a good timing

Just as the crucial time and exam is getting nearer,I m already feeling v tired about it.

On 1 hand, we want time to go slower so we can study more. On the other hand we want it to end soon as this kind of stress is close to unbearable!

Reached home at 9 tonight. Class finished at 3 earlier on. Stayed back to study a lil. Had the target to complete sm past year questions when reached home.

Little did I notice, I can't even make my eyes open and get up to study after a nap! And what more, now my spaces are limited,literally no room for me and table for me to really study.

I always take that as deterring my optimum performance at this time of need. What a good timing.

I m so so exhausted

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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Road taken by many and follow them I should..

It's really frustrating when I have plans to sleep early so that I can wake up exceptionally early to study before going for morning classes tomorrow but then..

No matter how I turn, how I flip my self finding a suitable position to sleep. I just can't make myself to sleep.

I think the reasons are obvious and I know it pretty well myself.

Daniel, just get this settled. Although it involves not only 1 party, not only 1 consideration. Make the decision and get It over and done with. I guess my decisions are firm just that how to cope with the cicumstances of the decision that matters now.

Sometimes it's not that hard. Just send an email and it will be done. I wish..

Long day tomorrow. Needa wake up early at 6.30 a.m to study and do past year questions. If not it will be unfair for Erna:)

Btw it's 2a.m now..

Monday, March 22, 2010

Reap what you sow

GR: Its a universal truth that how much effor you put in that's how much u will get in return.

After 8 months of going through humilation by the couch,struggling to find the appropriate balance of commitment and studies and it's always the case that the balance will somehow tipped to a particular direction. Endless practice.finally they won and got their recognition. The moment of victory is sweet! I'm happy for them

My dear and....

My best friend.

So happen they are staying in the same hostel and same choir team!


Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A matter of perspective

The rain always gives me the urge to blog about certain things in my life.

Well, juz a few days ago, the truth has finally revealed. A long known unsaid facts has finally been uttered out. It's nt a bad thing after all. It merely serves as a confirmation of my decision which I ve made earlier. It's the final nail to the coffin.

I told this to my friend, he said well it's better than them acting like a hypocrite. I accept this.

The decision that I ve made is of good to everyone in the picture. Why wanna hold on when there is clear indication to leave?

If by now you still can't understand what I m talking. Don't bother because this post is meant to be like this

Those who can understand understands. Those who do not will not:)

Friday, March 12, 2010

当我门只是路人时,狂飞暴雨,闪电打雷 ,没有一把雨伞在身边,才发现自己是那么的无助。


雨那么大, 不知要等到什么时候

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The amount of cases are just killing me day by day. Drowning me in the sea of cases.

No joke. My brain can no longer tolerate any further.

Seems that i need to live on with it for the next two months. Mine you, this is only the start of revision.

The cases for Land Law is tremendous.

But, thank God. I have a goal. I aim to beat the long standing record of 74 marks for land law.

It may seems discouraging to see how hard my fellow law mates study in the library which makes my goal not so attainable ( since they are more well deserved than i am), I dont care. :)

ok back on mortgages,

From makanan.. Noakes v Rice, to Timbers( Samuel v Jarrah Timbers ), to maids ( Four maids Ltd v Dudley Marshall), to lembu ( bull v bull ), orang bagus ( Goodman v Gallant), to a more close to home names like (Tse Kwong Lam v Wong Chit Sen )... this is noteven 10 % out of the total cases on mortgages!

Friday, March 5, 2010

After 21 years of living

活在这世界上已有二十一年了。今天庆祝了我的生曰。虽然朋友们也很热心的要帮我请庆祝这一天,但是我也不想麻烦人。到最后决定和dear 一起度过人身中的二十一岁生曰。可说是玩的很开心。当家人不在时,在一个不数于自己家的生活下,还有一个肯愿意陪我玩笑一阵天。我门去了sunway lagoon theme park. 玩了由使已来不敢玩的water slides 和之类的玩仪儿。晚上又吃了独特和丰富的晚餐。生曰也少不了礼物。 我也收到了!


- 我门人类活在这世上,很多时候我门受到了倬折,很多委屈,但是中有一天, 就像玩water slide一样,收怕了,到最后当我们到达尾段的是后,我门就会感到满足很开心。 当我门在遇到同样子的错折时,就在线也没有那么怕了。


不说了。 我的华语辰度有limit:)



Wednesday, March 3, 2010


There's no place like home. Instead of going for mocks. I ve decided to head down back to muar for a few days to study and get my notes done

I'm happy to say that, hmm at least I m satisfied with my study pace.

Some ppl can study round the clock. I seriously can't. Who cares. Most importantly is I m able to absorb the things that I studied

When it's about time to rest. Just sit down and chill in the garden. Looking at fishes in the pond. Let the mind go loose.

Revision starts this saturday. I don't think I have chance to come back anymore till May or early June.

Let me bring "home" back to KL. The place where I belong.

It will be my significant birthday this Friday. A key to a lot of things since it's my 21st birthday. What key will I get? Hmm let's see

Mum decided to buy a pair of shoes for me for my birthday. :) hurray! I don't think I had any really branded shoes before. Well, this is not the point.
Some people don't even have shoes.

Was in ikea a couple of days ago. When going down a slope there, dad suddenly pulled the trolly and said my shoes worth rm200 over, the grip is better.

I replied. Yea, my flip flop worth rm20!:)

Since mum is in KL and Sis is somewhere overseas for her birthday. Dad and I went for steamboat and BBQ and dad said it's a meal to celebrate my birthday. We spent approx 2 hours there!

It's makes me wonder whether BUFFET is originally an English word

It sounds more like a Chinese word "bu fei" which means not fat!!:)

I m looking forward to a memoriable birthday with dear . Sunway lagoon perhaps. I ve been wanting to go there for quite sm time already !