Wednesday, February 25, 2009

a heart warming boat in the midst of the ocean of stress..

After a long day, i finally had a chance to post an entry in regards of what had happen in my life today.. now is already midnight, and i reach home like just one hour before midnight, feeling very tired. Thank God , i was able to study in the library from morning till late afternoon just now.received a message from daphne after my brief lunch, she said she is going to bring something to college for us to eat. Little did i know that she was a very talented cook! even better than me... she knows how to cook far more many things than me!
ai qing wu chan( love lunch) oops wat a translation.. anyway this box is meant for matt, daphne's lover:) .. the important point is point out how talented dd is in cooking...

lucky matt

the cook for the day.... daphne ong!
since it was joe's birthday last week, he gave us some left over jellies..and hence, the J...
the best thing is , we sat on the floor, nono i mean carpet to eat our lunch..i think that is what friends shd be...finding and emptying sometime for each other even in the midst of anxiety and stress for exams...
i gotta end here.. my class schedule tmr is super scary... 10-12, 1-3,3.30-5,30,6.30-9.30.... i doubt i will be able to concentrate...

Sunday, February 22, 2009

tell me what to do..

its almost 1 o clock in the morning now, and i feel as though as i am in the middle of an ocean which is full of uncertainties. revision is kicking in soon, in march. tomorrow will be the last lecture for our intersept... yeah, as scary as it might be, its already the last lecture for each subject. There are still tonnes of chapter for me to catch up,everyone in class is so tensed up. mocks is next week.. i've made up my mind not to go. If i go, it will be a waste of time. If i dont go, at least i have one more week to prepare my notes well..i need the whole week to prepare my notes, except for thursday. I dont want to score badly, i dont want history to repeat itself, i wan to sore, i wan to sore like an eagle and get good grades.Looking at my senior's notes, only on criminal law. It is enough for me to faint and say that i'll score badly, no i cant afford to fail. One paper cost Rm1000. sometimes, it's not about the money, its about how shd i still head on to the direction i want my self to be in when i fail my first year.i dont wan to fail any..not even one subject..can i do it ?it still remains as a question mark

Saturday, February 21, 2009

a nite @ starbucks..

it's time for some updates.. :)..well, mianyi and I decided to go to starbucks to study yesterday night. Main reason would really be to S-T-U-D-Y....had not ever went there before i realise, it's nice to have a change of environment to search for the mood to study. It is certainly better than to lock ourselves in the room, and trying to get the mood to study...although it will be quite costly to visit places like coffee bean and starbucks too often .. :P ... unless i have more additional pocket money ... guess not, the economy now is bad, and will be worst, recession affecting lots and lots of households every where in this world..

ice blended mocha.. this cup keeps me awake for 3 hours during my study time in starbucks..

nothing will be better than to have a big wide table, a cup of quality coffee, and the accompanyment of ipod when i'm i sat there, i just cant help to think how blessed i am to be in this position...

somebody is lazy and refuse to study the whole night through.. thus, the grumpy face

nah. just joking... she studied as well, to make the cup of coffee worthwhile...
i'm sleepy now , its time to sleep!... tonnes and tonnes of things to read up before revision kicks in ... i hope i'll survive...

Sunday, February 15, 2009

A day to be remembered, a day to be cherished,a day worth looking back

This year's valentine's day, is a different valentine's day altogether compared to the previous years, perhaps for the simple fact that i'm no longer single and currently in a relationship.Some say that, valentine's day is just a commercial tool for various related business to make some profit out of it, some even say that, if a couple is in a good and stable relationship, everyday would be a valentine's day. Yea, i would agree partially to this,but if we were to take it as a special day for our loved ones,i'm sure the other party will feel loved and being cherished, and it would also be a refreshing time for old couples or even for those who had married, and will for sure "spice-up" something in them again .. hmm nono !!... i shd stop... i shd just stop writing love theories again .. haha.. as usual... i will let the pictures do the talking .. :)

the day before valentine's day when i saw mianyi,she told me that she didnt prepare any present for me, and Big apple donuts is what she had for me ...i'm fine with it, without being suspicious of anything. After all, guys are often the one who gives during valentine's day .. hehe

a bouquet of flowers is what iI gave her for valentine's day..

see the smile on her face:)

it was really a suprise when she pakat-ed with her friends which was also going to Sunway Pyramid, after meeting the friends in the toilet. .. i mean she meeting her friends inside.. haha... she came out with this really pleasant and unforgettable present...a tropicana life jacket..i know this will cost her a bomb...

adding to that, a big and huge card, which i personally think that it is so sweet of her..a normal size card is more than enough to make me contented, BUT her card is way bigger than the normal 1 ...

this is something that both of us have, a same disney cup and also.....


we went for japanese buffet lunch in SHOGUN..


sumptious and high cholestrol food!... definately worth the price and the moments that we spend inside there were really awesome, although initially it was a bit hot, since we were assigned a sit near the window..

thanks to matt and daphne, we are able to visit a place that we had never been before...its like a mini disney land, it is situated in ara damansara...not only Disney cartoon characters,but also small stalls selling various kind of things..

donald duck is jealous of us .. :P

-The end-
14/02/ first ever valentine's day with someone i love..

Monday, February 9, 2009

reviving interest for Nokia gadgets..

The brand Nokia had been a long standing brand in the telecommunication market, and i do own a few models of nokia phones, ranging from the old old nokia 3310 to the latest that i have the nokia E65. however what i dont have is the nokia N series phones. However i do have an N-gage, if this considers to be an N series model. haha :)

had my nokia770 updated to the latest firmware yesterday, erm early this morning i would say. It looks nicer with more additional functionality, however the problem i face is that the WiFi connectivity is not functioning at all! can this be?.. its an internet tablet, and the wifi is not functioning..Internet tablet minus internet...hmm it becomes just a tablet..

from the nokia website, i was brought to the attention that there are quite a lot of useful softwares that i can download it into this nokie E65, ranging from tv remote,msn messenger(it doesnt work),wireless presenter, reuters news,and nokia maps!.. it took me quite some time to do it .. and by the time i finish doing it , it was already 3 smth in the morning.. BUT, this prove a point .. i never take up my study time to do this ok, except for my rest and additional time ... hehe.

p/s: whoever wants to sponsor me a N series nokia phone?.. :)

Sunday, February 8, 2009

just being random..

was tired of studying just now, and while browsing through my pictures, i saw this two!...

mianyi can really be an official advertiser of GONG HE TANG...she is a big time fan of the gui ling gao there. Everytime she sees it, she will want to have it ... yes! EVERYTIME.. never get bored of it ...hehe ...i'll let her eat as much as she wants.. coz she shares it with me... :) wink..

she will be always happy when she gets to eat this.....

Saturday, February 7, 2009

it's time to study...... or else...........

this is how messy i will be when i'm in the mood to study, or perhaps it applies to all law students.. haha... however if u observed carefully, i have all the essentials with me.
sweets to keep me awake
cordymax to stimulate my brain cells and helps in memory capacity
tissue- its a must for me !
and last but not least, my lovely gadget, they are my companion when i m bored of studying

gadgets are human's best friend..

recently i've discovered that an ipod touch can actually do wonders, can do more than what i ve expected it to be, a lot of applications which are helpful for instant messaging, work(such as presentation, acting as a mouse pad, dictionary), free bibles are also available now, and provide a user with lots and lots of fun!.. imagine my sister has around 9 pages of games, which means 100 over games inside an ipod, cool isnt it ? and i personally think, although i m not a gamer ,an ipod touch can actually replace PSP due to the nice graphics that ipod touch has, and also the motion sensors which make the games more exciting. Some 3D games will surely entertain you where ever you are.Last time, when i first own the ipod touch, i was of the opinion that ipod touch is never better than my pda, but then with the recent application development, i would say that its now on par with the functions of a pda, and perhaps sometimes way better than a pda..

i'm a proud owner of an ipod touch although it is a 1st gen 1,but then the function are mostly the same. i've actually influenced 2 ppl to buy an ipod touch after they see me having it. :)...Apple shd pay me some commission le .. and quite a few more who actually wants to buy but haven bought it yet.

see how an ipod touch can entertain a person, when a person is waiting for another person to cut his hair .. hehe

getting bored waiting for food?... just take out a gadget from ur pocket and you will not get bored... at least for me and her .. :)

taking out an ipod is too troblesome? .. nevermind taking out just a camera phone will do, this is especially true for girls.. hehe

Dan's food review #1

If one day u were to visit mentakab, this thai tom yam stall is a must go. It only operates in the morning.And according to what i ve heard, on sundays, this stall doesnt allow take-aways due to the extremely good business..

hey peeps, eating tom yam early in the morning will hurt your stomach~!.. but who cares... you see the crowd, happily enjoying their sourish tom yam mee, mee hoon or what eva type of mee!

a small stall just beside their house situated in a kampung, but the business is certainly not small!

poor us, have to wait to be seated.

and finally, here comes our tom yam mee+ mee hoon, with some some big huge prawns, and fish balls. I think the secret behind the tasty tom yam is that they put some condensed milk inside and mix it with the soup.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

what lies behind the smiles...

i may be smilling and cheerful most of the time outwardly, i am not at all happy sometimes inwardly. The new year is not a good start and a refreshing start for me.People started their new year with a huge and happening countdowns in various places, i spend the last few moments of 2008 and the first few hours of the year 2009 alone, all alone at home. It seems to be no big deal, a lot of people stays at home and do nothing to usher the new year, but i just dont like the feeling of being alone without ppl accompanying me.

When i knew that i will be the President Elect for the Rotaract Club of ATC,I was delighted as first.. but this doesnt last for long .. for i know .. criticisms will come .. to a certain extend,i hate holding high post in a club or gaining status in a society.this is because, inevitably and unavoidably, ppl's attention will focus on me, and next various comment will come ... i sometimes really prefer to be just an ordinary guy sitting in the library with no one knowing who i am. For the first time(i'm not trying to be boostful), someone actually doubted my leadership skills and what more, commenting it on a major rotary event. It's ok if he knows me personally and worked with me before.. The point being, He dont even know me personally and who is he to comment on me. I know it will be a tough year ahead of me ... but at the very least.i'm thankful that the senior rotaractors are all behind and willing to give me their full support. It's really nice working with them.

I was really shaken by this, and i began to doubt myself as well, not only as a rotaractor but as in the whole Daniel. I no longer know what i can do, i no longer know what i can contribute to both rotaract, studies, relationship and my family. I began to feel tired and restless.Putting that aside, the bulk of studies which i have, make it worst.Counting the days i have before revision and actual exam, it makes me shiver and i m doubtful whether i am running a no-aim race.There is of no doubt that, relationship brings not only joy and happiness but problems as well. It is really depressing at times, but i'll trust that it will turn out to be better and the quality of our relationship will be determined by how do we actually survived through this time of trials.

i can just hope that most of the things will turn out to be good soon ... a bad start will not necessary mean that my whole year will be a bad 1 .