Tuesday, September 28, 2010

You are liable under S.8(1) Theft Act 1968

Finally I got robbed by a motorcyclist right in front of my college yesterday.

Why do I use the word finally? Simply because I've escaped from the hands of the evils for quite a couple of times already.

This was a life time experience,really.

That guy came from the opposite direction( it's a one way street ) and as what usually how police reports were made, the word "Tiba-Tiba" is used he snatched my beloved iPhone and vroom off.

From this incident I saw how my best friend in college can go all out just to help me take back my iPhone although to no avail.

How helpful the community of Jalan Petaling are.Preparing to bash up that guy and scolded the driver of the Unser for stopping to let the thief escape.

The bus driver gave me a 50sens discount and the cabbie who wanted to give me a 70sens discount in which I rejected.

That's not all. My college friends showed utmost concern in regards to that incident.1 of them offered to treat me pizza, 1 wanted to offer a hug and the others non stop asking "are you ok?"

Another college mate revealed more info about the motorbike to me which will do much help if i were to lodge a police report and said he would have chased that guy if he is going in the correct direction.

At the same time. Questions relating to my studies arose.
1. Are humans naturally good or bad in nature?( philosophical question)
2. If he were to sell of my phone, does he have the right to sell under S.12 of SOGA1979. (commercial law)
3. Can I sue the seller of my iPhone if I were to identify my iPhone in the black market in petaling street this Sunday. ( tort of conversion? , principles of tracing?)

Now I m still deciding on my next cause of action.

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Location:Jalan Petaling.

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