Monday, November 26, 2007

District3300 Interact Conference 2007

Immediately one day after the rainbow camp....i have to rush to penang for an interact conference....this is my first time also ..but then i m going this year as a be a big koko to the interactors... haha .....a group consist of 20 over members... and wow....imagine that... well my group members are all very sporting and ever supportive...eventhough the time spent together is short... but then i ve learn quite a lot of things. .. and be able to experience what is hostel life:P with no heater and shared toilet... hehe ... cool..and learn how to sneak out from the hostel which we actually succeeded on the first day.. but fail on the second day.. but at last we still managed to do so.. haha .. oops .. hope no interactors will know abt it ... shhhh.. even if they know .. keep it a secret a ...:) they are a total of 600+ campers for this first time experiencing this ... and i manage to meet up with some rainbow camp campers as well in this camp.... its great to see them again ... :P and yaya .. one more thing.. now i have a phobia when i see chicken curry and tauhu.. the interactors and rotaractors will know why... LOL.... the camp ended yesterday... and we came back together with the subang interactors... they are fun to play with.... forever bising in the bus.. and guess what? i join them too on the way back!... haha.
nice meeting all of them!

nice view

the hostel

Group 20... my group.. hehe

Rotaractors from KL

pahang guys and girls

some of the group members

chin hoong and I...:P

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