Saturday, July 12, 2008

my dear son , come home

Today is a saturday, so as usual after having a short nap in the afternoon ... get myself ready .. and off i drive to church... when i open the automatic gate this indian man was standing right infront of the gate.. of course i got a shock .. in my heart... i was saying .. oh no.. this time he is going to have possession over my pda and stuff like that ... he is a thief!! from the first look i knew it!... i just cant help but putting the word "THIEF" on this face...well, i actually put aside and observe further .. to make sure that i did not accuse him... he was actually stunned as well when he sees me opening the gate... we stared at each other ... i was scared honestly ... i unlock the car and i hop into it ... the first thing i did was to lock the car! so.. i felt safer in the car... i didnt press on the accelarator and run ... but instead i stayed in the car for a moment. . looking at his actions through the mirror... he tries to hide .. but the bushes are not sufficient enough.. and i saw him wanting to climb into ppl's house as well... and he suddenly walk to my direction ... i checked once again dat the car is fully locked ... he stood at the back of the car.. and i duno what his purpose was... i dun care ... i had to reverse the car two times.. because there is a car blocking infront of me ... off i went ... i plan to stop the car after passing by few hours.. but never did i expect that he ran after to my direction again .. i got panicked and i press on the accelerator ... and i actually stopped the car again after about a 100 m drive... i phone my uncle .. and tell him about this ... i was some how expecting him to come towards my direction again ... i looked at the mirror of the car again ... and as what i ve expected. .. he is snatching someone's belongings.... i saw an old man running towards my direction and that indian man following at the back..from the way he acts i know he is a beginner ......and i m really thankful that i m safe....

when i look back of what had happened just now , it will be an easy thing for him to attack me since when i open the gate i was just infront of him and facing him .... but somehow he didnt do anything to me until i get into the car.... am i lucky? i would think that it is not ... i would think that it is God who is protecting me ... and suddenly it awakens me actually... for the pass week most of my time is taken up by my job.. and i have less time for HIM ..... even when doing my daily devotion ... my heart is not fully into it ... and so often than not ... we are more keen in pursuing worldly things rather than seeking and pursuing eternal treasures... when we are busy, GOd will be put in the second place... and i must confess this is what happen to me for the pass week as well . The incident that happen just now is not totally that bad at all .. but it is actually God who allows it to happen ... and reminding me that HE IS GOD .... and wants me to come back to HIM once again ... God often use people and situations that is surrounding us to pull us back to HIM...The world and the things in the world is so uncertain....and i m happy that this incident happened today.... to remind me that not to be too satisfied and take things for granded.... Thank you God for this reminder .. AMEN!

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