Friday, July 11, 2008

valueable experience

For the pass two weeks, it had been an "happening" week for me, not in the sense of jolly jolly with friends everyday, but rather indulging my self into the working world... so i had actually shifted from a studying environment to a totally "stranger" working environment , which leaves me with a lot of memories,experience, lessons, and thoughts.

how so? well i ve work for dd's dad as an exhibitor in ARCHIDEX 08... the job is basically to stand there from 10 something in the morning till 7.30 in the evening....but then, when i actually look at it ... there are a lot of things for me to learn throughout this 4 days of work. It may sound very mundane and even very normal for some ppl... working only mah ... you work you get paid.. that's it ... but then for me's a bit different .. i've actually get to brush up my communication skills with the customer.. and even have the opportunity to have table talk with big bosses in regards to future business deal between two companies and stuff like that .. what more, the boss actually treat us well... in the sense that . they don't see us as workers.. merely working for them.. but then treat us more like a friend... giving us business opportunities ... and allow us to follow up with our customers after the exhibition...and yeah .. of course ... that is another advantage... because the commission is no small sum!... haha... For 4 nights, the big boss never failed to treat us with good food ..... when i say good food.. its really GOOD.... the price is even GOODER... ok la ... is better i mean ..not like he belanja us hawker food.. but big restaurants...Every nite after work, although we are tired.. but then we are looking forward to work the next day as well... now i fully understand .... management style and leadership style that a manager approaches is indeed the crucial matter that determines the motivation of the worker..and the choice that a worker will make whether to leave the company or continue working for them... oh ... did i tell you that the boss fetch us to work and fetch us back from home every morning and nite? see... where to find this kind of employer. ... yeah .. i trully enjoy the 4 days of work there ....

Slept late on sunday night, but woke up early morning on monday ... 6.30... coz that will be the starting of my new work... followed jessica to the office .. with the expectation that the job is easy... and with good pay ... honestly the pay is good ... compared with other jobs... well.. sat down and getting ready to receive my task for that day ... the supervisor... gave me a stack of details and call list for me to phone ... by the way .. my job title was TELE SURVEYOR... in my mind ... i think ... easylah this job.. phoning people only mah ... but then as days pass by ... i realise that it will be my last priority from my worklist... if i m given the opportunity to choose between jobs... that actually explains why most of the tele surveyors in that company are senior citizens. . perhaps they have more patience i guess

so what is so hard about the job? ok.. first ... one day you have the call 130 people .. with the average of 10 details you need to get from the receiver..If we cannot manage to finish to call 130 ppl ... it will be carried forward to the next day .. so in fact.. you will have more than 130 call list per day .....your two ears will be red by the time it reaches 5.30..... and the refusal rate have to be kept to the minimum.... Honestly speaking ... if someone were to call me to ask for all those details .... i wont even give them any of it .. and will just hang up the phone ... true enough... a lot of ppl experience prank calls from various companies.. and this makes our job tougher and more challenging .... sometimes it is not how we talk to them that matters.. is that the mentality is already there that .... wow .. this company must be doing some fishy fishy business...and this is something the MANAGER would not understand... you see the difficulty now ? .... adding on to that ... for small small matters you will be scolded ....and i wonder why the supervisor likes to scold ppl early in the morning .... which makes me get fed up even from the start of the early morning .. and makes me decide not to work anymore ... its not that i cant take remarks and stuff like that ... but words really cant describe the working envoronment that we are in .... and can you imagine .. being scolded by the receiver of the call and at the end of the day... get scolded by the superior which things that you are not polite in asking them for details can even get scolded even when it is not your fault....

Never the less, there is still lessons for me to learn from here... well, i think this is how the practicability of working environment operates..autocratic leadership style.... is something that i'll never like and appreciate... from this job... it really act as an eye opener to me .... to get a week of experience of how ppl in the office work.. and i began to realise that i dont like office work at all .. it is so boring and repetitive... i will prefer a job with more communication... as in face to face... Every day for the pass week... i had to go out of the house early in the morning ... even before the sun shines ..... and reach home late at nite ... when the sky is all dark...that leaves me with no extra quality time for my self .. and some of my friends .... by the time when i am back ... had dinner and a nice bath ... i'm already too tired to do anything .. and the bed is my best place dat i ll go after that..of course for this tele surveyor job.... i've learn how to be patient and tolerant...and be thick skinned at times...

that is me with the golden horse,supposed to be a deal. but in the end the old man doesnt 1 it... its actually 90% chances sold.. but then .. hmm too bad.. there flies my commission.. by the way any one wants to buy can contact me ... its selling for RM38,000

last day of work.. haha

the pile of work for the day

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