Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A public toilet worth going and visiting..

this is definately a toilet worth visiting, this public toilets are stationed in strategic places such as tourism spots..There is 1 just outside the puduray bus station. Its fully automated. What you will have to do is just to put in a 20 sens coin and there you go, u can start enjoying the toilet

The toilet door will open once u put in your 20 sen coin. Immediately after that, the air con inside will start working..Do whateva you want in the toilet.. It's cosy, cold and cool inside! Try it yourself and you will agree with me

The only setback will be that after 15 mins, no matter whether you finish ur business inside or not, the door will automatically open . Well, for a normal human being, i dont think that we need to stay in there for so long ... :)

Some pictures inside the toilet..

automated handwasher and also dryer..

Once you are done, just press the green button and the door will open for you to get out.Its something like you are inside a lift...
Go try it!

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