Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Blessed 60th birthday to my daddy .....

The man of the day with his bowl of mee sua soup specially prepared by mum. This is for lunch.

Had a restaurant dinner with some of the relatives..menu specially ordered by mum and ah ma..

Mee sua again. Ppl often say, its ok to be more but not to be less... So another round of mee sua!
This plate of dish makes me wonder whether it is a plate of fruits or fish .. :) ..
The cold dish or what we normally call as staters decorated nicely in a glass sampan..
How can we not take a family photo during such important occasion!..Nothing beats a strong ties and close relationship. What's the point of calling each other and acknowledging one another as family members but then fighting over porperty and money ? At the end of it , those will be slaves to money and money will be their god. They will never know what is family love and ties
a group photo with everyone and the birthday cake...

To a man of all trade,
but wait,
not masters of none,
A man who has his hand in everything,
practically everything in our family,
in areas, some may be more,
some may be less,
but at the end of it what matters most is the heart.
To a man who will not sit still,
but always eager to learn,
even till this age,
though of age,
but still vibrant,
a picture say thousands of words,
and it is the best prove that he is.
A young man like me,
will never ever beat his perserverance and determination,
For me, a few scoup sweat flows all over me, but for him,
a whole sunny day,
for him is nothing.
He says as long as he is doing it happily,
sunny or windy, cloudy or rainy,
it will be worth while for the house and family.
To a man whom he is who he is,
Happy 60th birthday daddy! :)

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