Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Gone away from me, but back again to me

As I came back from college on sunday and after eating my dinner, the maid said to me
"ah boy, minta maaf, telipon yang merah itu jatuh bawah tingkap.Saya mau keluar ambil, tapi orang lain sudah ambil"
When i heard of this I knew it was a lie. Actually I just wanted this matter to rest. However, she came into my room again and say sorry . Hah! She came and find for her own trouble.
I asked her how did it drop and she gave me ridiculous explanation. I stared, I raise my voice and I use some psychology. Asked the same question for like 15 minutes. She was quite tough i must say. I persisted. At last,
she return my Nokia to me. To be found under the washing machine.
Cunning people. Cant judge them by how good they work and treat you. Who knows she comes to my room everyday and play with my phones.
I gave her a strict warning never to touch and open my cupboards again.

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like you have a great Indo maid. Why do you employ a thief? It's like putting a fox in a henhouse :) Get rid of her, man!