Sunday, December 27, 2009

A trick on me??

I ve been wanting to pOst something here since a few days ago, but nth specific came into my mind. But, now here I am. At least I have something to write it down again

Today is a typical Sunday where I go to church in the morning, typical in the sense that at least it is until afternoon before I headed up back to kl.

As I reach KL, after parking the car as usual I pressed the auto gate button. No matter how hard I press, still no movements. At last I figured out that the electricity in the house tripped again! Well, I took out the bunch of keys I have and took out d 1 for the gate. I inserted it into the key hole in the hope that the auto gate can be opened. Little did I expect that the keys failed me!!! As I turn gently, it broke into two seperate pieces.

Really didn't know what to do. Plan to climb over but looking at my body size it's a bit hard because the wall is quite high and there are sharp ends on top of it. Decided to roam around oug and look for a lock smith! I saw 1 of the number and I phoned!

He told me today is Sunday, they are not willing to help!

To cut the story short, at last I brave my self to climb over into the house. I realized that I can't be a good thieve!

Some bruises on the legs and hands, and sprain my back a little. No big deal.

Was v happy when I get into the house. Happily taking my box of watercake from muar to the kitchen.

As I took the first step into the kitchen, I fell down HARD!!

My spectacles flew itself away from me, a few grapes drop out of the plastic bag, the plastic bag which I was holding flew at least 40 cm away from me. I felt the pain. Only to realize I was sitting on a pool of water!! That s the cause of my fall. Dunno where did the water came from. Sat down on d floor a couple of minutes before I manage to get up.

Well. In every circumstances praise God!

I thank God because my spectacles is not broken
I thank God because my backbone is not broken
I thank God for the journey mercies he had granted me
I thank God because I finally manage to find my own way into the house
I thank God for He is always watching over me although sometimes we don't even know He is.

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