Tuesday, July 6, 2010


After more than a month, finally there is something for me to actually blog about. Today is a happy day for me . At last my Apple iPad has landed in the hands of my uncle in Sydney. The pictures he uploaded in facebook just excites me eventhough I will only be able to touch my new toy in a months time. I'm happy because my iPad is bought from overseas, some where I've never been but the store in Sdyney is just so huge and big!

iPads there are only available for those who booked and in the reserve list. They have limited stocks as well. I'm glad that mine only took 4-5 days to reach the hands of my uncle there.

I'm just so overwhelmed and I keep looking at this picture again and again!

The process of paying for it.

Tada! The iPad in an Apple bag together with an original iPad casing. The Apple logo just really attracts me.
Thanks Dad and Mum.
Why is there a nay in the title?
Simply because. Once I own an iPad now. I have my results to worry about. How if I fall below their expectations?
I've decided to make my blog and this post public again once I get my results(provided my results are satisfactory and up to my own expectation- though i cant expect much this time )
yea... It's a hooray-ray-nay day!

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