Friday, July 9, 2010


Today has been a long day. Travelled from Muar to KL, KL to Mentakab, and Mentakab to KL again. No regrets, I'll take it as a form of holiday:)

Upon reaching KL, we went to scout for houses and I'm really desperately in need of 1 before my new sem starts again.

I finally found 1 with a very reasonable price, spacious room, the balcony will be at my disposal, eateries just in front of the house, dobi and mini market within walking distance.

I should be happy and feel relieved, but why I m not ?

I figured that perhaps it's because there are still a lot of unsolved matters and question marks in my mind. I'll try not to think too much though. Perhaps its because I do not want to burden my parents too much as well. Since they just bought me an iPad, that's like almost 2k gone, and now they have to pay for my house rent, and the neccesaries that I need in my room, and yea, I also cant live there without a bike or a car.

Oh well, now is holiday time. I should feel relaxed and not be vexed by all this minute stuff.

Till then, see how it goes and turns out.

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