Sunday, December 9, 2007

books, books n more books....

since young.. i dun really like to read... reason is that i find it boring and it juz simply doenst attract me ... but now...the course i will be taking ... involves much reading ... sounds contradicting rite?:P ... well i ve slowly pick up so reading skills n sometimes force my self to read even if i dun feel like doing so...i ve learn to welcome law books into my life!went to MPH midvalley to collect my book today.... decided to buy 1 n photostat 1 as i think its not worth it and its too expensive.tried to study a bit juz now .. i must admit dat is it quite tough...need to read it again and again... law of tort.... i must study u into my brain!!i MUST! idea came into my mind ... i need to read the book everyday in order for it to be worthwhile for paying rm168 for it ...ok lets put the books aside.. and talk about food now! yeah ... after church yesterday, went to have porridge in a stall in OUG.. and according to others ... the porridge there is nice and tasty.. that is why we decided to go there....went there with boon, ariel and patrick...and well .. its indeed nice!...there were quite a lot of variey of porridges... from frog to pig ... oops i mean pork porridge with century egg and salted egg... yummy!drools...

PIG porridge

my little cousin's drawing, nice rite?
i dun think i can draw something like dat... hehe

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