Wednesday, December 12, 2007


Christmas is approaching!Jingle bell,jingle bell, jingle all the way!Everyone is preparing to celebrate christmas. decorations,christmas trees,selling and buying of gifts and whateva you name it they will have it all for christmas....We can see all this things wherever we go, especially malls in KL and big cities... often we derive the christmas mood from all those fancy n wonderful which is being set up in big malls, big christmas party and etc...this may seems very normal to all of us.... Christmas... what is christmas?Everyone knows santa claus, christmas trees... but how many people actually know that Christmas is all about Jesus?..We are actually and in fact celebrating the birth of Jesus on christmas... how sad it is to see ppl are celebrating christmas without CHRIST... it seems to be another season of giving and sharing juz like other normal festivals and stuff....yeah it is very true dat it is a time to give and to share. . because Jesus came down to earth to give up His live for everyone!... so,friends... give and share something meaningful to ur friends today!!..nowadays, christmas had slowly changing to become x'mas... wow dat is dangerous... celebrating christmas without the CHRIST is not christmas anymore, He is the main character and it is His birthday! Imagine you celebrating ur own birthday and people are celebrating it for other sad it is rite? therefore, same goes to our Lord Jesus Christ....remember the main character for this season of christmas today!Let it be a season of sharing and giving Jesus to others rather than giving material gifts to others....Let it be a season where we can ponder His wonderful and unconditional love for us once again, and grow closer to Him.....

Jesus is both the gift,
and the Giver of every good gift.

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