Saturday, December 1, 2007

warm n lovely

i ve been back in muar for the past few days, and it was my longest time i spend in muar since i came up to KL earlier this year.After a week of rushing, from KL to Muar,Muar to Melacca,Melacca to KL,KL to Penang,Penang to KL, and lastly KL back to Muar again..... imagine that ? it was within one week, but well i do enjoy it a lot ... and yeah nothing will be better than getting reunited with family and having dinner together at the same table..this trip back to muar is unique in a sense that i spend most of my time at home and spending it with my family...normally i will be out most of the time when i m in muar...i wanted to spend longer in muar,but then i ve decided to come back to kl as i do not want to miss church in KL here for so many times...i attended EYM on friday nite... and am happy that the campers from camp pelangi came and join us , and lotz of them will be joining the youths back in muar next week.. i want to join them as well, but i cant...:) time flies, and guess what? i'm back in KL again...suprise to see henry's family in the bus on my way up to KL...attended church service in FGA and then went for dinner with ariel and boon was two weeks ago since i last had a meal with him..didnt spend long time there as ariel is too sleepy and she needs to go back to sleep!:) i will be starting my classes on monday, and yeah... i m still in a holiday mood... december mah .. we shd have holidays le...well, its kind of a new start... whereby i need to welcome law,business,n econs book into my life again..hope i can maintain the pace and thrive hard...oh ya oh ya, did i told u all that the main sanctuary of FGA was huge n nice ?....:P

gunung ledang

the beauty of nature

FGA KL-main sanctuary
outside view
is this a guy or a girl's toilet?:P(taken in a hotel)

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jcjessjessiejessica said...

I wanted to yell at you for going back to kl, almost. didin't know your classes are resuming. ur alvls is not done yet?