Wednesday, May 7, 2008

away from books for a few moments....

In the midst of preparing for the upcoming battle(exams!).. i ve still manage to find some "entertainment" to spice up my life a little ... this releases me from stress and of course had fun with friends and CG members.... On monday, the usual CG ppl and I went for sushi as planned for dinner ... went there straight after college... it was a farewell dinner for a CG member which i dun know her personally...and on dat nite ... i think it was the first time i met her and it was also the last time for the time being ... hehe...supposed to be 50% off for dat meal as it was intially said by mark... but then ... after comfirmation we could onli get 10% which means..hmm ... expensive dinner for that nite.

this is wat i ate as "pencuci mulut".. :)
my disappointment of the day.what the menu show and what the real thing appear to be is totally different... and this small bowl of rice ... cause me RM11.90...imagine juz white rice,few slices of egg and countable piece of meat..... sigh..
a group picture taken together ...

first time "live" right in front of my eyes... police in action... catching prostitues...

this is what happens when i m not on form for a game of pool.a small gap more to win.. but it seems a big gap to finish the game

something wrong wit the pool table

all the pool kaki....counted as best friends in the college

friends forever...this is a promise.. :P

Today, met up with mianyi,ivy and ryan in sungai wang....Had shabu shabu steamboat for lunch.. quite a nice place... quite delicious as well

Daniel and the pahang ppl

mian yi and I

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