Friday, May 2, 2008

busy yet bored

i'm perfectly fine when i'm back in muar few days back, i studied, i stayed at home , and i went out a little...and in the hope that when i m back here in kl ...i will be fully charged and do intensive revision for the BATTLE ahead...which i did for 1 day after i came out....but now as i start to blog....there r unanswered questions in me .. ok maybe i have the answer. . but i duno how to go about doing it..

why am i so bored, and feeling restless when i have tonnes of work to do n revise?
why do i stare at the pass year papers and dunno how to go about writting it ?
why m i still procrastinating when the exams are so near now ?
why do i feel stress but not doing anything about it ?
why do i still feel sleepy when i slept for quite long ?
why do i have the desire, the strong desire to do some contract essay but i m not doing it ?
why do i want to change my law from B to A but i'm like doing not enough for the subject?
why do i focus on my law so much now that i have neglected quite a lot for my other subjects?
what if i dun get good results this time ? nonononono!! ..i cant afford to do that .. i want to at least maintain my results.. i hope tomolo will be a whole new different day where all my questions will be answered and i will be enlighten... or perhaps ... answers come to me after i finish updating this post...

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