Wednesday, January 28, 2009

For the dog lovers....

Having a pet dog at home is the "in" thing nowadays..and my family had also join in the bandwagon of dog lovers... :)... it is so true now that people talk more about their pet dogs rather than their family matters or even about their grandchildren.. Attention is much given to their pets, feeding them,bringing them out to socialise with other dogs, bringing them out during chinese new year to take angpow.. yeah... to this extreme extent ... haha ..well, just some photos to show how watson is progressing and how he plays with his cousin doppy the pig... oops no the pug.. :P

this is the messy watson... never go cut his hair..

side view of him..

watson is enjoying his time with another dog which belongs to my mother's uncle...

i find that this is a nice shot... wondering why is he hiding there?... He is scared of fireworks.. and hence....hehe .. hiding at the side of the toilet bowl..

this is his cousin ... doppy!!~

i like this dog... His name is Olley.. Michelle's dog.. pretty clever...obedient at times as well..
P/s: watson is horny and he is a gay!!... beware if your dog wants to socialise with him.. nono he is a bi i think... coz he likes to kiss girls too.... have a nice time laughing guys... :)

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