Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Happy "niu" year 2009..

mum and dad... from left to right:)

cousins, sis and me.

steffie and I....

wonder why we only take pictures with the same person again again and again ? .. cos edward and steffie are the only two cousins that came back for this new year

youth... older youth gathering on the eve of CNY..

The shirts and pants that i ve bought before going back to muar
besides getting ang pow...this is what i get... a watch ... and ..................... drum roll
nokia E65~!... woohooo...i feel good!.. hahaha
i felt that i should blog something about this new year before i totally forget what i've done for the past few days... so far how's the new year treating me ? .. well .. i would say that it is still too early to tell .. but then one thing that i know is i can already feel the stress for my upcoming inter exam.the fun and all aside for new year, deep down in my heart, i'm worried about my studies..and hence, i'm back here now in KL.. to make sure that i complete my assignments and be able to study as much as i could... perhaps juz for a day or two..

The day before i went back to muar, mian yi and i went for last minute shopping..she had actually done with her new year shopping .. but not me ... so we went to sg wang and various places to shop for my baju raya.When my sister saw me wearing my new shirt, she said that it was quite nice. . this shows that .. hmm no longer need my sister and mum to buy shirts for me for new year dy!.. we can go buy it on our own...hehe... it was a nice day out...

Basically what i did in muar for this few days was just playing with gadgets,since my sister had secretly bought her ipod touch and we didnt knew it until she showed it to my on the way back to muar, hanging out with friends, not much though.. spending time with family, eating non stop and receiving ang pows!!!..i can actually consider that our family members are quite tech savvy.. and dad is a new member of it..He is so into gadgets nowadays!...

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