Wednesday, March 11, 2009

of rainy days, and soaky shoes...

Class ended at 3p.m, it was raining outside, me being me, forgot to bring the umbrella(even if i remembered to bring, it wont be of much help too, since the rain is so heavy). Felt relieved when my bus reached OUG, before that i was already wet. It took sometime for the air con to blow me dry, thinking of saving some money, insisted that i shd sit the bus into OUG and then walk back home, at that point of time, it was not raining at that area, just some lightnings and thunders. immediately when i get down the bus, sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee shaaaaaaaaaaaa... the rain start pouring down, yeah pouring down.. not drizzling..

no choice, but to take shelter in my regular mamak shack...

waited like an aimless coffee shop goer for almost 1 hour. The rain remains..

couldnt wait any longer, i need my sleep. wasted one hour waiting for the rain to stop. but it didnt. Walked back with the rain continuing to shower me. The road was flooded as usual. My shoes were all soak with rain water.

Dunno whether is it related to the rain, had a slight headache. Took a hot bath and slept. After dinner, was determine to do my revision, cant find my notes,actually is just right infront of me,just that i cant recognise the front page. Blur rite?... not feeling well, suffering from slight giddyness. End up, the whole night gone. I shall be fruitful in my revision tomorrow. Hope the days will improve so that i will not need to be drained under the rain anymore!!!:)

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