Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Muar- the place where i belong..

After few weeks of forced reluctance to go back to muar due to the tight revision schedule, i managed to curi-curi(as what my dad said) go back juz for 2 days right after my class on sunday evening. Headed to my parent's church right after i reached muar, and my favourite bentayan fried kuey tiow with a mata kerbau on top was next!... just cant wait to prey on the food.. no pictures for that.. because i'm too hungry to take any ....all i know was to eat eat and eat like a hungry ghost. . haha .. nah not dat bad

the next morning, instead of eating my fav water cake, we headed for noodles for breakfast @ hailam... not the place of the name .. but they are hailam lang ... so we just call it hailam.. this is actually one of my favourite too ..

otak-otak.. to increase my brain capacity .. haha
this plate of noodles is best accompanied with what they called as "abalone chilli" sauce/gravy..
went to a vegetable farm after that..its uniqueness lies from the fact that it is free from insecticide and duno what chemical.. but its more expensivc.. i wonder, it should be cheaper since no insectice is involved, this can lower down the cost.
Ate asam fish for lunch!... where is the asam fish then ? ... again, i was too facisnated with the food till i forget to take pictures again... no joke... and therefore only picture of this sambal sotong..

went to visit our new house to see the progress of it ... its going to be done really soon..few more trips back to muar and we will be moving there already.
spend the afternoon looking at how they susun the bricks. Very skillful bunch of ppl.

this is my room...

and.. hmm this is watson!!...long time no see..

he has a new habit.. perhaps due to his closeness with my sis.. He inherits the habit of hugging the towel and sniffs it till he falls asleep..occasionally bites it as well.. this is really cute and adorable!

and soon, it was night time .. and its time for dinner!!

went all the way to bukit bakri to eat.. dish for that night.. fried crab mee hoon, claypot prawn mee, hotplate toufu, vegetables and spring roll...and after that... go back home..... nonono!.. the night is stil young. . there is still room for my stomach to take on second round..
a trip back to muar will never be complete if we never eat the famous and most expensive wan tan mee in town.. although its the most expensive wan tan mee as far as i know, the business there is super duper good..

dry wan tan, mixed with their special sauce..

and a big bowl of wan tan soup.. yummy....

Had red wine mee sua for lunch before coming back from muar this afternoon..my first time there, and i'm sure there will be second round there again...:)

replaced all the old handphone batteries of mine.. and now alll the old phones have a new breathe of life again!... Dad bought this speaker for me ... which can be used as a speaker for many type of devices and comes with a remote control.. It started of working as my speaker with my mum facinated with the jack neo movie in my ipod ... and it became a mini theater!!.. hehe..
this trip back to muar will last me till may i guess .. wont be back any sooner i think...Muar...i'll be back!

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