Tuesday, March 3, 2009

blessed, i am

reached home at around 4 something yesterday from college, and yeah, i've obviously skip my mocks, and i never regret a single bit of it .. because i can safely say more than half of the class were not there too!!.. haha.nah no , its because i get the ample time to study and prepare my notes..

when i turned on my computer. a chat box pop-ed out, and there we go the usual chattings, and particularly the issue that struck me was that mum told me that she had asked my aunty whether she wants to sell of the old car, and mum is considering to buy it up for me.I was, obviously very excited about it. i would not care what car is that , as long as it is a workable car fit for its purpose pursuant to Section 14(3) of the SALES OF GOODS ACT 1979 and is of satisfactory quality(Section14(2)) based on the objective test that a reasonableman would think that it is satisfactory and in this case, it is a second hand car.This is a relevant factor to be considered. . . ok i should stop doing a contract problem question here.. this is wat happens when exams are approaching. A car for me ? A car? yes yes a car!!...although it is still not comfirmed yet, the caring thought of buying me a car is sufficient for me to think and ponder on how blessed i m!..

During the night,when no one but me is in the room alone,plugging the headphone into my ears, sitting on a comfortable chair, mentos in my mouth, the lights shining down from above(sounds so dramatic), having no particular worries except for studies. It makes me think how blessed i am to be in this position where financially i have nothing to worry of, and its just the studies that needs me to worry, fullstop.This may be some very tiny issues where so often we take for granted in life..well, i guess humans are all like that .. we will never appreciate the lights and electricity until one day where there is a breakdown in the electricity supply. The similar situation occurs about one week ago, when both mianyi and I were at starbucks. Tasting the never-tasted-before ice blended coffee,the wind after the rain blowing soothingly, and ipod by my side which entertains me when i am bored of studying . We cant help but to agree with one another that we are very 'xing fu' to have what we wanted at this age.

blessed blessed, blessed I am, blessed with the chance to study, and the chance i'll cherish.. so ? ... its time to study!!.. :)

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