Wednesday, April 1, 2009

I MUST do it , i MUST

Came back from college and reached home at almost 11p.m. just now. Tired.. totally exhausted.. i guess this is the right way to feel by now.. planned to study doctrine of Mistake and Frustration after i come back from class tonight, but i think i shall postponed it till tmr, i cant take any further information into my brain anymore for tonight

Was very determined to go to college to at least do a few assignments for the lecturers to mark, especially for Terms with all the sections from SOGA 1979( i'm so tired to the extend until i cant remember clearly what is the year of this particular act, oh no!it cant be!!), UCTA 1977, MA 1967, UTCCR 1999 to be memorized or at least get familiar with it ...NO MATTER WHAT I MUST AT LEAST DO ONE ESSAY TOMORROW,NO MATTER WHAT I MUST DO IT... its only about one month left till my "judgement day".... My determination was actually crushed by the thunder indicating that it is going to rain!!!...and took of my zeal to go to college and sit in the library tomorrow.. perhaps due to my frequent trips to the library during my a-levels..i some how feel it weird and unsecure nowadays when i no longer visit the libarary so often .. :)...

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