Wednesday, April 8, 2009

A little note for Me and You ...

To myself,
Exams are just one month away from now, time to press the accelerator, and go on a 5th gear speed in revising and studying, this one month will be a crucial month, minimise playing around, which i dont think i am now:) , be emotionally and physically prepared, never ever panic when face with unsure and uncertain legal principles and cases.. ASKing others is the KEY!

To my lovely dear,
This few weeks you had been extremely busy with ur uni activities, literally chasing meetings and competitions here and there almost all the time to the extend you seldom have your own time to study, and sleep at around 3.00a.m. or sometimes even later than that just to complete your assignments. And when you know that i will not be happy knowing that the next day you will be going out for shopping just to present ur self as a gorgous and elegant grown up girl for the prom night, you stayed up late at night just to study. All this, i've seen your effort in making me happy, but then at the end of the day, is for your own good k ?Your exams will be approaching even earlier than mine, i believe in your ability, make full use of your study break and minimise your activities just for this few weeks ya. Dont ever follow what i've done years ago, when activities are my main concern and at the end of the day, it proves not to be worth it at all when it is at the expense of your studies and results.

To both of us,
its our 11th month together today! :)..... Love you... *hugz and kisses for you* ....Let's strive hard to achieve our dreams and aims in life!

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